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  1. Server Licensing General Info

    I applied for an application last night but mistakenly put my regular steam ID, went ahead and pm'd the Steam 64 to you guys. Wasn't sure if it would create an issue or not.
  2. PAK error

    Is anyone else receiving this pak error about 10 minutes into a game? I have to delete my binaries folder and run the anti cheat setup on top of verifying the cache in order to get it temporarily working. I'm able to get it to work so I can play, but every single day I play squad I end up running through the same process. I know it was deemed a ram issue but my ram is perfectly fine. -- You can play for about 30 minutes before getting kicked due to EAC timing out also, and if it lets you play the full game you immediately get kicked after the spawn on the next game.
  3. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    This is actually rather interesting. After posting all of that i found a post saying to delete the WIN64 folder. And it sees to have fixed it for the time I was playing earlier. I'm about to play now, if it does it again I'm going to post my log etc... Thanks anyways for the quick responses!
  4. [Solved] Still getting kicked by EAC.

    Also getting the exact same error. Never have had this problem until the hotfix was released. Gives me a pak missing file error also upon entering the game sometimes, I can play for about 15 seconds on some matches before getting kicked. Others a good 30 minutes before EAC times out. I've followed every step given to fix this problem and nothing works. Reinstalled the game just to see today, still nothing. Here is my log file as well! https://www.solidfiles.com/v/4ALVKZpKQKMQZ Screen shot https://gyazo.com/17218e9a8cf7823b19b68ad74e9cd830 Hope this helps!