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  1. Pkm

    Nope you are not.I love PKM and if they make it overheat fast i swear someone will need a beating
  2. Squad - Freeweekend In A Nutshell

    Sooo true
  3. AA vehicles

    ZSU-23-4 Shilka is a must ;-) or some ZU-23-2 on a Toyota ;-)
  4. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    I think for Insurgents on some maps like Al Basrah it would be cool to randomly have ammo crates in some houses.So you could resupply at any time no need to go and beg a squad leader to place it near fob.As i am sure in real world Insurgents have some ammo stashes.
  5. WE already have that dont you think? Try making a FOB just so you can place an ammo crate just so your AT guys could refill ammo.
  6. Air Vehicles

    I heard that ZU-23-2 would be in game like an anti-air stationary emplacement.
  7. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Sorry to say but it felt like a mobilization of the only people left.When you get hardly two days of training or no training at all and shipped to the front.
  8. I am glad i am not the only one that the free weekend stuff and sales is killing the game or at least making some of us players fearing a free weekend and sales. Its killing me i swear i will just stop playing it when the time is like that. The new free weekend player will not think game is good because there is a lot of new players and he dose not know a thing about game that's a really bad move i think. If you want people spending money and buying your game make updates and the people will see how awesome the game is amd buy it no matter the cost.
  9. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Thats not a bad idea but manly for bigger maps.Just my opinion
  10. HE Hand granade

    Its a training nade no shrapnel's in it
  11. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    I did play BF2 i had somwhere around 800 hours and BF3 had around 600 i think not sure really.Stopped playing because of to many hackers and no one give a s..t the worst thing was even the admins in game started hacking.And not to forget you needed to empty the whole clip in someone to kill him.
  12. MLRS/Field artillery tank ?.

    Some of you forget why the Insurgents got the rocket technical in the first place,because thy where overpower by any other opponent in game.
  13. When are the British coming?

    Ooo come on no need to go that far.
  14. The AK yes its an older type weapon with a higher (better caliber) but you did not shoot the better AK type since you where in Serbia next time ask to shoot with M-80 AB-1 or AB-2.Its Zastava made version of the AK using 7,62 caliber and has so little recoil and i was using the folding stock AB-2 one when i was in the army.
  15. How 'bout destruction?

    Yeah i do agree with you and the poster.Thats more in the long term it would be sooo beautiful to make buildings destroy like in BF take them down to the ground.And when we are talking to a long term stuff it would be cool to make vehicles blow up better even making them getting disabled and stuff.But thats all in a long term.