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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in Sumari AAS v1
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in Sumari AAS V2
  3. Yet another mortar calculator

    In case anyone's interested, I made a web version: https://napster653.github.io/Mortar/ It ain't pretty but it works* *Testing required.
  4. Napster's Squad Mortar Calculator Hi everyone! I'm learning visual studio and decided to make one more calculator. The idea is to make it simple and fast to use, kind of like an artillery computer. Usage should be pretty straightforward. Mortar coordinates at the top, target coordinates at the bottom. you get the azimuth and the milliradians directly. I'd love to get some feedback. Let me know what you think! Google Drive Download (Updated - v2) Screenshot:
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in Narva AAS V1
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    esps in fools road
  7. Yet another mortar calculator

    @Phoenixstorm Check this out! Somebody heard your prayers!
  8. Yet another mortar calculator

    You should check out We ♥ Squad's mortar calculator . It is somewhat similar to what you describe. I don't discard putting a map to "show" where your coordinates are and check for errors. That's definitely a great idea. Right now I'm looking into making a web-hosted version that can be used from the Steam Overlay.
  9. Yet another mortar calculator

    I made a new, more polished version fixing some problems and improving the interface. It can be found here. Here you go!
  10. Yet another mortar calculator

    Sorry, no. This is a Windows application
  11. Community Clan Fight Night

    esps in basrah
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in Narva
  13. [ANDES][ESPS] PUBLICO ENG/ESP [ANDES] and [ESPS] welcome you to our shared server. [ANDES] y [ESPS] te dan la bienvenida a nuestro servidor compartido. Our server rules Players can speak any language in our server, but squad leaders must speak Spanish or English. Squad leaders must have a microphone. Squad leaders must promote teamwork and communicate with other squads. Racist, hateful or offensive comments are strictly prohibited. No spamming, both in the VoIP channels and the in-game chat. No teamkilling. If you teamkill someone accidentally, you must apologise via VoIP or in-game chat. No recruiting, self-promoting or advertising of any group other than the clans ESPS and ANDES. Las normas de nuestro servidor En nuestro servidor se permite el uso de cualquier idioma por parte de los jugadores, aunque los líderes de patrulla deben hablar español o inglés. Los líderes de patrulla deben tener micrófono. Los líderes de patrulla deben promover el trabajo en equipo y comunicarse con las otras patrullas. Están terminantemente prohibidos los comentarios racistas, de odio o cualquier comentario ofensivo hacia una persona o colectivo. Está prohibido el spam molesto por los canales VoIP o por el chat del juego No se permite el fuego amigo. En caso de abrir fuego sobre un compañero, deberás disculparte por VoIP o por el chat del juego. No se permite el reclutamiento, promoción o publicidad de ningún colectivo externo a los clanes ESPS y ANDES. Feel free to join our Discord servers if you have any questions Te invitamos a unirte a nuestros servidores de Discord si tienes cualquier pregunta Join ANDES Discord Join ESPS Discord
  14. Community Clan Fight Night

  15. Community Clan Fight Night

  16. Community Clan Fight Night

    ESPS in