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  1. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Yes i honestly do think that. Since in any of the new there where no words about them,just chopers,commander and T-55. But i do hope you are right and i am wrong.
  2. Its because this game is not like any of the games you wrote above. Thats why we all love it so much. You will get in a hang of it fast.
  3. Tank Interiors addition

    Not bad at all i like the huge level of details it would be cool to have something similar no need to be that detailed but no need to be sooooo claustrophobic when you are driving MBT or IFV in this game of ours.
  4. Degrading Constructions overtime

    I think every type of degrading anything is not good.Not even fliped vhics,you fliped them you go and unflip them or destroy them by them selfs. The battles are short for anything to degrade over time.I even read about the constructions or ammo to degrade or beeing lost over time withought no one using it at all. I personally think its good the way it is.
  5. Few thoughts

    I do agree when it comes to some ranking or something like that.Somehow an sl must be able to see what player has a good score doing what and maybe help him dicide which guy would take what kit.And a score of how many vhics a guy killed would be good too to be added on our score board at the end of the game. But all other you wrote i do not know i mean its not bad to have stuff like that costomaze your character a bit and all but i think the developers are not planing to go that far.
  6. Tank help.

    I do not know what to say its a bug or something or this guys are using rubber shells on him.Or its just the t-72b3 being too poor against the americans.
  7. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Why i do not want them is pure an simple there is nothing to go against them since the ZU-23-2 is broken since it came in the game i even forgot how long that was.It shoots in bursts not beeing able to go all auto when you need it so many logy and normal trucks went with a little damage because of the burst glich,bug or what ever the developers would call it.And there is my all favorite no optics or even the mechanical sight on it.And yes the real one has mechanical sight and optics.You need to guess where you fire it then correct then fire again and we are talking about moving targets on the ground here imagine how imposible would be to hit a chopper. So i guess now we will have to shoot it with our good old ak-s or DShK and hope to scratch its paint.
  8. APC VS IFV ticket count.

    The ticket count is bad since this new update.I am sure thy made it so the teams would use vhiecles more.
  9. Gun attachments

    I want my AKM all golden. But joke on the side.Buddy you need to understand this is not csgo nor pubg. This game is about real armies in conflict and in every army everything is standardized meaning you are not going to mess up with your weapon unless you are some kind of spec ops unit and as i wrote this game is about regular standing army. The only thing thy can do is make is taped together ak mags for insurgents and militia. I would do that instantly if i was in some kind of a war situation.
  10. I wrote you you should have read it.If you shoot the radiator with the full mag the truck can still run for some time untill the engine owerheats then it will stop but untill then you have went more then 50km
  11. Ooooo come on first thy do not have distributor cap as thy are diesel my friend.And to kill a truck is not that hard even if you puncture it tiers it will keep rooling since it has a compressor that will pump up the tires even with holes in them or you puncture the radiator it will rool still for a bunch of KM untill the engine owerheats and yams to a stand still.For mud terrain the army trucks are mostly all wheel drive with things you can do inside to choose which wheels you want to use how much power and so on and there is always that thing you can deflate your tires so low that thy look like tracks. And yes i do know things like this becouse i am a car mechanic for a long long time and in the army i was a driver for a non combat vhic and even that we had old trucks thy could all take a beating for a long time. And this one was the oldest the one i had was made in 1956 i drove even this one had all wheel drive but not the option to inflate or deflate the tires .
  12. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    Because America is the best and everything made in US of A is the best.I really am strugling to understand how thy even made that Abrams needs to shoot the t-72b3 more the once to destroy it.And yeah that was sarcasm right there. I love how thy put all modern stuff for the USA and when we asked about T-90 thy told us the amount of T-90 is to small to be considered as a MBT. So my friend if i was i would not sweat it that much.
  13. Squad for Steam Awards!

    Yeah thats the one i nominated Squad for that award as well.
  14. Squad for Steam Awards!

    I did place Squad for “Best played with a team” or something like that since it is better when you play it as a team
  15. Widened rear sights