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  1. Insurgency Panzer IV

    Hell yeah.Safety first
  2. car bomb question

    It worked before on a players head when you place it it worked on any sort of vehicle as well.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Ok my turn now ;-) I really do not have anything bad to say about this update. Ok well maybe two things. First that bugs me most of all and it probably bugs only me is why the hell and when will i get scope for ZU-23-2 and when will it be able to fire full auto? Since with this new update its still the same. Second whats with the engineer thing being able to dig out stuff faster (i have read about it on here) Medic healing and bandaging people faster i can understand he is a medic he knows that things better then the other soldiers but the engineer being able to dig fobs faster cause he knows how more effectively use a shover just sounds not right.
  4. Insurgency Panzer IV

    The T-34 video is from last year i think ;-)
  5. Romanian players

    Not Romanian,Serbian guy here just wanted to say hello to my Romanian neighbour
  6. aks-74u for militia medic and insurgent SL

    Agreed. Better for the medic then low rate of fire G-3 or fn fal. Just make the option to chose which of the two people want.
  7. Climb the radio towers

    No need to shoot from there why not just observe the enemy movement and report back to your team.But thats just me. You fellas are right most of the snipers there would camp it and try to kill the enemy a kilometers away.
  8. Game needs non owned servers

    Yes they do but sometimes on some servers that are clan owned i get that feeling that the clan is exploiting the servers with lets say hacks or game exploits couse the server is theirs.
  9. Isn't it time to fix the weapon sounds?

    I always say here that the sounds gives a lot to a game. And i love every single little or huge improvement you guys do to the in game sounds.
  10. What is Squad? Director's Cut

    Not bad at all. We need more videos like this and more game play clips on you tube so people who hesitate to buy will not hesitate any more.
  11. Will the autocannons be improved in v13?

    Hell yeah.I rember when the BTR80A could shoot non-stop untill the ammo was out,awww thous where the days. And not just the BTR80A but the ZU has the same problem,stupid burst mode if we want burst mode we can shoot burst or even single shot from the ZU
  12. Cannot accept squad invites

    You are right.You need to be unassigned to get them.Or you get an invite and you join to another squad the invite is still there untill you answer it. But a bug like you say never happened to me. It happens you cannot answer the invite while you are unassigned?
  13. Custom Heightmaps

    No no need for you to waste your time with me :-) I am just asking if its possible to do so and implement it in this game of ours ;-) Thank you for your answers guys.Was always wondering if its possible.
  14. Custom Heightmaps

    I have a question you guys could maybe help me with. Is it possible to say go on google earth find a nice piece of land and take that part and convert it in game map. It would look beautifully real,i think its possible but i do not know if the developers can do that on a legal side of things. Some of the maps in game do not feel real.
  15. Helicopters and Jets

    I would not say no one likes to go against tanks.My team always loves to take a tank where its possible not to go and kill some light vhics and infantry but we instantly go tank hunting. In my personal case i always hated the top gun guys in choppers and jets thinking thy are invincible.For that reason and many other reasons i always love to roll as AA and i cannot wait for choppers to get in game to try out the ZU on them or hand held AA lunchers.