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  1. Flight model physics

    Good points. As someone who writes Flight Dynamics models for Flight simulators I am looking for a lot more meat on the bones of the choppers.
  2. Helicopter Joystick Support

    No joystick support, not much point. I have only seen videos of the choppers in flight and it does look like a very very dumbed down flight model that's in use. It wont hurt to have a flight model that does require a bit of time to master.
  3. Helicopters.

    Still don't think the game area is large enough for something like an F15 to operate realistically. Good too see the chopper classes though.
  4. List of active clans and communities

    Name: 16AAB, PARA PathfindersTag: PARALink:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/para-16aabLanguage: EnglishDescription: The 16AAB as a Gaming squad was formed back in 2001, playing Novalogics Blackhawk Down. The Group was formed by Ex Military and brought real world training and tactics to the Gaming world. After BHD, we moved in to Novalogics Joint Operations, where we ushered in a High Realism based server which lead to the creation of the reality Mod for Joint Operations, the first ever officially approved mod for a Novalogic Game. After Joint Ops became stale, we wandered through the gaming wilderness looking for a new home. We Tried Arma, but its poor net code and Addon hell failed to meet our needs. We have spent time in BF3, Fuel of War, Bad Company2, Insurgency, BF4. None were fitting our needs. Now in 2017, We have found our new home, and that home is "Squad" which looks like it will be exactly what were looking for. The mix of playability and realism is almost perfect.Members: 9We also play: FlightGear ( for the Pilots )
  5. Helicopters.

    The difficulty in piloting a chopper will depend on how well the game engine can model flight dynamics + how well the Dev team want the chopper to fly. You could use the testing range to gain a Heli flight qualification. Without it, you wouldn't be able to get in the pilots seat ? As for Jets, the maps are still too small to use them in any real form. That would just end up looking like the Battefield kiddy games.
  6. Helicopters.

    As I see fast roping from choppers is planned, how about Chopper based Logi support. Dropping in Supplies to a FOB via underslung load ? Or the transportation of available vehicles from the main base by transport chopper so thinks like a HUMVEE could be air transported forward to where its needed ? ( Basically a chopper lifting any vehicle within its operating weight limits )
  7. New server options

    I would like to see a server side option for hosts to tune the vehicle respawn, or turn it off even. Turning off vehicle spawn would make the rearming and repair of vehicles all the more important as you wont be getting new ones any time soon. Also, an option to allow vehicle capture. This would allow a side which may have lost its vehicles to capture and use the enemy vehicles. This also adds a new element of asset denial to the mix. If you do not use, protect or repair your equipment, its going to get lost from your inventory.