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  1. Ah I see. Yes that was very well hidden but provides good information. Might not be the first thing people go search for though, but at least it is there. :-) Thanks man. Edit: This is exactly what I am looking for. Students are having a test so I got some "reading" to catch up on. :-p
  2. I agree, but there is nothing on the homepage about what vehicles belong to which factions. Just a thought to make it more beginner friendly. :-)
  3. Exactly. It would help alot if people actually knew what they are seeing.
  4. Thank you, I will check those out. :-)
  5. Hello everyone. :-) I tried to search for this topic, but none showed up so I made this thread. If I missed something and it has been posted before I apologise. Over the last few times I have been playing the game, I have had a hard time calling out vehicles when I spot them. I know some of them but others I dont know the exact name of nor do I know what faction the different vehicles belong to. I went to to see if there was any info about what vehicles was in the game and what factions they belong to, but I couldn't find anything. As a new player that makes it hard for me to be able to make a proper call out even though I wish to do so. So; that got me thinking. When I was in the army they had this mandatory training where we had to be able to identify vehicles by photos and silhouettes from different angles. That helped us being able to ID targets in all kinds of situation and this could be a very nice "new player introduction" on the homepage. Either a full blown "Armor ID course" with a test in the end or a simple list of vehicles that are in the game, what ID characteristics they have and what factions they belong to with images and silhouettes of them. I know that would make me much more comfortable to actually call out a vehicle when I spot one. Other than that, I have never thought that any game could get my adrenaline pumping by guarding a hillside for 20 minutes and NOT see an enemy. :-) /Luri
  6. Gammel tråd, men er der nogen der grouper op og spiller? Har brug for teamwork...
  7. Hello there. Are there any Danish clans out there that are looking for new players? I desperately need teamwork and I haven't seen much of it so far in the game. :-( /Luri
  8. Update to this topic. Psyrus is and IT God and an honest to god hero. He found some faults I had made in the server setup and fixed the openvpn file for me, then guided me on how to change my security groups. There was a bit of, well quite a bit honestly, of fumbling around blindly on my end but I managed to unscrew the things I screwed and now I can see servers via Amazon Frankfurt. I am ready for the weekend. HUGE thanks to Psyrus for helping me. I already told him that beers are on me if he ever gets to Europe. :-) And thanks to everyone else who has contributed to this thread, it seems like a nice caring community. :-) Can't wait to take part in it. :-) /Luri
  9. So Psyrus was extremely kind (and patient) and helped me troubleshoot my problem. Before I had him on discord, I installed the game on my work laptop and I could see servers fine while connected to my works internet connection. When I got home, the laptop could no longer see the servers but if I created a hotspot with my phone it could again. So I tried to make a DMZ and portforwarding in my router, but long story short, the router has some kind of ISP override function so every change I make gets reverted automatically by the ISP. Psyrus tried a ton of things among others was to connect to his aws server and that brought up a full server list for me on my PC. I have tried to follow the guide and it seems to be working on the server but somehow my openvpn does not connect. But it was worth a shot. :-) Now it's time for a cup of coffee and watch the last two episodes of the second season of MrRobot. :-) Greatly appriciate everyones advice and offers to help. Awesome community. :-) /Luri
  10. Do you know what ports it uses? I haven't tried to open those yet and DMZ apparently does not work on my router. Or is blocked by my isp i think.
  11. Do you know what ports it uses? I haven't tried to open those yet and DMZ apparently does not work on my router. Or is blocked by my isp i think.
  12. No servers on the laptop at home either. Yes everything is up to date. I will try to create a DMZ for my PC's IP in the router to see if servers show up. I could really use some ports so I can try to open them individually? :-)
  13. Update: Installed it on my work laptop just to see if I could see the servers. I can on this laptop on this network. I will take it home with me and see if I can see the servers on this laptop on my home network. If I can, then it is my PC that has a problem, if I can't it is probably a router problem.
  14. Thanks alot man, i really appriciate you helping me. :-)
  15. Excellent, I'll get organised as soon as I get home and get ready. Teamviewer 12? :-)