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  1. Dont thy already as a lot of noobs park a logi near the FOB :-) I personally dont think the idea is that much necessary its not bad but unnecessary. I am more or less into beeing able to use some enemy vehicles ;-)

    I really needed to post this one too.I hope other clans and other players in this game of ours will read this. I am playing with this gays for many months now many many hours in thear squads with all players from SQ UA (whole squad except me that is) not always with the same guys and an important thing i noticed when it comes to them in every round that changes every map change its a diffirent squad leader and that thing i did not see in many other clans or other servers. They always rotate i do think thats a great thing because everyone is a great SL every one is great in his own way every single one is competent to squad lead.
  3. The little broken things

    Trolls need to be ignored,my friend ;-)
  4. I dont even know why the hell are we even discussing this?
  5. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    Its not a Honda its Minsk :-)
  6. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    Or on the roof or on the window and so on showel his as. :-)
  7. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    Alll i ment is you cannot make one vehicle vunrable realistically and others not.
  8. Developer Roundtable

    If you got hope from the meeting i am sure now many of us reading and hearing this will get our hopes up. Make Squad great again!!!!
  9. Melee & hand to hand combat.

    The only good hand to hand combat is when you creap up to the enemy and like in BF3 slit his troath or use a showel on him ;-)
  10. If you want a battle royale mode you have a lot of other games of that type to play already.
  11. Ultra-armoured motorbikes!

    You are crying about all the wrong stuff destroying a bike is soooo irrelevant there are no words to discribe it. What about strykers MRAP BTR and so on it has rubber tyers too and stuff it can be easily incapacitated with a rocket not to mention the NTLB in real a rocket in the tracks and you are dead in the water. You need to calm yourself down.That stuff will get better some day i am sure.
  12. Try firing over longer distance,the drop is huge try using a tandem rocket the drop is huge there too. The drop is always here but it depends of a lot of things its not that easy to implement it.
  13. Concerned

    That. No rewarding system like points,medals and other bf series s..t or tanks and helicopters will make players come and play its more or less all short turn people would come play for a week maybe even less and still not be satisfied. Us who are satisfied with the game we will play it even now when it runs poorly then before i play it becouse i love it its unique game and if you have friends that you play with any server will be good and it will be a huge amount of fun.
  14. Perma-death on headshots?

    I was not thinking of a headshot from 2km away when i wrote that i thought of closer type of fights. From far away many things efect a bullet that is true and the bulet punching power is lost too.So a simple helmet would deflect a bullet easily.
  15. Player faction preferences

    Dont listine to him he dose not know s..t ;-) Hahaha just kidding love you buddy. I won with militia a bunch of times too i think playing as militia against the Russians is more harder the the Americans since in the forest type maps Americans glow in the woods with their uniforms ;-)
  16. Player faction preferences

    Its just a coincidenceIt all depends how good the whole team is.I heard a lot about USA beeing supirior and always wining on Al-Bashra but in many cases i won with the insugents and many times i won with USA some factions may look supperior then others but its all about team play then anything else. And there is a lot of team switching in this game this days when a team starts to loose with rage quiting you get team switching too. So all in all i think its just a coincidence.
  17. New Maps

    I already love the bunch of maps we have here.There is only one map i hate and i hardly ever play on it. But all others are hot ;-) Cant wait for the new ones.
  18. Mark of interrogation

    Oooooo i like the circle thingy idea ;-) Or maybe when the “boss” or SL places a FOB marker it also places a crcle with it so you know how much you have to search for a HAB and same would go for a HAB marker you would know how much you need to check to find the FOB (radio)
  19. Concerned

    You are sooooo f.....g right on this one. If people want battle royale style games you have a lot of them to buy and play. I love Squad because its what it is thats why i bout it.If i wanted more arcade game play i would hve bout BF 1 or what ever.
  20. A10.2 Released

    Yeyyyy on the number one fix ;-)
  21. Hand grenade bounce-back solution

    Yeah some king of idea where the nade would go or something is a good idea. Even in real life when you try to trow a stone tru a window you have like 90% or more chance to trow it in. In squad you dont have any feeling like that more or less is up to chance or practice in the training room. For me i usually evade trowing nades thru a second story window especially when friendlies around. I am more into RPG frag round tru the window ;-)
  22. Rifleman --> Ammo Bearer

    The only stuff i run out off are patches,granades and LAT rockets For guys running ouf ammo with LMG its understandable as a lot of them pray and spray and talking about how thay are suppresing the enemy.And still i dont see the need for a player to be a ammo carrier since the ammo crates are near and if you get the option to rearm at a vehicle.It would be better but still the vehicle would not always be near you.
  23. A10.1 server performance

    It all start from v10 every problem the ping geting high the fps drops the lags and so on. And i am sure the developers are on it working hard.We just need to be calm. Even i am strugling when playing the game my week playtime droped a bunch becouse of that.Most of the times i am seeding a server of my Ukrainian brothers.
  24. skill and lack of training

    Thats not bad of idea actually.I think it would solve a lot of problems with one side loosing so bad that thy are pushed to their main base. I thought to my self some time ago why not have a server where you could not join if you have less then 500 hours or something. The thing like that was in the game i played long time ago called “Infestation” and there where a couple of public servers i think was called golden or hardcore or what ever.And you could not get in if you had less then 800hours in game.
  25. Perma-death on headshots?

    Ooooo come on a head shot is a head shot with any weapon.