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  1. Vehicle driver scoring.

    Logi truck drivers can be the top scoring person on their team if dedicated enough. This had me thinking about armor drivers. What kudos do these guys get? Its a selfless role in the game but very important if done right. I lead a squad earlier and assigned two of my squadmates to support our pushes into objectives in the stryker. THey kept our armor alive the entire game going 50 something - 0. We ended up winning the round and then the score screen came up. Driver? Zero points. TBH there should be some sort of motivation to remain a dedicated driver.Maybe a shared teamwork score relating to the kills their gunner had that round. Thoughts?
  2. What disappointed me the most about free weekend.

    Every free weekend event i am more than happy to help new people. For the most part i can get someone understanding the basics in the first round. Most re join my squad the next round and learn even more. There are new players that just refuse to listen and those are the people that deserve to be kicked and forced to lone wolf. It goes both ways. Vet squad leaders are not obligated to babysit new guys. You either want to learn and win, or call of duty it out and get kicked. Simple.
  3. Release - Alpha 9.12

    So 88 more patches till v10. neat.
  4. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    lmao PR sounds are way better. Your bias is showing big time.
  5. IF

    If another dev team came along and made a copycat version of squad on the Frostbite engine, would you ditch OWI?
  6. IF

    Ok lets say you have an exact copy of squad down to the finest detail, but instead of Unreal you have Frostbite, what game are you choosing?
  7. IF

    So youre saying this game is trash? or the engine?
  8. I love the graphics sometimes, but i also hate them. Love everything else.
  9. Alpha 9.9

    animation in? vague notes
  10. NW Fires

    Dont come to FL. Were all trying to get out right now. Getting crazy with this hurricane coming. Stay safe Z.
  11. Blocking bridges...

    Smoke the area, or have a crows cover you would be the best two options. Have to get creative.
  12. Blocking bridges...

    It has been stated by head devs that wreckage will be able to be removed via shovel.
  13. I really like the two on the left. Not feeling the capri style pants on the other two.
  14. MN -mens WM -womens. different sizes for both genders Gortex or nothing
  15. AoN plays in ISKT and NAS and we very, very rarely run into cheating. The admins in the game are pretty good at spotting fishy stuff. Recently one team released a video of their own player using no brush hacks and passed it along to many team discords. He was promptly banned from all comp team servers and from his team. Streaming in NAS is instant and could have potential screen snipers helping, but we tend to operated on a faith system however flawed that may be. ISKT is a 15 minute delay which gives no chance of that. Tourneys are usually held by a neutral person. There can be refs from top tier teams helping, but only when their team is not involved in the match. No comment on Level but i trust Zylfrax and his review on it. Squad has a huge potential to be a good comp based game, although in a larger scale compared to CSS OW Dota etc.
  16. The Military Media Thread

    This was from a few years ago at a Socom conference in Tampa, FL. There are snipers from Canada and Jordan, operators from Canada, Denmark, Finland, France and Norway. Seals, Rangers, and US Army SF are also in the mix with SWCC and 106th SOAR. Great event held every year here with a chance to see the best there are in their field of work. Too much to list here but you will not find a better video showcasing the worlds best SF groups. The Airforce base with Centcom and Socom HQ down the street from me pretty much runs the entire middle eastern wars from there.
  17. Maybe you should learn to counter it. Learn to adapt. I was going to write more but my boss is walking over to my desk.
  18. Clipping. We hate it when we get shot because our body is sticking through a wall. Is it too late in development to fix this? Thanks in advance
  19. Tournament hosted by Level.GG Starting Aug. 26

    What is going to set Level apart from ISKT, NAS, and Squad Ops?
  20. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Sooo tired of everyone trying to make Squad into PR. PR sucked. For many people it was boring. Yes this will rub fanboys the wrong way, but so be it. Squad is its own game.
  21. Looking for a group that PLAYS with each other

    If youre interested in a US competitive team, pm me. We like to help the right people get the most out of the game. We have our own servers and have good relationships with the top competitive teams in Squad. Laid back and tight knit, but we like to be effective. Good luck in your search Phantom.
  22. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    Not impressed by Bluefang servers. Full servers crash when maxed out many times over. Makes it very hard to keep populated.
  23. Revisiting Squad Leader Options

    A simple improvement would be to make each squads marks a different color.
  24. Instead of crying about rush tactics