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  1. Bad game culture at the moment

    No, I only abuse when it becomes obvious they don't want to get me up because they are scared if they put their gun down then a teammate will potentially steal a kill from their kd ratio. Which means it's basically clear for 80m and im behind hard cover with multiple friendlies just walkin over me as I bleed out, with no spawn of my own, plus I have ammo in my bag to help the team etc etc etc… and im made to feel like a lowly peasant beggin the almighty for help only to ruin his day by making him stoop to my low kd ratio level as for the rally discussion, yeah I guess I misunderstood what you are saying. The buddy rally is a bit weird I hadn't really thought about it. Maybe they'll scrap it when helicopters are added? Couldn't 18 enemies potentially spawn on top of u right before u stomp the rally? i'd love to see that happen haha
  2. Bad game culture at the moment

    Rally points don't have to be a backup... I think you mean you can use the rally to spawn and save the fob if it's disabled. That's just one rally point tactic among others, and generally used by the defense squads
  3. Bad game culture at the moment

    As for rally points, I don't see how you could scrap rally points. that's how a squad remains independent... I hate squads demanding fobs to spawn at when they could just jump in a technical and drive and put a rally down in about 20 seconds. As for apc/ifv only squads... well... one is a transport with a gun and one is an infantry fighting vehicle so if your going to have dedicated squads for them , youd have to communicate well with the other squads so the vehicles abilities arent wasted
  4. Bad game culture at the moment

    Well just so u know Thre4t... kd ratio doesn't mean much in Squad... I mean it's good... but what's important in Squad, if you want to win the game, is killing the right people. Killing 20 npcs who are zerg rushing is fine, yay its 20 tickets.... but if you'd killed those 2 guys that snuck in and blew your radio and sent you back to mainspawn… you would have saved more tickets and done more for your team. My biggest problem with lack of revivals is that most of the time your team has left all the apcs in main to save tickets, putting you at a disadvantage, but then every time a player doesn't revive you when its clearly safe, they have wasted 1 ticket for no reason except their own kd. So if each player on the team refuses to revive someone during a game, that's 38 tickets wasted.
  5. Bad game culture at the moment

    You guys raise some good points. I think the problem is as well that in the mind of a newish player, in order to win you should throw down a good fob closer to key objective than enemy team and when your team all dies they will spawn closer than the enemy and thus quicker. But actually that's like one of 100 different intricate factors you need to consider in order to win... on it's own the strat is essentially just a zerg rush. As for spamming hand grenades, it's a great strat, you cant just throw one or they'll throw one back at you... you should have a source of ammo close by anyway if the squad leaders are doing their job properly, and not sucking up all the supplies from your defense fob to go zerg rush anyway, you usually get a few good games per night on the aussie servers where people communicate etc, you just need a bit of luck.
  6. So I came back to squad after a long break and can't help but notice the call of duty players seem to outnumber the legit players. At least on the aussie servers You have to abuse teammates standing on top of you just to get a medic and even then it will take almost 3 minutes, for some reason they always sigh on the mic before getting you up. Sorry to interrupt your mad kill streak! And maybe sigh without the mic button pressed down so we don't hear what a depressed wierdo you are. I legit can't believe how many sighs ive heard Everyone seems to just zerg rush these days, with little to no communication and if you try do anything different like for instance a winning strat, half your squad will just abuse you and rebel so they can go zerg rush and lose the game while convincing themselves theyre Rambo cuz of their mad kill streaks. Almost no one wants to follow orders, no one wants to be SL, no one wants to defend, and you put all these factors together and what you end up with is on average about 5-10 minutes of combat per game, and about an hour of failure and waiting to spawn. It's fairly unplayable... invasion is probably the only game mode where you can get some good combat. It's like everyone good stacks the easy team, but the people on the hard team are so bad they refuse to even relax, have fun, follow orders or banter with the squad... they are just wierdo GI joe kids who might be tolerable if they had even the slightest clue about playing squad or living life in general. If any relaxed players see me squad leading please join because im sick of these desperate to win fools who turn left when I say turn right because they are freakin out in a permanent state of fear where everyone is against them including the squad leader. Grab a beer, grab your gun, and have some fun with the boys. You might actually watch a game play out differently for once
  7. I think "random weapon sway" should be renamed to "your gun will never go steady if there's an enemy infront of you" I've tried re-creating the scenario by running around like a madman then quickly raising sights and then pressing the focus button and it always goes steady, yet if there's an enemy i'm trying to kill then my aim will NEVER go steady on the first press even if I have full stamina, have only been walking, and have only pressed focus for the first time.
  8. any tips for squad leading?

    talk to other SL's, come up with a plan for your squad that compliments the team strategy. get down a radio somewhere you can come back and defend it if they try dig it up. Vehicle repair and ammo are more important than a hab in the early game keep the rally in a different spot to the HAB
  9. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    oh and another thing... considering you have to yell at your squad just to get medics and light anti-tanks... maybe there's just as big a problem with a lot of the grunts not being committed to the squad. But you need a successful squad to get lots of kills so you gr unts are only robbing yourselves There's lots to think about as a grunt... being familiar with your bearings to call out contacts quicker when theyhappen, minding your surroundings, watching the flanks... if you get distracted as a grunt thinking of team strats it can be dangerous (not always)... I'm sure i still have lots to learn about being a grunt haha.. it's an art form just like squad leading. I also heard there's a server where it's against the rules to ignore command chat, which is a cool idea, but i can't remember which one it was.
  10. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    You just have to consider that many squad leaders have watched everyone fail again and again doing the same things, and when you disobey orders, the squad leader will get annoyed because he or she realises you are likely going to fail in the same way AGAIN. It is also much worse to disobey orders at the start of the game and you'll find many games get lost instantly such as when people drive off in your vehicles against orders, which as you can imagine is annoying for the experienced player, knowing they have half an hour to an hour of failure, walking and damage control ahead of them. Personally I'm just happy if my SL puts a fob down because for most SL's they just charge enemy territory head on with the logi truck, get it blown up, then alll the squads yell at each other to stop the enemy taking our pivotal point which is unguarded. I will say the aussie servers seem to have more co-ordination (less rambo fantasies) and it does probably help for me that there's never any mic latency or anthing.
  11. yeah i swear the stryker bug is getting worse... The first time I had it I switched from gunner to passenger and it fixed it but the past 6 or 7 times I've tried to use the stryker gun on al basra I cannot get rid of the waiting to spawn message and if i try jump out of the striker i end up half under the map, teleporting to another spot on the map, and unable to see any models
  12. every time i get in the striker gun i get the message "waiting to spawn" on the screen and then if i leave the striker i fall off the map edit: now I'm unsure if it's only happened to me on Al Basra but for some reason it happens every time on that map
  13. this glitch is still happening but someone told me the solution, you type suicide in console and you don't have to disconnect from the server
  14. not suicide and not driven over
  15. Hey I asked around and did a search but couldn't find anything on this glitch. I was laying there, rolled over dead for no reason (also heard of this happen to someone else), and then couldn't give up so I couldn't spawn back in. (edit: also you don't bleed out which is annoying) Sorry if this has been posted already but please tell me it's a predator with cloaking device that we can fight