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    Or maybe just when you put your cursor on the flag point it would get the name of the point more bigger. Like when you put it on a player and his name popes out
  2. I think making a npc in a tank for the dev would be to much time wasting thy will either make us be a loader wich i am for or make the Abrams have an autoloader its simple as that.But it will probobly be the second one and you will have tanks used as BTR-s or Warriors with one man crew or in best case two. Dont get me wrong i am not for if you have a vic of any kind you need a full crew to opearte it. If you are a one guy in Abrams yes you can drive it yes you can switch an shoot it and yes you can switch to reload it and so on so basically it can be one maned (my opinion) A caople of times it happened i was joining a server where my clan was playing and had two of my guys in using a vic i just join and get in it and most of the times i was in the BRDM-2 that has a commander possition witch was good to use and look around.Then when we get to 9 players we play like a real squad with the BRDM assisting us.
  3. I'll wait...

    You had a good medic.
  4. I wrote many times that a vree weekend or big discount deals are no good for the game or the community. Most of us are cool people always willing to help and talk with a new guy and the community is great i would say.You always have bad examples of some haters or trolls but all in all i would say the community is not toxic. But (there is always a but) with free weekends and big discounts you will not gain much naither money nor long term players that will get thear friends in game as well.But you will make more XP players just not play the game when the free weekend is on the free weekend guys will come to play CoD or BF thinking this game is just a simple arcade type of shooter withought a mic withought the team play just wanting to spray with AR use the IFW getting tandemed and dying and crying how the game is bad and posting a bad comments about the game,how its to slow too stpid,community is toxic,its a walking simulator and so on.You get the picture. I will maybe be on for the free weekend and maybe even be a SL but when new players dot listen or want to listen and start trolling i will kick them and then thy out of revolt come and shoot me then half of my squad shoots him and this can go a long time i happened a bunch of times. So dont hate me if i an XP player with more then 1,100 hours dont play on a free weekend.
  5. Playing with friends?

    “Quantity has a quality all its own. ;-)
  6. Bandaging Animations

    I dont care i am just glad it works now untill the next update probably.
  7. Playing with friends?

    Why would you want to play just 4 of you why not let 5 more guys in and have a propper fighting force that can defend or attack a point.
  8. I will correct you.Yes you are right but not 100%. If you have a squad clan wich you are in you would understand what i talking about or if you are playing with 3 friends maybe. But ok thats your opinion for me i would always go for 3 guys crew then 2.
  9. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    It would be amazing yes for sure. But i think it would cost us a lot us a lot in performance department.
  10. I agree with you about SKS on LAT and HAT roles its just stupid to have on them. I also agree with the ZU-23-2 having no optics its just no fun at all to play with and not to mention the burst that the ZU has for me at least you hold full auto not relesing the fire button and it just burst and stops its like firing an M-4 with 3 shot burst i dont know if thats just me or server or lag or its made like that. And its suprasing to see that the Americans,Russians and the Brits have the TOW system but the more needed ones like insurgents or militia dose not its disapointing if anyone has to have that its militia and insurgents.
  11. Thats was my suggestion.And not for a faster reloading but as realoding at all it would be simple you dont have a loader in a tank,you cannot load a shell in the gun.It is not a military simulation this game of ours you are right,but a loader position in a tank that has one in real life dose not make it instantly a military simulation. But someone would need to switch to the loader position aither a gunner,driver,commander. And i never wrote that a three man crew is need but is far more more effective just becouse another pair of eyes.
  12. Its not strange its non-existent the only MG besides the gunners and the on top of the turret one was back in the ww2 where you had 5 guys in the tank and the 5 guy was the radio operator and he had a place nexst to the driver like in the car and he had a MG there. Guys are suggesting it on here just because the loader role in the tank that exists in real life would be boring for the player playing it.
  13. Medic bug?

    I noticed that bug more then once dont worry medic bugs are normal this days ;-)
  14. Thats just giving the advantage to the Abrams vs the T-72B3. Give him an autoloader that the tank dose not have,give an extra MG for a loader that the tank dose not have,and give an speed bonus becouse the loader is inside.
  15. How do you think 2 people looking out of the vehicle is more then enough and better then having 3 in side. Its simple as this driver drives and looks at the front with a little to the side,gunner looks at the sides and the commander could keep an eye on the back of the vehicle,now thats full effectiveness of a vhiecle crew.