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  1. Thanks moderator

    I am sure it was the way you say it. I started to criticize the developers and the way game is going but non of my posts where took down.
  2. Mic Not working in Squad Only

    It just happened all of the sudden it was working fine and like one day just decided not to work any more. Same with me it works in Discord or any other game or test. It even works when i am recording Squad gameplay and speak using push the talk buttons my voice is recorded and all. My teammates say they do not see that i am even pressing the coms for me it shows up when trying thou. I updated the sound drives and put it in 16 bit as you wrote and still nothing even reinstalled the game completely.
  3. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Sadly for you this topic was discussed many years ago before even the tanks where in game.And i will tell you what i was told then and trust me i am on your side here."Squad is not a Military Simulation" Its trying to be something in between but for me its going in a more arcade path.A lot more money to be earned there i guess. Its not like in Post Scriptum where you can shoot an enemy in the chest and he dies here you shoot the enemy he turns around and kills you and in best case he will bleed out cause he has not enough time to bandage.
  4. Coax on right mouse button.

    Then its similar to switching to your coax.
  5. Coax on right mouse button.

    The first part i do not like it reminds me of BF series and i get the arcade feeling there.
  6. Steam Inventory?

    Well making old skins we had working again dose not bring new players in and new buyers so no money. They are busy adding new factions that will bring more cash.
  7. When I crash with my old PC i also needed to close steam as well and restart it and the game again and then i did not have any problems at that point. You can try that it cannot hurt ;-) Hope it helps
  8. It basically says you are kicked for solo play or not being in a squad. And its in Russian so what if you play on a Russian server what do you expect? I have been playing in German servers too and when kicked it says on German so its all normal. And i really do not understand way do people play on other languages servers which they do not understand.And then cry about it.I have seen on some western servers guys being kicked for having their name in Cyrillic.
  9. Throwing knives

    You are so God damn right
  10. I would suggest some kind in vehicle com system especially for tank,heli,IFV. Instead of shouting in local chat or going to the sound options and tinkering with it,or spamming the squad chat.
  11. When you see a clueless squad playing in your team fallowing a sl that dose not know what he is doing its not as nearly as bad as seeing a full squad of same clan guys playing as noobs its surprising and disappointing but it happens.
  12. Why I dont want Helicopters

    And yes i guess after months of helies in game,people that where thinking they will not put a scope or any way to aim with the ZU-23-2 but guess shoot not to mention adding something more to count the choppers.I guess they where right.
  13. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Sooooooo right soo ****ing right. And i do not like the way is going.Thats the reason i am not playing Battlefield since the third one its getting more and more arcade not to mention hacking game exploits and so on and so on and the worst part no one was doing anything about it.
  14. Can we add bracing to the game?

    No need for that in game at this point maybe some years later.But still no point. If you want to breach you have swat and rainbow six type of games for that.
  15. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    The lack of any type of an answer on a suggestion like this on here i could only understand as not caring. Its not like you are getting a lot of good suggestions on here this days. When we see you developers took notice on a suggestion and told us even it will be in game in a couple of years is good to know and even if you would not implement a suggestion.