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  1. I think there are three Topper's servers in SEA. which one you join sir?
  2. Yes bro. I made this topic before I buy squad. Yes I really happy that I found your server. Thank you so much
  3. Hey m8. thanks for reply. sure man thanks for you advice. I got it. no vehicles. Thanks for the invite by the way. It is my pleasure sir. And thanks god you guys use Discord I hate TS. BTW last night I was checking the Squad's servers and I remember Electric Firestorm was one of the few servers which had above 60 Players. It was so promising. I should add this that it is amazing to try a map with its Map Designer it is like watching a movie in cinema with the director who made that movie Sure it my pleasure sir. We will see each other on the battlefield Best Regards
  4. Yes Chez I agree with you that other languages may not fit in this game. I also like to play this game on English speaking severs. I don't think I get higher that 200ms ping. I must try it tomorrow.
  5. hmmm....yes I think you are right as long as this game is not fast paced game. But I need to try it tomorrow to see if it is playable or not. I'm not worry about FPS by having a GTX1080, 16Gb DDR4 Ram and 6700k CPU that overclocked to 4.6Ghz I'm sure I can get solid 60FPS on epic quality. But anyway I really need to try it first to see if it is possible to play it on US or AUS servers or not. Have you ever seen high pingers in Squad? Don't they make the servers a bit laggy?
  6. That is great thanks for your help guys
  7. WOW really? that is awesome. So I can play it before I buy it. Thanks man. so I can download it for free on steam tomorrow? Oh ok I got it. thanks again
  8. thank you my friend. I really appreciate your help. I just checked the website and I found a full Aus server. I hope I be able to play there. I wasn't sure what does the sever's health mean BTW.
  9. Hey guys. I'm new and I want to play this game so bad. I watch hours of training videos about this game. I just want to know, I as a foreigner who live in Malaysia (south East Asia), do I have any chance to play this game in a server that everyone speaks English? Or I need to play in US or AUS servers? My ping to US servers in Battlefield 1 is 170 to 250 and for AUS is 150. I love to play this game, but I want to play with people who I can communicate with. What if I buy this game and all the servers be empty? what if all players be Chinese speakers? I really want to support the devs, but I'm not sure what to do.