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  1. My apologies for my bad english Hello Squad players and developpers ! I' ve been playing the game for quite a bit now ( 140h ) and i came across some problems in the game that i think are worth talking about. As far as i played the game, even if its the best military experience i' ve ever played, the life time of the game is pretty short. This is how i play the game : I look at the updates When some new features are added, i check them out and i play the game quite a lot ( 4-5hours ) But then, i feel like i have nothing more to do. The only thing we are fighting for in the game right know is the victory. But i don't think its enough ( and many of my friends thinks like me ). The score in the scoreboard seems pretty useless since you do not unlock anything. You can not tell the difference in the scoreboard between a veteran who spend 700h in the game, and a player who came because of the free week end. Thats why i think a ( of course very basic and already very used ) experience system that is based on the score displayed on the scoreboard could be a very cool feature. What ever it allows you to unlock, it would give you an other objective in your game than just winning and having a high score on the scoreboard, that is by the way going to be reset at the begining of the next game.. I' m thinking of this because the game on his current state does not give players something worth spending hours on trying to achieve, like unlocking a rank or something. Finaly, just in case a developer is reading this, i' ld like to thank you for the insane work you' ve made on this game and for not giving up on such a great project and keep releasing great update weeks after weeks unlike other games ( I' ve played dayz i know what i' m talking about :))