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  1. Canadian C79 Optic Problem / Quick Fix

    yeah c79 is just trash
  2. Suppression

    Suppression in my opinion is very needed mechanic in squad because without it the mg and ar are out of their true role . The MG is for gaining the firepower advantage over the enemy and not just for killing . Sure some of you can say , that MG is super killing machine but seriously , this isn't BF this is squad. It is not about killing , it is about capturing the point and not loosing tickets. So it is better to just not die and capture the point than to kill 3 people and die . If the suppresion is well implemented to the game , the mg is gaining the whole new purpose for example of not allowing the enemy to fire at your advancing squad . The mechanics like that makes this game as tactical and teamwork focused as it currently is Ps. Beg you pardon for my grammar mistakes
  3. CAF Eotech reticle

    Not exactly . It is possible to set up your eotech so that the reticle is slightly over front sight .
  4. I know it will be used as a sniper rifle and i am ok with that. But shooting at very long distances with high magnification is very hard if the recoil is so big that you can't confirm a bullet drop nor kill. Also high magnification will make close shooting nearly imposible

    GOORREE, more gore pls
  6. So recently i came up with an idea about .50 cal sniper rifle . And before you wil get triggered ,i know , that there are a lot of theese topics in the forum . Anyways i think the main role of .50 cal sniper rifle in this game should be destroying engines of no armoured/light armoured vechicles, destroying IEDs and mines , etc. It should have a scope and bipod. Every 0.50 cal sniper rifle is super heavy so the control of the weapon without deployed pibod should be difficult . And about lone wolfes , weapon should be very limmited and so the ammo for it. And if the recoil is so big that you can't confirm a kill and bullet drop, it will be very difficult to kill someone from far away. Thanks in advance for creative responses and sorry for grammar mistakes(not my first language)
  7. Americans have m68CCO and it's useful a lot! And what about Russians? In real life they also have collimators or red dot sights!( look at this page http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_4_64/140502_Russian_Red_Dot___Non_Magnified_Optics.html) Why they couldn't also have collimators in this game ? Why not?