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  1. Add ability to put weapon on safe.

    You really think if the developers would put it in game,that people would use it. I am sure guys would still fire while resupplying at the ammo crate. When i resupply i switch to knife.
  2. Similar problems happened to me many many times and it was so obvious when you see a player in your squad and at the other point you see him in the enemy team in the middle of the game just because we started loosing. Some kind of balance is needed as the loosing side sometimes can be loosing for 5 games in a row.Me and my clan mates switch side when the game ends to the other loosing side if they loose two or more games in a row especially if they loose all the way to their main base.There is no fun in playing games like that at all not for the winning or for the loosing side. But the type of balancing like in Battlefield that switches you to the loosing side in the middle of the game just because of the enemy rage quitting is out of the question. There can always be some kind of understanding and compromises in the servers by the server admins that can ask some clan guys to switch sides or the whole clan.Because we all can agree there is a lot of clans and clan members on servers.
  3. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    Take off the script for now until the developers find a better way to fix this. Its pure and simple ,if cheating, hacking or game exploit is not sanctioned or worked on to fix it the small amount of players will grow to all players doing it. Why would i play fair and 110% with ought any cheats or game exploits and have high moral and honor standards just to get shoot from someone that is cheating freely with no fear of any type of punishment.And getting frustrated for getting killed like that.
  4. Script for ''View range of Grass''

    The biggest problem is not the people with a low end rig the biggest problem are guys that have great rig and still play on low so they can have the advantage.As the moderator wrote. I do not know anything about programming and all but if it would be possible to make if you play on low end rig or high end rig with low settings make view distance fogy or something instead of taking the grass off make the player not able to see further. This is an old problem we talk about for months now. Some thing needs to be done about that.Instead of just adding new content so developers can earn more profit. And yes i am one of thous players that stoped playing the game since August because i do not to be a guy that crawls thru thick grass (in my eyes) and get killed easily like i was running thru it.
  5. Some New Nations Idea

  6. I'm giving up on this game.

    I totally understand you and can even relate to what you are saying.Most of the time i was in game i was switching servers because of this things and i saw it in my mind as a waste of my time to play on some servers where team switching to the wining side was ok so ok that the loosing side could not get out from the main base couple of games in a row. However since i got into a clan,a team or however you want to call it it got a lot better for me its a lot more fun a lot more interesting when you have guys from your team that actually want to play and want to win not just mess around and stuff. If you are not in one i would suggest you to get into one maybe.
  7. Under water Radio

    You maybe a little right about it. However players can switch teams to see where are the enemy fob and hab is and report it over discord or just switch back to the friendly team and tell them the positions.But not a lot of players do it now do they. You as well have SL that place a hab on the fob so you will loose a lot of time digging the hab to get to the fob. Its normal to have people that will or will not place it under water either from a moral point of view or possible ban. That brings me to the thing i was always saying there are a lot of stuff that needs to be addressed before simply putting in new content like heli’s or tanks.
  8. Building is useless

    Buddy ralliy’s are one of the things i stoped laying this game of ours.
  9. Founder skins

  10. A15 Survey Review

    I would be more happy if thy put in a buying stuff like golden ak and kids stuff like that like in csgo so kids could waste their money that way so the developers would earn money that way better then earning money by making the game arcade like all the other games on here and getting new players. We should not be happy for a mod we need to voice up and do something so this game of ours in what a lot of us invested time ,money ,suggestions and many many other things. We could edit our feedbacks that we left on steam like many players did when it came to the new Metro 2035 game.
  11. Insta-Death?

    Insta death is a must have in this game.Thats all i will say.
  12. Battle Cry

    I hope it never comes back,and same goes for battle cry.As many of us wrote here there is no need for thous things since we have squad and local chat.
  13. Yeah we need to have a 5,000 usd worth PC to play a 30 usd worth game ;-)
  14. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Wow really. There are so many things in this game that are not normal and not in real life. You do realize the amount of electronics that the tanks have in real life the thermal vision stuff like that not to mention the gunner computer that calculates the targets range and elevates your gun accordingly you just pull the trigger.But we do not have that in game now do we? The developers told us many times this game is in between battlefield arcade game and arma military simulation and will try to be in between this type of games. Mines should be left in game and IED-s but just for insurgents and Militia forces.As thy are the only one that need to have a little more edge vs conventional forces.
  15. Some people are really impatient.And yet you wait in queue for 10 minutes at least.