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  1. Post Scriptum, Error says that contact to support: http://i67.tinypic.com/no5zpc.jpg What i can do? My email address is right one. Tryed multiple times...
  2. CPU Under Utilized

    You just say it yourself! Your CPU is JUST too poor to calculate those and same time to calculate your own engine to achieve great FPS. Cinebench r15 benchmark. Single Core performance test. How much you get? Download Cinebench r15 test here My CPU gets 230+ points @single core, 24/7. Some people get 40fps, some get 100fps on Full servers. And dont say that you can get another game "X" 1000FPS and your CPU/RAM is enough powerfull for anything (just like an Squad, it's not). Ivy Bridge (2012) is 6 year old architecture. 5-6 generation old, WITH DDR3 Ram.
  3. Low FPS and CPU Usage?

  4. CPU Under Utilized

    CPU Total usage is different than maximum single core usage. Total usage is pointless. On this my Killing Floor 2 video you can see that my Total usage is ~30%, BUT, some of core usage hits ~90% usage barrier (it show highest single core usage). So on that game my pc is not cpu bottlenecked. If some of core ever hits over 95% usage then its cpu bottlenecked becouse OS decrease that core usage and it deliver its load to another core (it takes cycles=time > fps drops). And my cpu is fixed i7-7700K @ 5400Mhz (+4000Mhz RAM). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZNjeRbubPg
  5. CPU Under Utilized

    http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27568-low-fps-not-reflective-of-hardware/?do=findComment&comment=293819 Different url to my picture link there but what i spoke on that thread is still same fact. Edit. And if your Total Cpu usage get 100%, you cant even move mouse pointer, screen also get jammed.. becouse Cpu has no time to update even those and Windows is jammed until load decreases.
  6. Constant FPS swinging/freezing

    I think yours GPU memory is full. Looking for that issue... Shadows + Antialiasing are the most GPU mem hungry, try lower those settings (if you havent those on lowest). If you had them already lowest settings, you cant do much more. Another settings to lower also helps a something...then they needs a lessier cards memory space. If those wont help you, then you must buy a card with higher memory buffer. Example 6Gb GTX 1060. NOT 3Gb GTX 1060 (becouse it wont help at much) and its GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is slower than 6Gb 1060) You can check yours mem usage example @MSI Afterburner app.
  7. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Cleared game cache after last build (=update) ? Settings > Game Settings > Clear cached user data > Apply settings > Restart Squad (+Win).. That clear all of your current key bindings + all settings and so on... But it should be done after any Squad update. DO IT!
  8. Out of Memory Error

    Enough free space on SSD? Min. 20%, recommended at least 25% free disk space on SSD.
  9. CPU testing, old AMD vs Ryzen with Rx 580

    Mirillis Action! It can meter your average fps on real-time on your screen. If you play 10 hours, then theres yours 10 hours average fps. You can reset it anytime with key-combo, and it start meter your avg fps on that point, to the eternity. I bought it about 1y ago, 29.95usd. - Display current and average game framerate (FPS) during gameplay and save your benchmark results. https://mirillis.com/en/products/action.html
  10. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    Newer happen. Just bought MUCH more CPU powerfull PC, actually single core only performs. I got average 80-110fps on full servers, Epic+Cinematic 2560x1440, but my GTX 1080Ti @2000/12k is limiting factor. Alseway i got 100-200fps on full servers so my GPU is limiting factor.
  11. Issue with sharpness?

    No binning at all or pre-tested cpu. Just bought 1 on january from shop and de-lidded it. Its not even a good cpu, 5.0Ghz CBr15 needs 1.28V, when best prosessors need under 1.25V on air/water. Uncore 5000, AVX 5200. SQUAD uses AVX. Vcore 1.47V and gaming temp are average -8C on SQUAD or Killing Floor 2. Memory Controller: Vccio 1.27V and Vcssa 1.32V.
  12. High CPU usage (95% - 100%) and freezes

    I dont believe that SQUAD is reason for that CPU usage. I think also that some another thing takes yours usage to top, and it of course jams at the hole PC... It can be also Windows Defender (If enabled) or 3rd solution of Virus/firewall software. AVAST, jams suddently my Squad after 1-3 hours, totally jammed on minutes...
  13. Issue with sharpness?

    My single core against yours (~about 2600K single core). Like you know, yours CPUs core performance is about same as 2600K. I got 81% more on single core performance. If yours single core points were 1000, i got 1810, its 81% more CPU power, on my 4-core CPU. As i sayed before, extra cores doesnt mean nothing on Squad... Single Core performance only mean FPS! So if you have with yours 3960X 40fps, i got on my CPU ~72fps, just becouse CPU (40+81%=72fps). I have also 4000Mhz RAM (even more FPS...) + GPU > nVidia GTX 1080TI @2000+/12000Mhz
  14. Issue with sharpness?

    If you want higher FPS on Squad, yes. Someones say its also bug in U4-engine, perhaps. Bug or not, i got avg.100fps on good full servers at 2560x1440 Epic+Cinematic+Full texture. Of course my single-core CPU power is insane, with my 4-core prosessor all cores of course gives at same power, fixed.