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  1. I had a teammate who is new to the game on a logi get chased close to enemy main and then got a warning by the admins. So he flanked around and starting going back to our main to get resupplied and was driving for a couple minutes and was half way to main until he got banned without any additional warning, just a strait bann. This is a clear violation of the server licensing guidelines and a abuse of power. However it was a mistake by the admins and I understood that, but when I calmly tried to talk to the admin who banned him on why he banned the player and if he understood that abuse of power is a violation of server licensing and can possible get the server removed from the official listing, he said he "didnt give a ****" and continued to curse and yell in voice chat that he can do what he wants and if you dont like it then you should leave. He continued to shout some more then kicked me from the server. I understand I dont have any solid evidence such as video or audio recordings, but it would be nice if the server could just get a reminder that their admins cannot be abusing their powers banning people without a investigation or yelling and cursing at someone who is CALMLY talking to you about server guidelines which you must follow. The person he banned is (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064834163/) and the server name is [TOG].