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  1. Squad & Civilians

    Seems like it would be pretty easy to add in game. Would help with immersion. Could add a totally new dimension with the ability to lose tickets with collateral damage. Sheep herders in the fields. Civilians running away from battles in the streets. Street vendors.
  2. [AoN] Army of Nine - New Server

    Appreciate it. We should start to populate it tonight. Edit: Great turnout. Server was full entire night.
  3. Army of Nine has a new server! [AON] Army of Nine - All Or Nothing Admin always online. Chicago based for great ping. Map rotation: Fool's Road AAS v3 Narva PAAS v1 Sumari AAS v2 Al Basrah AAS v1 Kokan PAAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v2 Logar Valley AAS v1 Chora AAS v2 Kohat AAS v1 Discord: https://discord.gg/xBhQYKT Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/army9 Website: Coming Soon
  4. Cookers

    Perhaps let vehicle repair points resupply a logi.
  5. You should post your PC specs.
  6. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

    There are some very interesting bets taking place on this fight from Vegas. Not win/loss, but the prop bets. Easy money to be made if you have spare cash laying around.
  7. Daily squad

    Agreed. It will also "toughen" you up a little.
  8. Squad-to-squad Radio not working

    Same issue. Have tried all above. Nada
  9. Daily squad

    I sent you a PM. Looking forward to meeting up.
  10. Daily squad

    What is your location?
  11. Low crawl?

    As of now we get the standard crawl. Its good for taking cover and moving behind minimal cover while advancing for position. A low crawl on the other hand would be a nice option for a more stealthy approach. Pretty easy to animate while OWI devs are doing motion capture. Could be deadly in fields with high vegetation. Maybe make it half as fast as the standard high crawl. Thoughts? High Crawl Low Crawl
  12. Fight on the ****ing Objective

  13. Dedicated Squads

    You unlock at the same time you have your friend join the squad then re lock the squad.
  14. Dedicated Squads

    Driver/Gunner? They mainly assist in pushes and dont usually transport troops.