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  1. Will this be just Sunday @Chuc?
  2. Name: _randombullet Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/_Bobcat/ Primary Language: English Age: 37 Timezone or Region: EST US Nature of Interest: Casual/Competitive - Prefer East coast USA or close. Gaming Background: Got my start in competitive FPS in Novalogics Joint Operations. Moved on to competitive BF2 in CAL and TWL. Dabbled in PR. Then to BF3 and BF4. Got bored of arcade style BF is becoming and switched to Arma. Started enjoying the pace and gameplay of Arma until i heard about Squad. Been here since. Additional Skills: Can set you up with an awesome vacation package. I also can cook a killer steak. Status: Unsigned
  3. Maybe some MH-6 Little Birds with some benches
  4. No pics but Cpu: i3 6100 Gpu: XFX RX480 HD: PNY 220GB SSD + 1 TB HD RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB PSU: Some crappy Rocketfish 550W Headset: Razer Kraken 7.1 Mouse: Roccat something Monitor: HP 25" @1080 Nothing special but runs Squad in full Epic settings @ 60fps.
  5. I still hold records in that game for double kills.
  6. As long as you cant use rocket arty out of main then its fine with me. If not, they deserved to get killed @ main.
  7. I have random flickering too. Stock game - No reshade rx480 8gb ddr4
  8. Maybe make the container big enough where the vehicle has to pull into it, thus blocking its view from firing while repairing. Like a garage style repair station.
  9. Have iron sights? Yes. Logi run? Sure.
  10. scenario Squad leader is low crawling behind a 2ft wall and gets taken out. Medic survives attack and crawls to squad leader and begins to apply bandage. Medics back reverse arches up and extends neck out abnormally high, popping his head over wall, getting killed. Are there any plans to be able to bandage while prone without sticking your head up so high? Its hard enough reviving in combat let alone without using cover. I did notice a video floating around with a dev enabling a drag animation but not sure if that is in the works for beta.
  11. check out the comments on that video.
  12. Sorry about that. If a moderator could kindly put this is the right sub forum it would be appreciated. Thanks for the help @Peerun @grimshadow @GonzoPR
  13. No idea how to use it on Squad. Any help out here to install? Best one?
  14. Haha why not
  15. I had a guy that was obviously drunk on my team last night. He volunteered to simply do logi runs entire game. The guy ended up top scorer and helped to build some really good super fobs. Surprised there arent more people doing it.