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  1. Your logic is flawed. This is a game so logic and physics do not apply on here :-) The teams are hardly ever equal this past couple of months it was like that some time before when it was acually a lot of fun and good fights but this days many people switch teams to the winning side or disconect from the loosing side and the games are more or less fought in front of the main base or first flag for a shor periods of times. And do not forget the game of ours is called squad for a reason go check in real life what type of wepons a real squad has and what roles if you will.You do not have a full squad of marksmes or gl’s or lat or mg or so on and on you get the picture.
  2. Commander in every APC / IFV

    I was in that topic of yours as well my brother. I am more hardcore when it comes to the loader i would make him essential for the Abrams since it could not reload withought him. And dont be surprised thy actually read the forum suggestions and inplement some of them unlike other developers.
  3. Omg no everyone would just be machine gunners and spray everywhere. Rifleman is good too.
  4. Commander in every APC / IFV

    Long long time i was talking the same thing you are saying right now. But there is a lot of pubg and BF4 players on here who think and say just driving a vhic is boring just beeing a commander is boring and so on. I am fighting with the same arguments like you agains them. I was even proposing to put a loader crew position in the Abrams becouse he has it in real life.But i lost ;-)
  5. Commander in every APC / IFV

    My friend my friend BTR was in service long before the styker dacades before him. And it just took minor changes becouse its a lot more exspencive to make a tottaly new one amphibious infantry troop carrier then just upgrade the older ones a little bit.The thing is about the Russians thy have a huge lot of difirent troop transports and ifv.
  6. I told you i agree with the 50cal if you are switching sits and got back on the gun to chamber a raund again is not nessesery i agree with you.My point was that if someone other then you was sitting there and left and you got in on the 50cal that i would reload it again as well.That was my point. I understand now about Somali style :-) thanks i call it suppression ;-) And with penetration i am sure it will be dealth with more in the times to come.And i am with you on that one as well.
  7. 1.In a real life you would not be a noob and think if you got on the 50.cal gun that it has a bullet in the chamber i would always do that like in game its better to be sure and chamer it yourself then think you have a bullet inside while maybe you do not. I do agree its a little stupid when you switched seets in a vhic and you switch back you reload it again but we can live with it. 2.I do not know what Somali style fire is so i will not comment on that one. 3. Oooo come on you do not think for real that when you shoot thru a car or a truck or two truck that the bullet hitting the door and penetrating it that it will still have str8 trajectory it would loose the balance and start to tuble and all. With AKM i was able to kill a lot of guys thru a wooden fence i do not see any problems with that at the moment.And 50.cal guns go easily even thru some walls even in Al Basrah i got killed many times becouse of that. 4. On this one i agreewith you 100% it should be implemented.
  8. Commander in every APC / IFV

    Every vhic can be a death trap my friend.People riding on the BTR or tanks or any type of a vhic you have that all over the world. You should be inside the BTR when you are getting transported inside of the battlezone but when you are transporting guys outside the battlezone people can ride on top of it its pure simple you put a bunch of them inside and even more bunch on top of them. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BTR-80
  9. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    Happened to me as well a couple of times where in every aspect the other guy should be dead but no i am the one thats dead. I was told its the lag the slow internet speed high ping and so on.Its simple its all in the miliseconds i think.
  10. Re-Master Loading Screen

    It dose not help especially when you need to exsplane to people half an hour why thy are defending a flag that dose not need defending or attacking the flag that dose not need attacking.Just becouse here are no exsplanation about the shield marker maninng on the flag and the attack symbol on the flag thy need to put this in the explaining as well.
  11. August 2018 Recap

    You should have read mine as well. I just wrote that one man tanks would not be cool to have in this game that is all. And 3 man crew is ok to have but read this again slowly you do not need to have 3 crew in a tank for it to operate.You are just more efective if you have 3 guys in it since commanter has his own periscope and could watch your six. Have you erver been in the BRDM-2 you have 3 seats in it but one guy can operate it beeing a gunner and switching to drive it when he needs too its just easer and good to have both of them in the same time but if you have the 3 guy in it as i wrote you are more efective as it would b hard for the enemy to come on your six. So having 3 crew in he tank would be just the same.But you do not NEED TO HAVE ALL 3 TO OPERATE IT.
  12. Re-Master Loading Screen

    Guys come on is it possible that this is such an issue for you.I mean it should be updated yes but its not that huge of a deal.
  13. August 2018 Recap

    I am not arguing with you at all arguing is something different.I am just stating my opinion and defending it. Maybe it is lost i am sorry if you did not understand English is not my first language. I forgot to mantion one more argument. its also all about the balance why shoud you be able to one man a tank (beeing able to drive it and gun it like in BF games) if you want a tank you need a crew for it and its the cost of having it and playing with it why should your team be able to have a tank that is driven by one man while the militia or insurgents dont have any tanks. Its pure and simple you want vhics you need to sacrifice some players that will not be on the ground (infantry) You want tanks (firepower) and the same amount of infantry players as well as militia or insurgents that do not have tanks on their side its just not fair.
  14. August 2018 Recap

