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  1. Comms Drop?

    Same thing as reShade. WOuld be nice but not everyone would do it.
  2. How to Not Suck at Squad [Compilation / Guide]

    Great post. Request sticky.
  3. Ez. Showcase the ability to build. Each team has 10k resources at the beginning of the match. Round starts. 10 minute build time where all team mates are locked at "main" where they must build a defensive position. After 10 minutes are up each team must destroy the other teams "main".
  4. Concerned

    I feel like this game will be dead by the time the devs are done with it.
  5. Alpha 10.2

  6. Alpha 10.2

    Ill say what everyone else wants to. Boring. Im sure it was needed though. What is coming out in in v11?
  7. New Player Looking To Get Started :)

    Best place to play and learn.
  8. Russian 30 mm too OP ?

    US needs AT4 or Gustav for their version of heavy AT
  9. How long till it die ?

    Agreed. Marketing could be a little better. Ive asked many friends if they have heard of Squad, all nope.
  10. How long till it die ?

    I think the game is fine without aircraft. I think the devs could be a little more involved beyond the monthly update. I kinda feel like the hype is over and the hardcore fans are the ones keeping it afloat though. Twitch viewership numbers are down. The monthly player totals are stagnant right now if not slowly dwindling. For the amount charged for an alpha, i would think Squad would be much, much more progressed by now. The money is there.
  11. How long till it die ?

  12. How long till it die ?

    That is the same as another game adding expansions at this point.
  13. How long till it die ?

    Ill be honest here. I love this game. I think its already 1/2 way dead.
  14. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    Not so much in comp games but i think it can have its place in pub games. Mortar squads usually end up doing this from what ive seen. With constant logi runs there are plenty of construction points to go around to build a super fob. Two mortars with the mortar app can help turn a weak attack into a better one. A good SL will have cut a section of the map in half with emplacements protected by sandbags. Can it happen? Yes. Does is usually happen? No.
  15. Sitting in the turret of a Stryker, BTR, or any vehicle with a weapon sucks while on the move. Its pretty much impossible to hit a target while moving unless youre on a road. I wouldnt dare place my cold pint of beer on any vehicle in Squad right now. Please fix.
  16. Or is Squad (with such a small fanbase) not worth it?
  17. Please Fix the visibility.

    Pro Tip: This isnt PR.
  18. Let me just go grab a 34 ultrawide and a thousand dollar gpu to fix my problems.
  19. Well that just makes it all better.
  20. Join the club. Reshade was the only cure for this and they banned it. I personally will not play Squad again until either reshade is unbanned or the pull a miracle and fix the AA in this game. Right now it looks terrible.
  21. Please Fix the visibility.

    What range are you shooting targets out to 1000m? Im ex Army and ive never seen this from combat engineers
  22. Please Fix the visibility.

    Didnt know combat engineers would be targeting enemies at 1000m. I do agree though. Fix the visibility.
  23. Good post. Request Sticky
  24. Reshade ban

    Reshade is the only thing keeping this game looking decent. Its washed out and blurry without it. Please tell me youre going to be able to fix this. I cant go back to stock now, it looks like crap.
  25. V10 - Whats next?

    Finally v10 has been released. The majority of people ive spoken to about it have said they love it. I have to agree. The game feels much more polished than ever before. The animations and sound improvements are a huge upgrade over the prior releases. Now that we've had the chance to settle in with this version, we have to ask, whats next? What can they do to improve this game at this point? More assets? More armies? Whats next?