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  1. (Single) Human Wave Attack in Squad

    I'm sorry to disagree Sabotador, Psyrus has it right....it's all down to the SL's. ....and therein lies the problem for me. This game is dying for me due to the all too common lack of proactive SL's.
  2. I love this game

    I'm jealous! My gaming partner and I couldn't find ONE single server (in 12 hours of playing) with a squad that was tightly controlled, organised and working as a team! Coming from a very similar background to you we were alarmed and disappointed. We chose servers/clans that had a widely publicised 'team oriented' ethos (and were careful, in most cases, to try and join squads with a clan tagged SL) announced our noob status when joining followed by the advised questions 'SL, what role do you need?'...'any rally point you suggest?' et al.....nothing. Is everyone shy or are our accents unintelligible??? I asked the various SL's several times for direction......jokingly saying 'don't worry, be bossy, we're new'.....only one guy replied with a defensive 'err....you what?' There was very little team play. Squads were often fragmented over the map. Announcing contacts and bearing were never met, not once, with a confirmation!! The game is fantastic, runs great and has huge potential.....and I could love it!......but in my opinion for me at least (I'm new but that just may be an advantage) the SQUAD LEADERS ARE RUINING THE GAME! Some of you will say that this is an unfair or ungrateful comment.....these guys step up to the plate.....it may be a little offensive but I believe it's true. Tell me if I'm wrong but I'm of the belief that the game mechanics are being designed, from the ground up, to be hugely focused on tightly controlled team play? Sorry fella's, I'm just not seeing any of that Apologies in advance if I've inadvertently offended anyone.
  3. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    Shame we didn't manage to join your game Protocol.....sure we'd have enjoyed it immensely!
  4. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    Definitely this ^^^ BUT....coming from a total noob it can be very overwhelming! 'Flat896' said it right..... 'giving them orders' .... THAT'S WHAT WE NEED!! We still bought it in the hope that we can find some very organised play. I wanna be told where to go and what to do!
  5. Announcement: Free Weekend + Alpha 9.3 Update

    Here's hoping the 'free weekend' is NOT indicative of normal play! Came here in high anticipation of the much vaunted structured and guided play only to find.....well.....chaos isn't too strong a word Quite disappointed to be honest.....even some of the more, what I assumed to be, 'seasoned' servers had SL's who were definitely not SL'ing! Nevertheless, game is purchased (along with a friend) and now the hunt for good, well ordered servers nearly begins.
  6. Hello :)

    Hi all. Eagerly awaiting the free weekend download to go live so I can give this a try.....given what I've learned thus far, I'm pretty sure it'll be my new home! After hammering away for years trying to get some good games in ArmA (all iterations), Sniper Elite 1 & 2, R6, Ghost Recon et. al. ......it finally looks like this will be the one. Our clan is whittled down to just a couple of us now after several years (due mainly to the above reason) but we're hanging in there! See you in game......and please be gentle! Ciao
  7. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Asked before (but ya never know;))......does anyone know when the 'free weekend' download will actually be available?? Have a crappy download speed and really hoping it ain't gonna be available at the start of the free period (I'll lose potential playing time!) Cheers
  8. Somewhat disgruntled.

    Wow....that's nice! I'm new here and very pleasantly surprised at the level of goodwill offered. Good on ya guys! (and good luck Lurifax hope you get it sorted)
  9. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    Will there be preload? If so when?? I have a crappy 4Mbps speed and don't want to miss a day of this freebie (seriously looking to buy) Cheers peeps