    And Squad is not an arcade type of game as well and i would not want it to be.If it was i would not have bouth it i would keep buying battlefield series and playing it with no team work every man for himself and one man tank guy. If there are room for 3man guys in the tank it dose not mean you need to be in it for it to operate its just like BRDM have you ever been in one in game? You have 3 positions but you are effective with one guy in it but not as efective as well as when all 3 guys would be in it. I had an opinion of making a loader position in the abrams since that tank needs a loader guy to reload unlike Russian autoloader T72B3 but my opinion lost.And its ok i dont mind that. But one man tanks or vhic just becouse you and some other guys are bored driving it then don't drive it gun it if you are good or be an infantryman. And SL alredy are strugling to have guys driving vhics as no one wants to do it everyone like to be an infantry guy killing.But thats not the case if you are in a clan or a tem or how ever you want to call it this type of guys are proes and when an SL says you doing that you driving that you get that kit everyone listens and do it and trust me that type of guys if you give them a vhic thy are werry good with it thy make more demage and more kills than your entire squad of only infantry. We need vhiecles in this game and we will have it i am sure the number will be low i am sure and not ever map would have chopppers and tanks so you can relax of not having enough of infantry players.
  15. August 2018 Recap

    Thats because moding community has nothing better to do and thy are just modding choppers you have people on here crying for a lot of stuff to be in here put this put that fix this fix that medic dose not work vhics gets stuck i fall tru map,optimazation shall i go on? You get the point right.I love tanks dont get me wrong but i think there are better things to do then put them in but ok i am happy this will make players come back and play it experienced players that matters the most. Then maybe some people would see it on youtube or live stream and buy it as well.
  16. |R-B| Royal Battalion

    If you remember we even played in the same squad last time i saw you i was in SQ UA its Ukrainian squad which i am a member now ;-) You sead you are sorry you need to lieve our squad because you did not understand the word we where saying ;-)
  17. August 2018 Recap

    I totally understand you on that so many times i saw that so many times i killed a vhiecle that was played like that with another vhic or with my tandem rocket easily outflanking it and hiting in in the back.And writing to the enemy team in all chat “If you could only stay in one place and camp kill people all game” But some times i was surprised when infantry was close to it protecting it and all.My team i am with SQ UA are a bunch of smart guys when we use a vhic it usually lasts the whole game. For tanks it needs to be thouht to the end making them locked only able for a full squad to be able to use it or your game play hours needs to afect it or something like that. But basicly it will be like with any vic thy put in game everyone would fight use it the first month and after that it will stay at main base becouse no one wants to use it who knows.We will see. As for tank maps goes even in real life there are no tank maps only sides fight on the terrain one side dug in and waiting the other side. Its pure and simple.Same goes for this game of ours some maps would be good for it and some terrible.
  18. |R-B| Royal Battalion

    Just wanted to say hello to you two ;-) Maybe you rember me Calvin should ;-) Jenny you maybe ;-) But just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck. Maybe i would be seeing you on the battlefield or on your own server some times ;-)
  19. August 2018 Recap

    And thats where you are wrong my Slovakian brother huge amount of times i was the driver as in the army i was a driver as well and driving a loggy truck or BTR,NTLB,Stryker,MRAP,BRDM or any other thy of a vehicle is more comftible to me then gunning i was a gunner as well but i was more a driver then a gunner. I know what the developers are aiming for and i thing its hard to sit on both chairs at the same time.
  20. August 2018 Recap

    I am wondering why dont you look at the realistic side of the vehicle.And as far as i know game is aiming at beeing mre or less realistic if its boring for you to drive a vhiecle you can alaways be a gunner or play BF series where you are one man army. And just so you know i was one of the guys that supported the 4 crew idea for the Abrams as it dose not have an autoloader system as the Americans think its better then the autoloader.And we could have seen it in this game hw its not as good as you would need a plyer beeing a loader to reload your cannon. I am looking at it from the angle it would be cool to have difirent type of tanks for every faction in game and notif insurgents or militia has them in the real world.It would be just cool and the balance would be a little better.
  21. August 2018 Recap

    Never say never ;-) if we cry enough on here i am sure thy will put it in ;-)
  22. August 2018 Recap

    I do hope in V.13 with the Challenger Militia and Insugents will get an armor of their own like T-55,T-62,T-72 ;-)
  23. August 2018 Recap

    Jup.I am sure thy wanted to show us that where asking about the t-72b3 after we saw the abrams when the T would be ready and now its done and when thypit it in thy will put them both at the same time since there is no logic to put one then after some months put the second tank in.
  24. August 2018 Recap

    You did not see the previous recaps now did you?
  25. August 2018 Recap

    T-72B3 baby :-) come to daddy.