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  1. Excluded from teamplay

    Did one of my posts get removed? Edit: Why did my reply to him get removed?
  2. Excluded from teamplay

    Yeah I know man. I've found a cool bunch who I play with so it's all good. :-) As I said, that one night was just terrible, havn't had it since. :-)
  3. - Generally the buildings layout and contstruction is off. One door and no way to get out on the other side so you have to run out of the house and 100 meters down the building to get to the other side. - The fact that a small picket fence blocks my gigantic logistic truck so I can't supply my teammates. Same goes for small trees etc. - Animation system so I cant stop reloading my rpg or mag etc if I need to change quickly. - Region settings for server browser. Love the game for the most intense firefights in any FPS game, but looking at Red Storm 2: Vietnam, Squads map design looks like something from the original DOOM.
  4. Danish clan?

    Cheers :-)
  5. Danish clan?

    Hmm, I checked the active clan thread, but the link for the discord is dead. And the one on your website http://zxd.life/faq/ has expired. :-D What to do, is this a test? :-D
  6. Danish clan?

    Sorry been swamped with real life issues. Where would I go to talk to someone from ZXD? :-)
  7. Excluded from teamplay

    Thank you for your suggestions. I have an M.2 drive so I do join very fast. I just guess I had a really unfortunate streak of bad luck tonight. It felt a bit overwhelming as I was unsuccesfull in getting that "teamplay experience" unique to squad. That being said, I did join the game while it was underway, so that might have contributed to the filled squads. It will most likely improve when I join a clan. :-)
  8. Excluded from teamplay

    I'm looking to join a clan as I write this, thank you for your suggestion. :-) I know, but there is a limit on player count on the server, and I had to dynamic duo it with some other dude before I logged off.
  9. Excluded from teamplay

    Well I am certainly not making it up, what would be the point? I'm way to old to exaggerate on the internet for fake points and I am happy for you that you do not have this issue. There definately is always someone who will refuse to believe whatever you say, but what can you do. Some of the servers had full squads so all I could do was join the superhumans or be a lone man squad. :-) Just got out of a really awesome game with QFF clan who was kind enough to take me along for the ride. Totally worth the dicks. Err.. Idiots.
  10. Excluded from teamplay

    So, I have been playing for 3 hours today and sad to say, I have not once experienced teamplay in any way. I have joined several squads but 90% of them would be named "CLAN NAME ONLY" and would be on teamspeak. When asking for orders using the ingame comms I was either met with total silence or in a couple of situations by rude remarks. I did get in a single squad that wasn't for elitist players and that was the normal chaos that I have had so many times before :-) I do feel that it is getting harder and harder to find a squad to play with and it is definately not making it easier when most of the server is for elite superhumans only. Going to take a while before I dare launch the game again. As if waiting in queue for 15 minutes wasn't bad enough, the attitude of those players just made tonight a horrible gaming experience. Lets hope this isnt going to spread. This will turn away ALOT of new players.
  11. Vehicle identification

    Ah I see. Yes that was very well hidden but provides good information. Might not be the first thing people go search for though, but at least it is there. :-) Thanks man. Edit: This is exactly what I am looking for. Students are having a test so I got some "reading" to catch up on. :-p
  12. Vehicle identification

    I agree, but there is nothing on the homepage about what vehicles belong to which factions. Just a thought to make it more beginner friendly. :-)
  13. Vehicle identification

    Exactly. It would help alot if people actually knew what they are seeing.
  14. Danish clan?

    Thank you, I will check those out. :-)
  15. Hello everyone. :-) I tried to search for this topic, but none showed up so I made this thread. If I missed something and it has been posted before I apologise. Over the last few times I have been playing the game, I have had a hard time calling out vehicles when I spot them. I know some of them but others I dont know the exact name of nor do I know what faction the different vehicles belong to. I went to www.joinsquad.com to see if there was any info about what vehicles was in the game and what factions they belong to, but I couldn't find anything. As a new player that makes it hard for me to be able to make a proper call out even though I wish to do so. So; that got me thinking. When I was in the army they had this mandatory training where we had to be able to identify vehicles by photos and silhouettes from different angles. That helped us being able to ID targets in all kinds of situation and this could be a very nice "new player introduction" on the homepage. Either a full blown "Armor ID course" with a test in the end or a simple list of vehicles that are in the game, what ID characteristics they have and what factions they belong to with images and silhouettes of them. I know that would make me much more comfortable to actually call out a vehicle when I spot one. Other than that, I have never thought that any game could get my adrenaline pumping by guarding a hillside for 20 minutes and NOT see an enemy. :-) /Luri