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  1. Yes i know i can see the player count too every patch gets us players up but after a little while we are back at the old player count of us hardcore old players that like the game and love spending the time in it. And i still think and say that the choppers will do the same.
  2. People where saying the same things about tanks. Every update makes the player count come up FOR TWO DAYS. The choper in game will not make that much game change as you may think or hope.
  3. AK for Milita medic?

    I agree totally.
  4. Since i joined a clan or a team (call it how ever you like).I do not have problems like that people rotate and you will hardly see the same SL in two games in a row. However i do understand people not wanting to SL so many frustrating moments with your own squad players and not to talk about other squad leaders.
  5. however i do think that this type of callout commands is not nessesery at all
  6. I even remember how it was from bf2 when you are hit and calling a medic while playing with MEC ;-)
  7. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    Thats why we have the forum to write our problems,whishes,good and bad things about the game. Help the developers see what the mayoraty of players want in this game of ours. I would just like to have more of the players active in the forum too.And not just come here post one post and say the game is sh.t since this is in game or that is in game. I fought hard in the forum when it came to tanks about places in the tank and i lost the other opinion was accepted and thats ok i do not mind that i did my best. If people hate the v13 and do not know to say why thy just more or less do not like the whole game and thats ok too. I have more then 1,700 hours in game more then i had in bf2,bf3 and Insurgency combined.I was a solo player for like 500 hours then i joined a clan or a team or what ever you will call it and for me everything changed for the better. As all of us here in some updates i do not like some things some i like and all but with the things you do not like i just dealt with and moved one. I am sure there will be more and more positive and negative things people will see in this game of ours we have a huge community here with people wanting different stuff and its impossible to do all the good things everyone will like in game you are bound to have stuff some people will not like.
  8. MRAP vs Kornet

    As far as i know in this game of ours Kornet ATGM is not as the American TOW its not that powerful against poorly armored Jeep what MRAP is. Its just one of thous games where American stuff are better then anything else.
  9. M4 audio bug

    What about when you fire multiple 3 shoot bursts it sounds one one 3 shot bursts and not the other ones. I am getting thous as well. And why not mention random reloading of a shells in a tank sound going on in other vehicles. I know your topic is not about that,but i wanted to mention that bug as well and the random weapon firing on some maps even if no one is actually firing some of this bugs are in since v 12.
  10. Free weekend / trialkey to try out the game?

    Free weekends just make some of the pro guys and players with a good amount of hours to not be online on he free weekend. And sorry but i am one of he guys against free weekends to promote a good game like this in that way.
  11. Free weekend / trialkey to try out the game?

    I got it when it was on discount.And now i have 1,700+ hours in it. I think playing it when its free weekend is not good because you will play with a bunch of new people that do not know anything about the game and will ruin the experience you will get if you buy it and play it.As the friend above said you can always refund it if you do not like it.
  12. Female soldier models

    Then you did not watch the Kurdish woman and girls fighting agains Daesh in Iraq. I am as well as many of you against adding women in game however i am also against you guys saying the woman are incompetent in war fighting.
  13. Performance issues

    +1 Tell us if this helped
  14. Female soldier models

    Nope sorry.I am a guy and i wand my character in game to be a guy.Its simple as that.
  15. Performance issues

    I dont know i had huge lag and graphics problems when V13 was out on test servers it was ok but when i updated the original game it was all messed up.I cleared the cash as i do after every single update but it was still the same.Then i read somewhere to try manually to clear the cash which i did and the game works much better now.I do not know if you tried that? I do not know much about thous things but i am sure some of the guys here will come up with something better.