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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Marcus Lé Extînzïo'n | on Squad: Norling Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/marcusxax12/ Primary Language(s): English, Swedish & general knowledge of Norwegian & Danish Age (optional): 16 Timezone or Region: GMT+1 North EU Nature of Interest: Mainly in hardcore milsim/rp since I've been doing that a lot before both in real life & in games. Gaming Background: PC Gamer since 2004, played/playing competitive CS:GO & have played milsims/military rp in games like RnL & RO2/RS. Additional Skills: Trash at editing, pretty good at FPS games in general, good patience & like to sit for hours in front if the PC. Status: Unsigned.
  2. Oversettelser

    Jag är svensk men jag kan generellt förstå allt ni skriver ^^
  3. I'm looking for a realism unit that has both milsims & rank structure. I'm kind off new to Squad but I know the basics, I've played in realism units before. 29th ID in RO2/RS(2015-2016), 506th PIR & 25th ID in a small game called Resistance & Liberations (2012-2015). I want to learn & develop my tactical knowledge within the game but with no one to play with it's a bit hard, I like hardcore RP with stuff like BCT etc but that is not necessary.
  4. [Post Scriptum] La 71th div WT Recrute !

    Very interesting I must say, are you guys still active? Would love to play sessions with you guys ^^