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  1. Thunderdome - Public Squad Mayhem

    This server is popular because it's easy to get in an action packed match. However, the admins on this server are terrible. Multiple times I've seen people get banned for no reason, on purpose. Not only that; but the admins often times power trip and use their powers to Ban or kick players for personal reasons. The Admins on here are as stubborn and rude as they come. Not to mention the Admins run their community like a dictatorship, no dissent is aloud and often times people who disagree are banned even on their discord. Not all of the admins are terrible; Gwanfather for example is a great admin. However, most of them, as well as the owner are horrid. I always avoid this server as much as possible because once you begin to see what goes on in this community it ruins the experience. I think this server needs to improve their staff, public image and interactions with players, as well as be less aggressive. I'm writing this in the hopes that this critique can benefit the server, I'll more than happily delete it if any of these things are addressed.