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  1. Opinion on vaulting

    Similar thing can be done already i jumped on a SL head an was able to vault a wall witch i was unable to do untill the SL came.
  2. [Discussion] What makes a good Insurgency map?

    Pure and simple City maps or urban maps
  3. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    You are right.In the mostly open maps the magnification optics are good as there is little to non efects on the bullet it self just aim and shoot and you will hit it. But in city or urban type maps scope magnification weapons suck while the iron sight is better you can aim and go see a lot while the magnification ones have great magnification and its harder to maneuver with them.
  4. Yeah sure buddy i am sure you are right in the heat of the fight on and around a HAB i am sure you will be opening your map and looking who is where and i am sure blueberries will also talk with you on local every time. No name tags would be a disaster.
  5. Soooooo true ;-) Dont get worked up my friend i am sorry to hear its your worst xp ever.But dont get worked up.Some of us on here actually know how to distinguishing uniforms in a fraction of a sec or always open and close the map so you can see where frendlies are this is so important when you are in a vehicle. My advice is dont get worried that much my friend you will get in a hang of it in a little while and then you will only tk guys with a bad nade. And that SL guy sounds like he is no good at all a simple sorry works for me and most of us.We laugh it up wait for a medic or spwan again. The only problem many have is USA ws Russian army in the desert maps becouse of uniforms similarity. I wonder what will guys that are agains name tags say about no name tags on thous maps.
  6. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!

    Really cool buddy really cool
  7. Hell yeah IED needs to be buffed a lot.It must be made to kill a vehicle with ease and thay need to make it possible to actually place it on the enemy vehicle i cant say how many times i place it on a camping stryker but for some reason it gets gliched and dose not datonate and if you place it near it dose not do the damage it can. And as to killing infantry the preassure the IED makes when detonated is what kills you by crushing your internal organs not the shapnels and the fire actually. So i am all in for buffing it. Even making some IED dump truks ot techies spwaned in the main base would be hot ;-)
  8. Anti-Material Weaponry

    I do agree with the voting system it should be implemented. On some things we need the voting system.
  9. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    You do realise that the Russian main battle tank is T-90.T-72 av and other variants are too obsolete in the Russian army. And the Armata is i think tooo new and not as much in the Russian armed forces right now. But the T-90 is a beast ;-)
  10. Yeyyyy i have 3 out of your 5 what do i get. First one and the fourth one i never got thous ones. But really the 3. one scares the s..t out of me when the enemy figure is just standing there like he is alive but he is dead long time ago. My God how many times i emptied like half of my magazine and riviled my location becouse of that. And good old getting revived and ending up belov the staircase with no exit or stuck in walls like you say making you type respwan and waiting for 60 or more seconds omfg. But i have the one i hate the most of all when i am a medic and reviving someone do thay really need to like jump when you bandaged them and start using the second med bag and the enemy sees what are you up to and kicks your bouth asses.
  11. I am sure you are not alone with this it happens to me to on some of the servers every time the first geting into them i get kicked then the second atemt works always. And on some servers i get in from the first try
  12. Basic questions

    Oooo.Come on some skins needs to be given for our participation on the forums and for 1,000 hours played maybe. The only skin i have are the light anti-tenk ones RPG-s and LAW
  13. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    I already imagine them in game. Abrams M1A1 for the Americans T-90 for the Russians T-55,T-62,T-72 for Insurgents and Iregular forces ;-)
  14. Death Ringing Sound is too much

    That hapened to me more then once.It passes after sometime thou.Its like the time you need to actually bleed out then it seems to stop even if you are alive and playing. That sound i like i dont find it anoying at all.I would also like the buzing sound when a granade lands near you but dont kill you or a mortar shell.
  15. M110 - Awfully weak

    I am sure thats not that true buddy. There are not that much bullets in wear houses that old as much as thay are used this days.Mortar shells,tank shells and granades maybe but bullets not that much.