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  1. What Server Do You Regularly Play On? (One Vote)

    QFF or RIP servers.The best guys
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    Yeah ;-) i am there most of the time i am in squad. Love you all
  3. RPG and LAW folding suggestion

    I hope thy do that. I mean a game great as this to have a thing like this in it just dose not go with the image of the game.
  4. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Looks beautiful. But i do think a great game like this needs to fix RPG reload system.I mean it looks soo bad when you shoot your Tandem rocket at something and you want to take the one charge HEAT rocket and instead of putting the rocket in your character actually takes out another RPG ? I mean this needs to be fixed.
  5. Submit Your Battlecam!

    My RPG-7 compilation
  6. Submit Your Battlecam!

    For me this was one in the million shoot that's why i shouted in excitement.
  7. Got to member this.
  8. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    You dont show or have freedom with how many guns you own.
  9. Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

    Amazing work,really.I can only imagine how many working hours you have in it.
  10. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    The map is awesome i love it even the way it is ;-)
  11. Please no shovel melee

    Thats why you have admins on the server usually.
  12. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    Base mod and insurgency mods are the worst for me i never play them.
  13. Thats the whole point.Not like it was before thy just strolling in some settlement and taking rpg after an rpg while killing a bunch of guys and strolling out for repairs.
  14. Its called head shot ;-) I can do some with AK74-s since i do not want to give the chance for the enemy to turn on me and kill me while i am trying to shoot him in the torso and that shit happens all the time. On the instant kill the only instant kill should be a head shot,when we are talking about to say "smaller" type or arms.
  15. MG-42

    I am from Serbia where Zastava Arms is producing.Thy do not make that type of machine guns anymore but thy are some still in service in the Serbian armed forces but thy are being substituted with other types of newer machine guns. http://www.zastava-arms.rs/en/military-program