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  1. Hi guys, So I've been playing Squad on and off since close alpha and been a backer together with my clan since the very start, I have to say I'm very disappointing over the way the technical issued regarding gamers with AMD CPUs have been dealt with, I expect much more from both the devs and epic. I have been unable to play properly since the release till I came across this trick. Basically you can unpark your cores and see some improvement, for me it solved the problems of most maps and got me an extra 10 fps minimum. Park Control is a software that allows you to do that, there is a premium version as well with a better setting but I'm not sure how much it's worth it. Anyone who this works for please let me know, if this does I hope some of the moderators can pin this for other people who are having trouble. If this is a known fix I'm sorry but couldn't find anyone discusing it here. Cheers
  2. Too pixelated

    I have the same issue here, FX8350 and 1070, is this really the dev team has to offer us? This issue has been known for 2 years and still hasn't been addressed? Does anyone of the devs and devs only know when this will be fixed? Cause I see forum topics regarding this problem dating from 2015! This is bloody ridicules!!!!
  3. Starting a local server on my machine for training

    Solvet it, cheers!
  4. Hey guys, I have searched the forums and there is no answer that I can find. I want to start a server locally on my machine and host it with clan members for purposes of training. Meaning not a public permeant server but a local training server for a short period of time. In PR there is a way to do so through IP, and since the idea is not to open a permeant server I find it a bit ridicules to rent a server for a few hours. Is there any way to do so like there is in PR? Cheers and sorry the question has been asked already I find it hard to find any topic discussing that.