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  1. English Speakers in South East Asia

    We have a SEA server (SFW Topper's Bathtub) We play every night from 2130hrs (Singapore Time) / 2030hrs (Thailand time) / 2230hrs (Korean time* yes..the southern one) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/sg-topper#
  2. Squad unplayable with no players

    On the SFW Servers in South East Asia, We've been attempting to revive Squad for the past week with moderate success so far. The server is located in Singapore with Top notch Hardware and Network infrastructure. Based on Experience; Server Connection rating by Regions to SFW Servers India/Pakistan – Good China/Japan/Korea – Very Good South East Asia – Excellent Australia /US West Coast - Very Good-Good *Although Japan/China have their own servers, they seem to cater more for domestic due to Networking or language issues. So seems like the SFW servers have a huge advantage in terms of coverage And with the potential marketability and potential massive player pool here, (minus off the complexity of languages) begs the question; Why is the Squad servers here not populated? The problem is kick starting the server with seeding. I tend to agree with Errata on the boredom of seeding. Usually if we get up to 15-20 pple seeding, the server pop really grows. Over the course of the Steam Summer Sales (when the Server is dead), I've went around different servers in the regions (BigD, Desmos, US Legacy etc..) Glad to say that I do find quite a number of new SEA players , Thais, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Pinoys, Indos etc... So Squad is growing. the stats shows as well (almost 40-50% increase in average player daily) So I want to like to request for 2 things. a) If a developer see this post, I would to invite them to seriously consider creating solutions for low pop/seeding servers since current methods/tools aint that helpful b) I would like to invite and harness the power of this community to drop by and help with our seeding if possible (we try to seed every night at 2000hrs (+8 GMT)) Big Thanks and Happy hunting.
  3. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    Would like dev to add a level sign to the buildings' stairways. Many times I get lost how high we are in the building.