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  1. Got to member this.
  2. You dont show or have freedom with how many guns you own.
  3. Amazing work,really.I can only imagine how many working hours you have in it.
  4. The map is awesome i love it even the way it is ;-)
  5. Thats why you have admins on the server usually.
  6. Base mod and insurgency mods are the worst for me i never play them.
  7. Thats the whole point.Not like it was before thy just strolling in some settlement and taking rpg after an rpg while killing a bunch of guys and strolling out for repairs.
  8. Its called head shot ;-) I can do some with AK74-s since i do not want to give the chance for the enemy to turn on me and kill me while i am trying to shoot him in the torso and that shit happens all the time. On the instant kill the only instant kill should be a head shot,when we are talking about to say "smaller" type or arms.
  9. I am from Serbia where Zastava Arms is producing.Thy do not make that type of machine guns anymore but thy are some still in service in the Serbian armed forces but thy are being substituted with other types of newer machine guns.
  10. Friend i totally understand what are you saying here.Dont get me wrong i am not trying to offend you on here or anything like it. I was a huge fan of BF series i had so many hours on it with BF WW2 series,BF2,BF3 but i was a lot disappointed and stopped playing it because of so many cheaters it was becoming unbearable. I played a lot of Insurgency (game) also i firstly fall in love with the hit realism that you can easily die,but on the other hand i did not like small maps and the fast arkade like fighting with a small amount of team play (not even close to what team work you need in squad) I disagree with you only at the point where you say you like no instant kills.I think the game needs instant kills with some weapons and no revives when you get shoot from some type weapons. Since thy put in the tandem rocket in that rocket needs to have a lot more power an instant kill now with a drop the rocket has now would be good for the balance if not why put it in the game anyway. And i am sorry but i admit i did not read the patch notes (i usually do and all of it but i must have missed that one) and did not know that can only be only one heavy.
  11. No need for you do defend him or anything.Since i was not worked up or attacking him i was just talking with him and saying my point of view and what i think the game should be about.
  12. jup Member the bf2
  13. I dont know buddy i do hope thy take them off.
  14. Maybe because the game tends to be more realistic unlike many other games.Or maybe you are more into BF3 where you need to empty the whole clip to kill a guy? The only lame thing is you camping with a vehicle or something like that and scope kill everything that moves and think that's cool.You know you get like one Heavy AT every 20 players in the team? So most of the time you will only have one heavy AT in a team.
  15. I am playing the game for a while now 400+ hours and so far i did not see any hackers or cheaters (that's a great thing) i just see a message on the servers that someone got banned for some hacks i never heard about. Trust me i played BF2,BF3,insurgency,and some more games with a huge number of hackers thats why i stopped playing them. You need to keep the anti cheat system and stuff like that your top priority. Yeah thats not fair.Stuff like that needs to get disabled so people cannot play with it. You are not much better then some of the people using aimbot and stuff like that.