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  1. Factions in server browser

    It would be helpful to see which factions are in the layer of a server you are looking at. I know that these things can be learned over time but there are becoming too many layers for myself to keep track. I'm sure there are some newer players as well that would enjoy seeing which factions the current layer has. Secondly, any plans for an Ocelot? Just watched a video on that thing... brits need more armor anyway
  2. Tank help.

    I'm going to post a video after my question for some insight into what I think should be more clearly explained. What are the strengths/weaknesses of SABOT vs HEAT? In my slight understanding SABOT is more effective at disabling engines while HEAT can pop ammo boxes for more damage. Are there benefits to one vs the other for specific fights? I would love some more information regarding the specific details of tanks in general in Squad. Video: Tanks are broken (not mine)
  3. V12 performance

    To get straight to the point, I cannot play this game anymore. With the recent release, I am getting serious stutters every few seconds. Hopefully this gets patched quickly. I tried changing all of the settings, disabling preload textures, not only are the stutters horrendous I could barely hold 60 fps (would average 75+ before). The last thing I am going to try is the recent nvidia update and even though I am hoping it will improve things I am fairly certain that it won't. Fingers crossed X
  4. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    To be fair I think the last thing fringe players (what could be a large majority of casual players) wouldn't enjoy being dead more. I'm assuming they are dead quite often.
  5. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    I'm incredibly lost here. However I think I picked something out in all of that. Rifleman could have more variations on their kit. It would make the role a little bit more fun to play.
  6. September 2018 Recap

    Maybe someone can help point out the localized vehicle damage numbers? Is it as simple as hitting ammo box makes big boom // engine slows/disables? Honestly nothing is more hilarious to be in the middle of combat and see a dead man fly into heaven. May he land with his virgins.
  7. Recap = September

    Any clue when this is going to drop? Always reassuring to read them but it seems sometimes they come before months end and sometimes after.
  8. Recap = September

    Thanks everyone, yeah hoping there is some tasty details on V12 but always great to read up on what the devs have been tinkering with. Hahaha I actually looked at the updates tab before I posted this, so I made sure to order it correctly
  9. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I'm actually just so tired of this safespace bullshit. It's the internet. If your idea sucks don't expect someone to be patting you on the back saying "hey its okay maybe we will look into it:)))))" Feedback is exactly that, and here are the only 3 examples you should need. hey what you think about this? I love it! Lets see if we can get the devs to notice us. hey what do you think about this? It's okay, have you thought about this? (ENTER YOUR THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS) hey what do you think about this? It's dogshit.
  10. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Clearly he wasn't insulted and got the joke. Clearly you did not. Getting upset over "lol" is something I don't understand. lol normally signals that there was some sort of joke implied. How you saw past that I don't know. I went on to say that some players might enjoy that realism but (to me) that sounds awful. Here's what I think. Taking away hud elements is bad, people don't even understand half of them anyway. Only showing SL's on map is bad, why should I not be able to see my friends on the map? Placing one limit hab is bad, oh SL4 just put a fob down next to our Main, cool. Disabling vehicle respawn is bad, Hey squad 4 just trolled us and drove our BTR into their first cap. Adding more time before the start of the game is bad, SL's don't even use the 90 seconds appropriately, most are afk or not communicating. Why in the hell would we wait another 180 seconds on top of that?. No-revive headshots are bad, it's a video game. If I was on the opposing team none of you are getting res'd and I know i'm not the best shot out there. There are plenty of milsim experiences that can offer you that. Squad isn't as tactical as it could be and that's why many people enjoy it. That's how feedback works. If I didn't think the ideas were half bad, I would say "hey that's not half bad, what about this". If you propose an idea that doesn't seem appropriate (exceeding squads milsim capacity) I will glady step in to say, no thanks! You can use my name too, i'm not your Mate Edit: I will say that my response was short, I could have explained it more. But honestly those ideas are 100% changing the game and I think the devs have the right path. I've enjoyed every patch, asked for a few things here and there but these are 100% changing the game. Don't expect people to say oh yeah lets try it when you are trying to change something that doesn't need fixing, especially in a game that people care about.
  11. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Point being not every Idea is great and not every idea gets put in the game. That isn't our job. If my idea sucks, please tell me. Because I will tell you. Edit: Not to mention I'm pretty sure the OP was talking about things already in the game, not about ideas from another user on the forums. I would agree that "I dont like this" posts referring to the current state of the game are not needed. Maybe you should re-read the OP.
  12. Doesn't have to mean they can place all marks, but something along the lines of "hold T to spot". The delay in: spotting, finding the correct keypad call, relaying the message to your squad lead (lets hope hes not afk again), having him ask you to repeat the bearing, and then still not marking it correctly is quite annoying, and gets people killed. Not to mention maybe 1 out of 5 squad leads dont even listen to their squad or just made a squad because there weren't any open. Very few kits have binoculars anyway so honestly I doubt it would be that bad. Let the scouts scout, the crewman posted up 1000m away too. Thanks
  13. Ahhh I see. Yeah I could see the problem in that. That would be great if there is already something in the works. I envision it as like the squad lead T menu, if you dont have a the SL kit. The only option is to drop a rally point. That would be a great start for roles with binoculars, the only option being (place scout mark w/e) placing a mark on map. Another thought for it, have it be on cooldown (30-45 seconds) that way it cant be abused!
  14. What would you like to see in Squad

