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  1. August 2018 Recap

    Wow! Excellent news my comrads! T72 is amazing! Mozerland will never forget you! Enjoy your vacations guys! And might you put in your plans next vacation in siberia, you are very welcome there!
  2. How i solved the problem. Just reinstalled win10 today and changed PAGE file to NO PAGE FILE, and started to get this error. Then changed it again to 1024 - 2048 and so far no error occured, played today about a couple hours. My specs i5 7500 gtx1070ti 16gb ram ddr4 hdd 2tb speed 5400 PS Btw, playing on HIGH setting, with 1.25 and T-FXAA, no textures pre-loaded, no blur and all things off, getting drop FPS on narva and on another map cant remember the name to ~40fps aprox......is my specs not enough?! Has anyone get same problem????
  3. Veteran Skins

    You guys are doing great job! Hope supression and tanks will come out soon, skins are last thing...
  4. A better tactical map

    Hundred thousand YES!!!
  5. what nvidia driver setting do u use ?
  6. it runs on default clock perfectly, but thats the point to run it on oc. I've searched for same log error and found that people has same problem and some of them just put their gpu clock a bit lower. I'll continue to investigate.
  7. This is log file. FurMark stable on this numbers of overclock, but the game Today i could play a few minutes and crashed
  8. Forgot to meantion, it crashes in menu, when the background appears
  9. When it on OC, over some several number amount
  10. Hello! Game crashes after i overclock my gpu up to 80mhz on core, but another games goes well. Specs Win10 Gpu gigabyte gtx1060 3gb(getting 1947mhz on oc and memory 8000, using gigabyte extreme gaming utilite) Cpu i5 7500 3.8mhz on turbo Ram 16gb Hdd 2tb Has anybody got the same issue?
  11. Laptop users

    Do u overclock your GPU ??? Just find out how far you can go and i think you have better cooling system than i.
  12. Laptop users

    Hi, i play on lenovo y50-70 gtx960m 16gb ram and i7, so on the map with forest fps can be dropped up to 20 aprox, and its absolutely not comfortable, also when i use optic on vehicles fps way less and optics on regular gun as AK also make fps droped mostly on forest maps. And city map are pretty good. 1920x1800 resolution (smtn like that) and FXAA, shadows medium, explosions are high, visible distance high and all that things beneath are off. As i said on forest maps i have about 30% less fps..... Hope they'll fix it
  13. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    Did you check ?