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  1. Will the autocannons be improved in v13?

    Hell yeah.I rember when the BTR80A could shoot non-stop untill the ammo was out,awww thous where the days. And not just the BTR80A but the ZU has the same problem,stupid burst mode if we want burst mode we can shoot burst or even single shot from the ZU
  2. Cannot accept squad invites

    You are right.You need to be unassigned to get them.Or you get an invite and you join to another squad the invite is still there untill you answer it. But a bug like you say never happened to me. It happens you cannot answer the invite while you are unassigned?
  3. Custom Heightmaps

    No no need for you to waste your time with me :-) I am just asking if its possible to do so and implement it in this game of ours ;-) Thank you for your answers guys.Was always wondering if its possible.
  4. Custom Heightmaps

    I have a question you guys could maybe help me with. Is it possible to say go on google earth find a nice piece of land and take that part and convert it in game map. It would look beautifully real,i think its possible but i do not know if the developers can do that on a legal side of things. Some of the maps in game do not feel real.
  5. Helicopters and Jets

    I would not say no one likes to go against tanks.My team always loves to take a tank where its possible not to go and kill some light vhics and infantry but we instantly go tank hunting. In my personal case i always hated the top gun guys in choppers and jets thinking thy are invincible.For that reason and many other reasons i always love to roll as AA and i cannot wait for choppers to get in game to try out the ZU on them or hand held AA lunchers.
  6. I love when people do some reaserch and make a topic big like this with a lot of facts. Well done buddy.
  7. for all the DEDICATED LOGI-MEN!

    Looking bad ass ;-) Played ETS since i was a kid still play it sometimes.Even in my army service i was a truck driver ;-) And in squad i love to do logi runes for my clan guys and other team mates ;-)
  8. commander?

    That sounds good acutally.
  9. Nope. Instead make that we could push them off the road.With a tracked type of vehicle.As i am sure MRAP or BRDM could not push out of the way some recked vehicles.
  10. Ranking System?

    Ranking is a good idea i really think it is.And having ranking will not make this game BF or COD like just because it has ranking. And for all of you that say it will bring “i have higher rank then you” like we aready do not have it i have more points i had more kills i have more hours and so on.
  11. commander?

    Who can be a commander who chooses one? I hate to be a negative one but what if commander is a ret..d.We already have them playing as SL-s or using tanks in a kids way?
  12. Insurgency Panzer IV

    God only knows what shells thy are using thy are afraid of the in gun detonation if something goes wrong
  13. Insurgency Panzer IV

    Hmmmm you mean like this.
  14. Squad is dead or not ?

    Nope not dead for sure.Especially when an update comes then for couple of days it lookis like every single one that has it is in it to try the new stuff out. I have 1,600+ hours for over a year and a half.And playing the game even more when i joined a clan.
  15. Founder Patch IN-GAME?

    Oooo me likes ;-) me so jealous on you guys that have it ;-)
  16. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    In now days it dose not matter who fires first and hits the target its more about where you hit it. With a MRAP i killed a BTR-80a and with a BTR-80a i killed the Bradly once.
  17. Snipers

    No. Thy are good the way thy are.
  18. The random vehicle names in game

    And that thing is not a BTR.
  19. Fuel, Food & Water

    Or thy would need to add the things you do in the bathroom like doing number 1or number 2 out in the open under fire or in the trenches.
  20. Fuel, Food & Water

    I think thats not needed or good for the game.Vehicles do not go that far or work idle for that long in a single game so that thy would need refueling.Tanks do have big operational ranges as other vehicles do as well i am sure the T-72B3 has 460 km range and with the two fuel barrels in the back his rage exstands to 700 km. I do not know how big some maps are in km and all but i really do not think its nessesery or good to put in. Same goes for water and its really funny to see it in Post Scriptum people getting their stamina or what not up for drinking.
  21. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    Oooo yeah sorry my bad i forgot when it comes to the sand type of maps russian and us uniforms are hard to make differences and playes tend to team kill more ;-)
  22. Winning with one ticket left once and two tickets left in another game as well.
  23. RU is still relatively underpowered.

    And the other way around when it comes to the sand maps. For the Ru thy if nothing have a sh.. load of diffirent type of tracked vehicles and vehicles all in all.
  24. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    For me personally is all about honor,people doing that with a good pc or great pc have no honor at all. I am running the game on high settings and its running ok not great but ok.If i turn it down the game for me runs great but the graphics are disgusting ;-) But as a guy above us wrote its really annoying sometimes.But what can you do either be like them and play like that and think you are soo pro soo good,or rise above them and try to play it like most of us do with graphics not on the lowest settings.