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  1. Need help from a Dev - kicked from TBG Server

    thank you Odin I appreciate it - I've never had a problem like this before so I wasn't sure the correct place to go for help on resolving it. I appreciate that.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not. I'm auto being kicked from the TBG Clan server. I've been playing squad since it first came out. Suddenly last week I noticed someone on the same server as me with the same username as me going around TKing everyone. I thought maybe it was a hacker but didn't think it would affect me. Now when I try to join that server it automatically kick me out right away and I get a message "Kicked for using the N word in Comms and intentionally TKing" I would never use the N word. I have never intentionally TKed a teammate. If a dev can private message me I can provide a link to my facebook and linkedin to prove I'm a good person. I'm a US Army Iraq veteran , I used to work at one of the most progressive liberal TV shows in america I would never use language like that! I have over 300 hours of playtime in this game there's no reason that out of no where I would start TKing and saying offensive things. Someone must have hacked my account or trolled me or something in the servers. I changed my steam password and deauthorized any other people just now. This game and the community means a lot to me. I'm really upset that it seems like I can't join this server anymore. Can a dev or someone from that server please reach out to me so I can provide my steam name / real name etc to resolve this issue ?