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  1. I haven't noticed when tis happened, but it must have been some new updates along the way possibly..?? Well, the thing that occur is that i can't get the "squad menu" up when i push "T" and it only happens on the training ground. I have try to bind that key to a another button, but still it doesn't work. It works on the servers but not on the training ground. Anybody ho can answer that maybe?? THX.
  2. To count distance with mapscale

    I am very new with squad and..i suck in matematics..so what i was thinking of when i did the training and (shooting downrange), was that maybe the scale of the map doesn't make sence. What is these scales (latidude Longitude) telling me..?? is it a realistic one..? In Arma 3 for example a square on the map seems to be like 100x100 meters. I want to use that in squad. Need some expertice!