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    ZXD in Belaya
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    ZXD in Fool's Road AAS v4
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    ZXD- Kokan
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    ZXD - Fool's Road AAS v3 /
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    ZXD- Sumari
  7. Squad Moments

    Hey people, Just started putting some clips together from squad. Bugs, funny moments, rampages and more. Its real basic but I am learning as I go a long using Gforce capture and NCH video pad. Overtime I hope you will see improvement on the videos. Cheers All
  8. Bullet splash

    Alright lads, Something I have noticed now just playing in which I haven't noticed before. When I shoot a rifle at a surface over 33M , I am not seeing the splash. I recall seeing it before , it was certainly there as that's how I dial in long range shooting. I did just downgrade to 372 drivers to get an increase of FPS which has worked but notice bullet splash has gone. surely this cant be down to the driver install ? is it an option in graphic settings I might of accidently changed as I cant really see anything for it. Cheers
  9. Missing textures

    Couldn't upload these to the bug report so wondering if this has been picked up since 9.4 patch.
  10. Why the medic aversion?

    what annoys me as medic is that I am reviving someone then another medic comes to the guy I just revived and starts to heal, bad mojo having 2 medics so close to each other. Another one is when you revive and heal someone and they just look at you instead of checking front !.
  11. Why the medic aversion?

    I love playing medic, everyone is so nice to you ! Seriously though, I am either playing Medic or LAT. I love the change of pace with the medic class though I find it a lot more hectic sometimes diving in trying to heal your squad mates under the cover of smoke and fire. You have rounds incoming and outgoing playing an important role, and when you have 2 medics working with each other trying to stay alive, you become a very very effective squad.
  12. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    I would certainly pay for a WW2 mod if done to a degree of professionalism to warrant a stand alone. Much like Insurgency to Infamy Post Scriptum also touches on the campaign of Market Garden which you rarely see so a welcome breather to the whole 'Normandy' scene. Cant wait for it
  13. A handful of servers

    Alright lads, So, on a good day I only see about 10-20 servers while my mate see's a lot more than I do. I see mostly EU and US servers but no UK servers at all, is this going to be a NAT/router issue of mine ? UK based using Virging 200mb Cheers R

    Feedback: Played a game on Mumbler last night, which I am a regular when I can get on. I had one of those games that, well lets just say I needed to walk around the room a few times due to the intensity of the battle we just had. i was a RPG guy in a random squad on Yehorivka with a full squad of [M] on the team so I knew this was going to be a hard hitting match for the enemy. Our squad rushed to village to set up a fob and to stop the enemy advancing through to the other caps. Incoming meat wagon with a full squad on, RPG on the way which resulted in many scattered bodies around the truck, perfect ambush. My SL instructed just me to head north of village and spot enemy moving in. I stayed readily awaiting with my RPG calling contacts around us for our squad mates moved in for the kills while I sat waiting for any enemy armour. Russians started to advance down the hill with armour in tow, in which I scored a hit on the 30mm, time to retreat for ammo. By this time [M] had moved in to support us and a vicious battle ensued to control the village. Excellent comms between our squad and the [M] guys calling out enemy and even formed a mini RPG hunter kill team with [M]Macke to take out a BTR. Unfortunately macke took a round to the face and my RPG shot went wild on the next 30mm but I had the uncontrollable urge to shout WOOOOO American style when the BTR was destroyed. I would of retreated after the first BTR but with Macke motivating ' COMON COMON, LETS GET THE OTHER ONE, ITS NOT OVER RANGER' , I felt this surge of confidence to follow macke :). The village was surrounded 80% of the time with the Russians sneaking in causing havoc but with our squad and [M] we manage to flush out the rats taking out many armoured vehicles. The game was nearing to an end but not with out a last hoorah from myself. SE petrivka had been taken by our side so [M] and our squad moved up. But for some reason this move was lost to me and I found that I was alone in the village with one other squad member hiding around the FOB. suddenly I hear this digging sound and a pesky Russian started to dig up the fob right in front of me. I shot him but then my team mate got taken out from our HMG location in the garage. I flipped on full out and put a burst into him, 2 more Russians came round the corner and emptied into them. My heart was pounding now realising I was on my own and I was making strange yelping noises helplessly asking for help but there was no one around. I ran into the next house hoping to compose myself and find out where to go when 2 more Russians stormed in. TATATATATATATA .... dead Russians everywhere. I announced to the team I have saved the fob and cleared the Russians out and started to make my way over to Se petrivka but then the game ended. It was an amazing game, the constant fire fight at village was just incredible, watching the Russians charging down the field through the mist with armoured support just looked incredible. The local coms with our squad and [M] just made that game for me so thank you for one of the best games I have ever had. Another thing I wanted to touch on. I have recently started to SL more now , only about 6 times so far but my experience with other SL on this server has helped me to adapt and overcome the barriers SL face. Baptism with fire type of thing really and most if not all SL I have dealt with have been clear and precise and helpful. Which has made my transition a lot easier and less daunting. I cant remember which [M] guy it is but always cracks me up giving other SL's a grilling to get there shit together ' I just want Yes or NO answers' . anyway, long post but I had 30mins to burn at the end of my shift cheers M for a shit hot server. Ranger.