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  1. I have it too. EAC crash everytime. I figured it and problem was Mirillis Action. Now i start SQUAD and after that i start immediatly M.Action, then they works together. If you have any OSD or game recording software, close it and try then.
  2. I dont know do the Squad use any nVidia PhysX components? Do you have PhysX installed via GPU driver? Still i suggest re-install GPU drivers, dont use DDU, just overwrite with a new installion.
  3. Something then there causes CPU speed drops. - All cores ratio isnt fixed - Speedstep is on - Protections drops cpu speed (over temp) - Windows powerplan is max performance? Try also AVX ratio -1, on 5Ghz Cpu its then 4.9 AVX.
  4. I say its something CPU issue then there. Some motherboards AVX preset is AUTO, then AVX is only 45x (4500Mhz). Players FPS also depends server quality, i mean how powerfull PC is running a game. You should use example HWiNFO + RTSS to see what are your current CPU usage and other info when you are in game. I just put my AVX ratio (0), so my AVX is also 5400Mhz. I have only 2560x1440 monitor, but details EPIC + Effects: Cinematic + Full Texture Loading: ON. AA full (EPIC default) and Super Sampling 0x. Gorodok 75/78 players, 80-140fps. Average at the taking a picture, after 10min+ playing: 97fps. GPU mem usage was ~10Gb. - Are you Steam verified game files? - After last Squad update Setting > Game Settings > CLEAR USER DATA (< this MUST be done after every Squad update devs say).
  5. Are you OC'd your CPU right, to Squad? Squad is one of the rare games what use AVX instructions. IF your CPU is 5.0Ghz and yours AVX ratio is -6, then your AVX-commands runs only 4.4Ghz and game works then like a CPU are 4.4Ghz. Game engine doesnt use it ALL time, maybe 50% of time, if so, yours CPU:s speed is with AVX commands (~50% time) 4.4Ghz and without AVX (another ~50% of time) > CPU 5.0Ghz. When AVX is active (software supports it) it makes CPU a lot more wattage hungry > more heat. Air cooling maybe 10-20C+ more temp. My 7700K is 5.4Ghz and AVX ratio -2, so i have 5200Mhz(with AVX) or 5400Mhz on Squad. I had some time also AVX -0, so then my CPU was all time 5400Mhz on Squad. Squad also uses a couple of cores powerfull, so ram bandwidth is also hard on Squad (like an Arma2+3), more ram speed > more CPU can push data to GPU without that ram speed is bottlenecking link between CPU > GPU. Online game is much much much harder to Cpu+Ram becouse then they calculate all that physics/multiple players+vehicles/close-up-explosions, all what Firing Range doesnt show properly/heavy... Intel Skylake's AVX ratio is solid/fixed, it cant be change, its always at same speed than CPU. Intel Kaby Lake (Z270 chipset motherboard) it can be changed.
  6. Some games support that, But i think Unreal engine has no support for that function? On BF4: I have also 3 x old lcd-screens on the storage, maybe i'll try it later.
  7. on SQUAD, Intel CPU gives 20-50% more FPS.
  8. Your CPU... its just bottleneckling. RAM is also too slow on 2017.
  9. If you put your rig inside freezer it only works 1-2hours, after that air temp inside rises like a rocket becouse it cant move all PC temperature to compressor. Freezers cooling power is not even at close what todays CPU needs.
  10. What is a lot? It depends... Unit power consumption is ~300W. Unit top side temperature is about 60C, so its pretty warm to hand. But some players uses SLI or CF configuration, so example GTX1080Ti TDP is 250W, also on older top end cards (example Amd 290 is 275W, GTX780/GTX980Ti are 250W cards), at stock. OC those and it takes ~300W, per card. Then at the SLI/CF uses ~600W (read: dual heat > Single GPU > SLI/CF). I use only 1 GPU configuration. So, single OC'd 1080TI (~300W) + Phase Change unit (~300W) = same consumption (= heat energy) than a CPU on air cooling with SLI/CF. EDIT: All games running smoothly, i have also [email protected] monitor. Why i has been sold my 1080 and ordered 1080Ti? More GPU power example on Squad and i can use more Super Sampling = Game looks MUCH MUCH nicier.
  11. 1 memory stick = your memory controller is working only for 64bit lane. 2 sticks = your memory controller working at 2x64bit = 128bit lane. Disable Hyper-threading on your Motherboard bios and check then your actual CPU usage. If your GPU usage is 99-100%, your GPU is bottlenecking (GPU cant calculate/draw more faster, it works then all what it can calculate/draw). vice versa, when your GPU usage is 98 or less, your CPU is bottlenecking and CPU is not enough fast to send more calculation/draw commands to GPU via RAM. Faster ram usually doesnt increase max fps, it do it for more important way: faster RAM helps with FPS drops so minimum fps increases becouse then RAM isnt bottlenecking so much between CPU <> GPU. Chain is so strong what is Chains weakest link. On PC, data moves at : HDD/SSD > CPU > RAM (=buffer) > Display Adapter memory (=buffer) > GPU > Monitor. I just wrote on another thread: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7320-what-fps-do-you-get-playing-squad-with-your-rig/?do=findComment&comment=287510 Read that why your CPU usage shows so low %, your true usage is much higher on those couple of cores which are actully used by Squad engine.
  12. Working links now? https://goo.gl/photos/i7at8PM4cXoCFEpk8 https://goo.gl/photos/YqzcpRfsMhxEMrQg9 DryIce, LN2 and liquid Helium is only for short benchmarks, those cant be use 24/7, or you wonna add more liquid after 5min at all time to the bowl? <:) My video, btw, i7 HT disabled, so only 4 core/4thread on that video. CPU temp 0C = actually sub-zero temps, motherboard doesnt show minus (-) CPU temps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9uakVE0hXU Another video, this has HT enabled, so 4C/8T. Thats video CPU usage shows too low usage %, actual 1-3 cores usage is much higher. HT enabled it show wrong total usage becouse most of cores, at least Hyper-thread cores almost idling and after that usage shows all cores average. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJDaG8vQaLQ
  13. Single Stage Phase Change (r134a, -44C Evaporator). Its actually stable also 5500Mhz but needs more voltage, 1.50V+. Current 5400/1.45V is what i use now. I got my first Phase Change unit on 2003, current unit is my 3rd (bought it 5 years ago on 2nd hand, only 400euro! My rig 3 years ago, same sub-zero cooler aka. Phase Change unit still. [email protected]. only some of tests. Gaming Stable anyway if i wont so. http://i66.tinypic.com/2ecn95l.jpg Single Core performance only means on Squad. I got Cinebench r15 single core test 230+ points @5400Mhz. Ryzen gets 155-160 points on that test. So my CPU is ~45% faster that stock AMD Ryzen. That is almost at half faster! Ryzen: ~155-160 points. My CPU: 230+ points.
  14. FPS: 70-150, average ~100fps. Details: EPIC Resolution: 2560*1440 @165Hz CPU: i7-7700K @5400Mhz GPU: Gtx1080 @2050/11000Mhz RAM: 16Gb @4000Mhz Gtx1080Ti ordered a week ago, becouse on mostly servers my FPS is Gpu limited on High / Epic settings. Low / Medium settings my rig is Cpu Limited at all time.