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  1. Finishing Touches

    Updated scoreboard and points system. List looks solid.
  2. marketing squad

    There has to be a better way OWI. You could build up so much anticipation in your game if you dont announce v12 release with zero warning. I think i speak for everyone here when i say we want to see this game succeed.
  3. October 2018 Recap

  4. Squad system/types for vehicles.

    Great idea, cant wait to see it implemented in 2024
  5. Sniper Gameplay

    With the addition of fire teams this should be a no brainer. You already have the scout class that could pair well with a sniper. Hell we already have a sniper (marksman), just give them a slightly better scope.
  6. What is really going on with Squad?

    Entire clans that helped this game grow via streaming competitive matches have stopped playing. The interest is dying while it seems like the devs interest is dying as well. Hopefully i can come back and eat crow because there is a spot for these games especially for the older generation of fps players, i just dont see the interest sparking back up like it did at its peak. Show us something, something other than mod news to use as social media filler content.
  7. What is really going on with Squad?

    I just want to play the game like most of the player base. Mods mean nothing to most players.
  8. Ive never seen a game in alpha for as long as this game. Did the devs take money and run? The only updates i see via here and social media are some boring ass mod updates that noone really plays. Where is the development this far in since the kick starter? I want to see Squad make it but its pretty quiet here as of late. The activity and interest in this game is pretty much dying. I know there will be homers that will defend this game just like they do PR but i think i speak for the majority.
  9. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    Squad will be the first to go. Excited to see what happens
  10. Logi truck lacks horse power

    Max carry is 10k lbs you arent going to be fast with a full load irl. I see can it being faster empty and that would be pretty cool.
  11. BFV Closed Alpha

    Thats a shame. Ive played since bf1942 and fell out of love with the game after bf3. Happened to have the invite so i said why not. If feels like a total different direction with the franchise. They removed quite a few things that made the game become too cheesy and added some things that brought tactics back. Try the open beta and if you dont like it come back and flame away.
  12. BFV Closed Alpha

    Yeah, im pretty sure you havent played it yet.
  13. BFV Closed Alpha

    The gun play is actually very good. The new spotting mechanic should have been there since BF2. The character customization isnt as bad as i initially thought it would be. Air warfare is pretty balanced. There is only one map right now in Alpha but i think its great. The new revive and resupply is a very nice change of pace. The game has slowed down and the pace right now is perfect. To all of you homers posting here, get bent. Squad is BFs grandbaby, respect your elders.
  14. BFV Closed Alpha

    Invites are out for pre load. Starts tomorrow 4am EST