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  1. Vehicle Suggestion

    I have read it but when i give the beta a test on training ground it did not work the shift key that is. It would be bad ass to cruse with T-72 B3 ;-) and fire ;-)
  2. Vehicle Suggestion

    The manual gear system in cars is far better then fully automatic gearbox. The only automatic gearbox thats ok is the sequential one nothing more (thats the one in trucks mostly) one up its one gear up two taps up and its two gears up same goes as to lower the gears but sometimes the sequential gearbox will not do what you want to do. Thats the reason manual gearbox are he best ones. But yeah i think with the shift key in game thy will do a lot of good things.
  3. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Even better. But i must admit i am used to developers making USA stuff far better then other countries thats why this days in squad i use a frag rocket to kill an American its the only way and far better then using the AK :-) I must admit i was shoked the other day when a squad just parked thear warrior by the side of the road and left it there. But good thing i was not playing with them so it was easy pickings for my Tandem rocket ;-)
  4. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    And yeah you are right that was the whole point of hunting for that vic to kill it to kill the enemy tickets just with one well placed tandem rocket. That made you drive and use vic carefully.And if no one uses the vic at all its not bad since thy can save tickets. And making vhic not cost any tickets its not good at all.Then make the assests spwan once in the start of the game and thats all.
  5. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Just for your info buddy the T72B3 that we have actually has a120mm smoothbore cannon the older T72 had 125 mm cannon. I agree with you i was not able to play it since i work and then had to download it and make it start. But i did try it out on the shooting range. The new sound for the AK-s are cool SVD as well.The bayonet that the sks has is cool. To top it all i love now that the heavy at has his scope on the his RPG.And the raider class has it at granades back again but sadly just one.
  6. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    Realisam you mean when a guy is shoot 3times or in the head and medic gets buy and fix him good as new ;-)
  7. Suggestion about sound levels

    If i could i would love to sit your ass in a BTR,NTLB,or T-72 while thy are moving r even idle and let you talk with the crew. Why do you think thy have headphones. The only need about this is a separeate crew coms button that is all.
  8. armored technical armor bug .

    Yeah you are right on that part.
  9. armored technical armor bug .

    The techi is not that armored as you may think. Basiclly the armor is just there to protect it against small arms fire tot against 30mm guns and rockets.
  10. September 2018 Recap

    You must be French ;-) Maybe it would be in game but just after Chinese army. The only thing i do not like reading is people beeing able to medic other people and getting them up medics are hardly played as it is i can pnly imagine how no one will play them now and getting ready for a lot more screaming “heal me” “medic me” “can you please get me up” and so on. I like everything else i really do especially the optimization part ;-) Well done developers ;-)
  11. Belaya's graphics bug

    Yeah its a bug for me to everything looks like its on low even when you open your map.
  12. September 2018 Recap

    I told you it will be worth the wait.
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Its simple,if you are blocked that means you want to cock block the other team as well and your forces are spread too thin. There is a simple solution for that if the whole teams goes back or starts to cap flag by flag if you are any good there is nothing to block you if your team sucks then you would be blocked in your main base. Cock blocking as you call it has nothing bad doing to the gamplay.Even the older system where you could easily block the enemy was good for me i did not mind or wanted the change.
  14. Recap = September

    In three weeks.

    On friday we won a game by 2 tickets only