    Only about 400 hours of Squad, but here are some things I'd like to see. 1. Bugged fortification building. Is there a reason I cant place a HMG bunker on a flat roof? (just one example) Assuming it has some structural fortitude and not a tiny 4 wall shack. Probably a hell of a lot of work but not being able to turn an object green without knowing why gets frustrating. 2.Additional universal build options. I would like a more expensive "heavy" barbed wire that doesnt turn to dust if a grenade goes off. Jersey walls for allied forces, debris walls for militia/insurgents. Tank buster traps (forgive me i cant remember their name, the welded 6rail jax looking guys) but something that when deployed properly would act as a deterrent for vehicle pathing. Berms/above ground foxhole. Cost 50 Very common practice by all factions, would add a little bit of realism to holding a position not located in a building. *name pending* Insurgent/Militia Wet Dream, cost 600. Spawns a pre-placed explosive charge on a slow, but heavily armored car every (?) Minutes. Press Q while driving to detonate, allahu snackbar. Wide bunker 500 cost the bottom half of a hesco wall with pillbox bags on top. Bags still vulnerable to explosives. Murderhole/window plugs (youre trying to save your fob while your team is capping attack obj, you can make your last stand by boarding up windows/murderholes. In the big picture this is something that would happen instantly in real war. You wouldnt leave that murderhole uncovered. Building 2 layers of bags to cover every one feels bleh, plus you cant even place the second set of bags until the first one is dug, so SL wastes more time doing nothing until then. With that said maybe a double bag that costs 3x (75) as much as regular bags but can be deployed in one build order. Something to balance build speed vs cost. US/British only: hesco bunker cost 1000. a larger bunker with hescos instead of bags. Honestly i could probably name 20 more but this post is already long af. 3. I would like a brief shovel icon to appear to teammates (i place shovel markers already, would save the SL a second each time). I think this would help some players realize they DO need to be shoveling before they run off my fob to die. If u spawned here, help shovel please and thank you!
  15. I just searched for some and didnt find any directly relating to what my point was. Sorry if I missed something elsewhere. TL:DR hold T to spot enemies while using binoculars.
  16. What position do you play the most? Why?

    Unfortunately I find myself playing squad lead the most. The lack of decent squad leads sometimes can be very frustrating. Typically will go after a LAT or MG until I realize I need to SL if our team has any chance of winning.
  17. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Good thing you aren't on the dev team .... lol. I know some people enjoy that level of realism but good god that sounds terrible.
  18. What fortifications would you like?

    V12 Insurgent T Wheel : Trash - 25
  19. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Hello there, I'm probably posting in the wrong area, feel free to move me to the correct thread. I thought I saw a teamposting thread but when I logged in that was all gone.. I'm looking for a squad with a fair to moderate competitive/tactical mindset. I play on AKT (an hour behind WC) and often play anywhere from 6~12pm. Here is something I copied from that old post before I lost it. Name: kodagobang Steam Profile: http://www.steampowerd.com/id/kodagobang Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 27 Timezone or Region: AKT Nature of Interest: Fair/Moderate Gaming Background: I'm 27, I've done it all Additional Skills: You'll be listening to my velvety smooth call outs coming from the Hyper X Cloud II's. Status: UNSIGNED Thanks