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  1. I still want this ;-) If you move up to 1,25 you will see some amazing stuff ;-)
  2. Not bad
  3. Facts speak differently.AK rounds especially the 7,62 need to be more powerful.Just look at the J they make imagine getting hit by that.Versus the Nato caliber 5,56. Cartridge designation[8][9] 57-N-323S 7N13 (AP) 7T2 (tracer) 7BZ3 (API) 7N1 (sniper load) Cartridge weight 21.8 g (336 gr) 21.7 g (335 gr) 22 g (340 gr) 22.6 g (349 gr) 21.9 g (338 gr) Bullet weight 9.6 g (148.2 gr) 9.4 g (145.1 gr) 9.65 g (148.9 gr) 10.39 g (160.3 gr) 9.8 g (151.2 gr) Muzzle velocity 828 m/s (2,717 ft/s) 828 m/s (2,717 ft/s) 798 m/s (2,618 ft/s) 809 m/s (2,654 ft/s) 823 m/s (2,700 ft/s) Muzzle energy 3,291 J (2,427 ft·lbf) 3,222 J (2,376 ft·lbf) 3,073 J (2,267 ft·lbf) 3,400 J (2,508 ft·lbf) 3,319 J (2,448 ft·lbf) Accuracy of fire at 300 m (328 yd) 90 mm (3.5 in) (R50) 90 mm (3.5 in) (R50) 150 mm (5.9 in) (R50) 150 mm (5.9 in) (R50) 80 mm (3.1 in) (R100) Cartridge Model Cartridge size Cartridge weight Bullet weight Velocity Energy 5.56mm NATO M855[71] 5.56×45mm 12.31 g (190 gr) 4.02 g (62 gr) 922 m/s (3,025 ft/s)[71] 1,709 J[72] 7.62mm NATO M80[73] 7.62×51mm 25.40 g (392 gr) 9.33 g (144 gr) 838 m/s (2,749 ft/s)[73] 3,275 J
  4. PKM is a must for Insurgents and Russians especially i cant believe they put RPK for the Russian ground forces instead PKM or PKP Pecheneg And the Insurgents need instead of a Makarov to have some of TT variant Serbian variant.I even shot with one amazing handgun. 7.62×25mm caliber
  5. I sooo love your list
  6. Great news did not see that one ;-) Thanks.
  7. We all started from 0 buddy trust me. You need to join a cool server thats all that people would help you and all. And i suggest firstly playing as a simple rifleman and take it from there.
  8. I dont mind playing with medic class if nothing you can heal yourself fully if you get hurt ;-) But why not make that you (or any other class) can take a wounded fellow by his belt or tac west and drag him somewhere to safety.Hate getting killed thru smoke in the middle of the street or where ever while trying to revive a buddy.
  9. You are right. And from Tandem rocket you cant go and fix yourself ;-)
  10. I am on it most of the time i am playing Squad not on it when its full sometimes i do wait for some time for a spot ;-)
  11. IED for Insurgents is a must ;-) on the sides of the road in the middle of the road in the small alleyways ;-)
  12. I agree. It was time for threads like this ;-) Especially your support when i had a problem thy where fast and good with the help.
  13. Dont get me started you dont want to know how many times i got up close to the enemy from behind and thought i would love to knife kill him or a shovel kill but needed to kill him with my primary weapon. I still remember and love in BF3 the knife take down animation it was so good it made you wanna knife take down everyone all the time.
  14. Hello hello just wanted to say hello there. [TX]Bahrein here. Love playing on your server.You are all amazing bunch of guys and girls,great admin work all in all enjoyable time on your server without a doubt.
  15. Sounds like a good one.