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  1. Can my Laptop run this?

    Based on system specs, yes you shouldn’t have an issue running. However, from experience I will tell you to be cognizant that your performance will most likely not be 60-90fps. Also does your machine have a SSD? The i7 you have in your laptop is not ‘genrally’ ideal when trying to overclock. Many times you can damage your machine. All in all, just depends what you will be satisfied with. Can you play it? Sure. Will it be extremely high quality? Probably not, but consider it a learning experience to learning the game itself. I had about 350+ hours on my old rig until I did an amazing upgrade. Made me appreciate it that much more! Cheers!
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Have had a great time playing with you quality folks these past couple weeks. Looking forward to continuing playing more! Thanks!