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  1. Why is there "free weekends"

    We know its not for the money thats why its free. I do hope you will understand this at one point.Free weekend will spread the word around that is true but the word will be more negative then positive because player needs to know this game and he cannot do that two or three days he will start to get it and love it in week or two maybe when he gets better and starts to listne and get in a squad with an sl that knows what to do which flags to attack which needs to be defended and so on then he will feel the full potential and how great this game of ours really is. Weeks has passed since the free weekend and when a lot of new guys got in and you still have an SL and 7 out of 9 players in a squad i was in that did not know what the enemy's HAB was and how to destroy it.Then i needed to tell them but many just got away from there by simply walking tru the HAB untill one other squad member came and assisted me in diging it out. If you want to make the game popular and more players to want it and buy it invest in a youtube channel or something like that. Where the true gameplay could be seen and felt as best as it can not thru some short clips or short trailers or stuff like that.
  2. Vehicle reset feature

    Mmmmmmm recovering vehicle dose not sound bad at all. But it would be time consuming and requiring people to use it to drive it from main base and when thy recover what thy needed thy will probobly just live it there.

    Why not play PUBG then or any other game of that type that you quoted.I came to squad becouse BF type of game disapointed me a lot with bunnyhopers,cheaters,hackers and so on. This game is about teamwork, team-play, and weapons that would be used in an actual conflict by the army not the special forces.
  4. Why is there "free weekends"

    Its becouse most of the pro players dont want to play at that time.To wase the time on potencial game buyer and guys that are in just to troll.The every new update brings back old players just so thy get to see whats new with the update is the game running better and so on. You will see how many players will come when thy put in tanks. The free weekend is a waste of time and effort.I think it has more down sides then up sides. If anything the discount is the only way to go.
  5. Make tutorial for all of the things and make it mandatory. Two days ago i was in a squad with a sl that did not know what the HAB is and how you destroy it and out of the full squad i was the only one that knew how and what to do the other squad mates just runed around the HAB thinking it was just some knd of a bunker finally i got a guy close to me to help me dig it out by telling him to take out his showel and right click it
  6. Vehicle reset feature

    I am all in for tow ability. And making fliped vehicles not catch fire and blow.
  7. June 2018 Recap

    Sorry buddy but i did not read anywhere that that mg is beeing used by a loader.It just says that its mounted in front of the loaders hatch. But i did read just now on some other forums that the loader has an mg and he can fire it but it just rearly happens in combat since he actually has better things to do as reloading the main gun.
  8. June 2018 Recap

    All sounds good especially the suppresion part i always hated my guys advancing to a building me shooting at the window where the enemy guy was and he just popes out again and bang bang head shots me. But i must say i am disapointed at the loader in Abrams he exists he dose not reload the cannon but he has a nice MG to shoot from (which he dose not have in real life)
  9. New Revive ability

    People dont like or want to be a medic becouse thy are (you know what) and even if someone is a medic he usually is chilling and doing nothing so many times it happened to me i am dead and the team medic is chilling in a house.You need a medic that will be actually a combat medic that will sacrafise his life to save another team mate not just a squad mate.Thats how i play medic. The medic role matters a lot but some players and SL just dont see it that way.For me the medic is ok how he is now.
  10. Abrams must have muzzle blast eye protection on sights

    I really doubt thy will go that far for realistic stuff.Like with the ZU23-2 withought any optics or any means of aiming
  11. Logi truck lacks horse power

    Thy are monsters thy need to be.Thy take a loot of stuff on them and tow stuff with the load in them. And not to mention that thy have all wheel drive.As thy are not made for speed but for hauling big loads.
  12. The next tank added should be T-55

    I douth that we will actually have a say in what thy put and how thy put it in. I was talking about in total.
  13. The next tank added should be T-55

    There is no tank that can survive a hit from behind and that also includes a challanger. And if the older tanks are in game like we are suggesting i am sure thy will put more then one T-55. But as with every vic its all about the tactics.
  14. The next tank added should be T-55

    I wrote in every tank topic on here so i will write in yours too. For insurgents thy need T-55,T-62,T-72 since thy where actually captured and used in modern conflicts.And its all about the diversity of tanks in game. For militia T-62,T-72.
  15. More or less you already have that.If the admin is active and on the server thy usually respond fast and kick or ban a problematic guy.
  16. Are There Plans for Maps More Appropriate for Armored Warfare?

    Imagine an armor only map(s) that would be cool too. Why not. Of course i agree with your suggestion and question.
  17. I am for horns especially the air horns on trucks ;-) But i fale to see the need for turn signals. Maybe you would elaborate some more on the turnng signals?
  18. Yeah i agree.Some kind of reports like in World of Tanks you get them in main menu open it and reat the battle results even if you exited the battle or got disconnected.
  19. Guys guys dont get me wrong i am for the option of beeing able to unflip the vehicle but not with a push of the button. Nor am i for showeling the destroyed vehicle and it just goes away. I am all thumbs up for a winching a vehicle,i am even for if a vehicle is fliped to its side or roof to disable that it starts to burn and blow after a time. It would make people be careful what thy do with a vhiecle of any sorts. Whinching could be made if you come close to a flipped vic with another vic,press a button to get hooked and then you tow it by reversing or going forward and so on.
  20. Yeah just in real life when you flip your car,truck,tank,ifv on the roof just click a button in the vehicle and its all back and good like nothing happened. No just no. Be carful when you drive,or make other team member to hit you with another vehicle to unflip it.
  21. Alpha 11.2

    Well i do agree with you there. I have problems as well that i did not had before laging and so on.My enjoyment the game is not the same as before. Optimization was promised for us and we are waiting for that while stll playing it. Free weekend was not successfull as it have could been since high ping,low fps,and laging was problems for many free weekend players i was talking with.Put in tanks maybe helicopters,optimize and then free weekend that would work.
  22. Alpha 11.2

    His question about optimization is legit.
  23. Medic bug?

    Ooooo this things are nothing compared to when your teammate is dead and his corpse is flaying up and down in the air the whole time and you bandage him but the healing part is not working at all no matter what you do and you need to tell him to give up.

    Or maybe just when you put your cursor on the flag point it would get the name of the point more bigger. Like when you put it on a player and his name popes out