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  1. Squad is 20 right now down from 40 till July 5
  2. The price difference will be what? $10 max? Worth every penny IMO.
  3. - Make a clear plan thats easy to understand within the first 45 seconds of the game. Whole team spawn? Select few instead? - Make sure your rally is always up to date. - Make sure your squad isnt playing in a dead cap. - If its a full squad make sure you always have 2 medics. - Call outs can be done with the compass at the bottom of your screen. You can guesstimate the distance, or you can use landmarks. - Try to position your squads advance somewhere other than where the rest of the team is coming from. Team pushing North? Try coming from the South East. - Try not to waste vehicles for the sake of getting to a point faster. - If you hear an enemy radio, that should be your main focus before trying to cap a base. - Dont be afraid to kick a squad member that continues to lonewolf. - Dont be a douchebag - Dont be a softy Im sure others can add on from here.
  4. Single shot seems to fall right in line with the previous shot. Or is it just me?
  5. Maybe try changing the mouse sensitivity? I never use burst so not sure.
  6. A kick? Sure. A ban? Laughable. Ive frequented this server and have seen much worse. Wont be back. Not that you care. Toodles.
  7. TBH i think the PR version looks like crap compared to Squads version.
  8. Logi truck drivers can be the top scoring person on their team if dedicated enough. This had me thinking about armor drivers. What kudos do these guys get? Its a selfless role in the game but very important if done right. I lead a squad earlier and assigned two of my squadmates to support our pushes into objectives in the stryker. THey kept our armor alive the entire game going 50 something - 0. We ended up winning the round and then the score screen came up. Driver? Zero points. TBH there should be some sort of motivation to remain a dedicated driver.Maybe a shared teamwork score relating to the kills their gunner had that round. Thoughts?
  9. DF BHD JO? Youre speaking my language.
  10. Atmosphere? Black Hawk Down - Behind Enemy Lines - Jarhead
  11. Very good points Skul as always.
  12. I was going to add the score factor into it. I could go 0-20 and still finish the round with a smile if the team won. On the flip side im a big believer in recognition. Every class has stats and an additional driver type end game stat would be cool.
  13. Pretty good group of guys. One of their members is confirmed Spiderman.
  14. Good old Blue Mountain. I lived in Ocho Rios Jamaica for 2 years. Amazing stuff too
  15. If its not Cuban, its not coffee.
  16. Thank you for fixing INS Fighter class tank nades. The SVD tune up was very nice. Seems much easier to handle recoil wise.
  17. Iron sights are about perfect. Damage difference is negligible. Different tactics need to be used for different teams IMO
  18. Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work.
  19. I think it should be left in the game but be able to be dug up just like anything else in the game. Valid tactic IMO.
  20. Played a few rounds of Basrah last night and noticed a new tactic Ins are using. Seems to be a way to place a Fob in the attic of refinery. Is this an exploit or is there some hidden ladder that i dont know of? Only way i could imagine this being possible is if you created a bootleg stairway with sandbags. Enlighten me!
  21. Zylfrax791 i still cant use numpad lol. i hear ya though
  22. I dont think Skul likes mortars