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  1. Default.input.ini Gone?

    It was there before the update and everything was working just fine.. Now I cant play because it told me to clear the app data and after I did that I have had this problem...
  2. Default.input.ini Gone?

    My %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Input.ini only has the action mappings and is missing the axis mappings.. And when I try to add the axis mappings on my own it doesn't register in game that's why I was hoping to edit from default.input.ini in case I am typing something wrong.. Thanks though
  3. Default.input.ini Gone?

    I can no longer play squad after the v.9 update because I cannot locate default.input.ini and my windows.noeditor.ini is empty. Anyone know how to fix this so I can configure my controls back to the way I had them so I can play again?