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  1. well i don't know what the glitch is then... maybe its already gone with v9. All i know is it screwed me up a lot having the screen blocked
  2. I do have one question for Ridoc... can you go into admin cam when already in a vehicle? and will that cause a zoomed in vehicle appear on the player they are viewings screen?
  3. Ok well hopefully it's been fixed in version 9. I only just came back to this game so maybe it was a glitch in the last version. What I mean by flashing up on my screen is I get a close up of an enemy player blocking 90% of screen for about half a second. Pretty distracting. The reason I thought it was some kind of admin cam is it just seemed the thing flashing on my screen was always related to me and some clutch moment of the game, it was the only pattern I could find in the glitch. (Didn't seem to matter the distance enemy was from me, direction they were going, whether i was facing the enemy or not) But maybe it was just coincidence and i read too far into it
  4. So I've been getting this glitch over the past few weeks which i suspect is admin camera abuse but I could be wrong. What happens is I get a flash of an enemy player on my screen, and it seems to coincide with clutch moments in the game and is immediately followed by the enemy knowing my location. Here is all the times it has happened: *Hunting a BTR with my rpg... concealed by crops as well as trees.... suddenly BTR flashes on my screen (even though it's 50-75 meters away) then the BTR proceeds to kill me even though they had no visual. This has happened three times. *Putting down first FOB at the start of a game, no shots fired squad is concealed behind a building.... BTR flashes on my screen (even though it's 100 meters away) and then proceeds to start firing at the corner im hiding behind, even though no one had peeked that corner yet. *Suppressing an enemy squad with my acog.... enemy player flashes on my screen... interestingly the player is clearly taking evasive action as he flashes on my screen. Enemy instantly knows my location after this event. This is the one that made me suspicious because it really looked like the enemy player who flashed on my screen was tryin to zig zag run behind a hill.... which is what the enemies i was shooting at were doing. So this could be an unrelated glitch (and if so I apologise for making accusations), but it is interesting that it has only happened to me at clutch moments. it's also happened on many but not all of the servers and I can name and shame if it turns out to be abuse.