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  1. SQUAD won't launch, need help

    Solved it. The problem was in Nvidia Control Panel ->Manage 3d settings-> image sharpening must be OFF.
  2. Hello, today wanted to start the game and it is not launching, please help my specs gtx1080, i7 9700k, 16gb ram LOG FILE

    Hi, thanks for the solution, what do you mean disable all devices how then will sound be working in game and i didnt get the part of BRING ALL SOUNDS LEVELS TO 0%... Would you upload screenshots pls?
  4. Now Testing Alpha 15

    Nice v15! Do you have any plans on trees and some another objects destructible ?
  5. Agreed, sometimes experienced SLs ask squad members to use local chanel only and when its necessary squad voice chanel, with this green chanel always clear for orders. Easy.
  6. Alpha 12.1 Released

    Good news! Lets check bipods....
  7. sometimes can't even deploy it in the forest or beside the buildings in compounds.....it must be fixed
  8. Hi, with new v12 bipod bug occured. Can't place it on flat ground surface anymore....Not always, its like you gotta move around to find some place for bipods. ps Thx for v12, its awesome!
  9. Alpha 12 Released

    Thanks squad team you are doing really great job! Its best game ive ever purchased, better than any another similar shooters. You're №1 !!!
  10. Alpha 12 Released

    Just need to be fixed
  11. Thanks to all! It's downloading...
  12. Nice! How and where to download it comrade?
  13. My specs i5-7500 gtx1080 16ram hdd 2tb (5200) Problem: I have been playing squad on this pc couple of month, and yesterday game started to extremely freezing after an hour of playing. Using monitoring during this stutters i noticed that when i'm not moving anything, i have stable fps 70+, when i start to run or just move mouse around gpu usage drops from 90% to 5%-15%. CPU and GPU usage during the game about 90% both. Temperatures stable CPU 60 degree max and GPU 65 degree max. GPU overclocked little bit. Setting are all high. PRE LOAD TEXTURES OFF.
  14. August 2018 Recap

    Wow! Excellent news my comrads! T72 is amazing! Mozerland will never forget you! Enjoy your vacations guys! And might you put in your plans next vacation in siberia, you are very welcome there!
  15. How i solved the problem. Just reinstalled win10 today and changed PAGE file to NO PAGE FILE, and started to get this error. Then changed it again to 1024 - 2048 and so far no error occured, played today about a couple hours. My specs i5 7500 gtx1070ti 16gb ram ddr4 hdd 2tb speed 5400 PS Btw, playing on HIGH setting, with 1.25 and T-FXAA, no textures pre-loaded, no blur and all things off, getting drop FPS on narva and on another map cant remember the name to ~40fps aprox......is my specs not enough?! Has anyone get same problem????