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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I love the updated graphics/engine. Things seem crisper and I am running an older card. I have had 2 engine crashes so far, but sent the reports in. BUGS The random sound of an SPG reload happening every once in a while. Even when no where near a vehicle. Spawned in on rally with minimum mags on a GL kit on US side. Went to the transpo truck to rearm. Pulled 3 more mags to have a total of 6 mags of ammo. They just replaced the 3 I already had and used up that ammo from the truck. GOOD The sounds at the rally and repair stations. Combat Engineer kit Removing the range finder from FTL markers. Love the Spandrel and TOW MATV! BAD The MATV/MRAPs seem to have gotten a serious armor buff. Took about 7 shots from a 30mm at 50m to kill it. Front armor. Have also heard from another TG that their BDRM did very little damage with its 14.5 cannon. Increased speed seems excessive. It should be a gradient. If you are going to run that fast then it should be a sprint and then decrease from there. Maybe a separate sprint timer? Buddy rally - just no. Fatigue sway needs to come back Suppression is really pretty weak now - almost pointless with the exception of the fear of getting winged by a random round. Reload times at Main seems too fast Remove destroyed vehicles - haven't seen it. Changes some of the metas of blocking bridges with destroyed vehicles, but the better fix is making them movable or destructible. JURY IS OUT Stamina bar at center of screen Changed spawn process - keep spawning too soon before I change kits as I am still used to having to confirm. Graphics for the mags at the bottom right. Cool and all, but the smaller bars took up less space and gave the same info. WISH LIST Ammo/Material drops from vehicles. Leaves a map marker for friendly troops. Can be used to stage for a radio or drop supplies on the field for troops maneuvering. Destructible by enemy troops. Disappears once they are all used. Maybe degrade over time to prevent over reliance/misuse.
  2. When I jumped out of the logi approximately I13-5-3 the model for the logi truck vanished. I still collided with it and could get back into it. When I got into the truck it was on its passenger side. When I got back out it was still gone. It took about 3 attempts before getting into the truck was right side up.