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  1. Founder skins

  2. A15 Survey Review

    I would be more happy if thy put in a buying stuff like golden ak and kids stuff like that like in csgo so kids could waste their money that way so the developers would earn money that way better then earning money by making the game arcade like all the other games on here and getting new players. We should not be happy for a mod we need to voice up and do something so this game of ours in what a lot of us invested time ,money ,suggestions and many many other things. We could edit our feedbacks that we left on steam like many players did when it came to the new Metro 2035 game.
  3. Insta-Death?

    Insta death is a must have in this game.Thats all i will say.
  4. Battle Cry

    I hope it never comes back,and same goes for battle cry.As many of us wrote here there is no need for thous things since we have squad and local chat.
  5. Yeah we need to have a 5,000 usd worth PC to play a 30 usd worth game ;-)
  6. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    Wow really. There are so many things in this game that are not normal and not in real life. You do realize the amount of electronics that the tanks have in real life the thermal vision stuff like that not to mention the gunner computer that calculates the targets range and elevates your gun accordingly you just pull the trigger.But we do not have that in game now do we? The developers told us many times this game is in between battlefield arcade game and arma military simulation and will try to be in between this type of games. Mines should be left in game and IED-s but just for insurgents and Militia forces.As thy are the only one that need to have a little more edge vs conventional forces.
  7. Some people are really impatient.And yet you wait in queue for 10 minutes at least.
  8. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    If we all have buddy rally points why do we need a HAB just for assets and ammo just make a FOB. The solution for buddy rally point is to take the option off completely. I do not like it all as it forgives you or your SL the position he put it on and if the enemy took it out. This game of ours started to forgive players for many bad calls thy made.And thats not the point of this game.
  9. Yes its bad we all know it even the developers know it since a lot of us put our feedback on here and on the survey thy made and where we where asked what we think about it.But as i see the developers do not really care. Not everything about the gameplay needs to be forgiving and pleasant. If you lost your really point its bad yes spawn on main base or fob and start again.
  10. At one point the map was a ok or am i mistaken?
  11. Rocket Technical OP

    Its a poor weapon to use,complicated to shoot and when rockets fall down on you you can easy survive them. Its good for transportation actually.
  12. Sniper / Breacher Class

    No just simple no.No on both no on sniper and no on breacher class.
  13. new DLC visuals

    I have to agree with you.The game keeps looking worse and worse.I loved it when it was v10,v11 it was huge amount of fun. Not like this days everyone has a scope,everyone can snipe you from far away even mashing gun can be used as a high power sniper rifle,there is still that low graphics abuse.And not to mention the at rockets needs to be fired from 100 meters away so it would activate.Why just way play with the things that actually work and no one was crying about why why decide to work and stuff that WORK fine.I cannot say how many times i wrote about rpg rockets and how thy are activated at what point after what time after how many meters i just cannot any more.As the developers will still decide to do something thy want.
  14. I agree with above what “Suds” wrote. I do not even understand why the developers placed the option to unload and load supplies outside of the truck.
  15. More C4 or increase the damage

    A lone wolf going all over the map from the enemy base over all the enemy caped points looking for a radio to place explosives on it and blow it with one go is just not ok at all. I loved the time when you needed a couple of guys to do it one guarding the hab the other one digging it and needed time to dig it out. It should be ok for insurgents or militia do do it since thy lack everything and giving them a little edge is not that bad at all. I think.