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  1. Physics?

    It has a long way to go and thats putting it nicely.
  2. Why do scouts not have optics?

    What kind of sick person though iron sights would work for a scout class? Please tell me there is something in the works. Not being able to mark the map as scout is also a problem.
  3. Squad Trailers Removed?

    You guys need to find Snoken
  4. SquadChat - 5 - Ft Irontaxi (6/8/2018 @ 10 am PT)

    So happy to see old school DF players carrying on the tradition of good shooters.
  5. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    Can confirm. I've seen it twice now. Here is a hint. There is an actual helipad with it landed in the center. Tiny white blackhawk helo.
  6. Why do scouts not have optics?

    Exactly. Its a quality of life improvement for SL. As for the Scout, it should get a scoped version of the Sks or change the weapon to a pdw. It just seems like it was the last class designed and they got the shit end of the stick for a weapon. The IED, mines and the rest of the toolkit is amazing though. Maybe that is the balance coming into play.
  7. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    Not paying for a mod. It doesnt really look that good to me anyways.
  8. Bipods in windows please

    Should be fixed correctly hopefully instead of some bootleg fix
  9. Rocket Truck bugged

    Great news Gatzby! I pulled one up to the battle the other day and it was like a unicorn. Squad members had no idea what it even was. Glad to hear they are making improvements on it.
  10. Ok, now it's time to add BMP-2.

    Shame they are phasing them out
  11. Rocket Truck bugged

    Just delete it. Noone uses it because it sucks. If you added a way to aim maybe it would be used a little more. As it stands, itll stay at main with the dirtbikes.
  12. Battlefield V

    all this shit people are talking will still buy the game. stop fronting lmao
  13. Better get out of Alpha quick

    BF is going to take a lot of players from this fan base. Cya
  14. Better get out of Alpha quick

    Im suggesting they step up the development because Squad will be a niche game left in the dust. I love Squad to death but it is what it is. If they dont care about money then they should continue the pace they are going right now.
  15. Better get out of Alpha quick

    Did you forget Squad is BFs baby? Dont be a homer guys. BF WILL take players from Squad. Book it. OWI needs to step it up because BF isnt the only competition coming out this year.
  16. What moves Squad into Beta?

    From launch till now i think we can all agree that Squad has added some awesome content in Alpha. This had a me and a few friends talking about if Squad is ready for beta. Do you think it is or close? I think so. There can only be so much more added from what we have already. What do we have left? Helos? Animations? Maps? How close do you think Squad is?
  17. Changes to the crewman kit

    pdw binos bandage knife 1 frag
  18. DID I GOT BANNED?!?!?!?!

  19. v11 Testing!

    Ive been a critic lately but i am impressed. Kudos.
  20. Comms Drop?

    Same thing as reShade. WOuld be nice but not everyone would do it.
  21. How to Not Suck at Squad [Compilation / Guide]

    Great post. Request sticky.
  22. Ez. Showcase the ability to build. Each team has 10k resources at the beginning of the match. Round starts. 10 minute build time where all team mates are locked at "main" where they must build a defensive position. After 10 minutes are up each team must destroy the other teams "main".
  23. Concerned

    I feel like this game will be dead by the time the devs are done with it.