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  1. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    I have more than 500hrs in Squad. I've been playing since the first days of Steam release (when creators played sometimes among us :). And i have to say that i just had the worst experience in a server in Squad in your server. After doing something just in good faith, to help the team. Get call some bad stuff in the chat. Then i tried to explain myself and calm down that SL. That SL then threatens me on chat to get banned, because that action. And because he has many clan members in his SQ, so its easy for him to do that. After doing that no warning to that guy, who made the threat. So i leave it there. Later on, i joined a Strike to support the front. He come across me, and then said that im mark now. Like proud of himself. Again harassing me. And none of admins there, did nothing. I have to say that i always try to work for the team, be friendly with newcomers, and try to explain people stuff. And if i make a mistake, its not hard for me to apologize. But in this server thats what you got. Threats and harassment. Without repercussions if you are a friend of some admins, it seems. But me, i got "marked". As you see in my profile, i do not write much. But that feeled so bad that i had to write it here
  2. Resolution problem

  3. Resolution is screwed

    For me its screwed too when going futher 1920x1080p. And i noticed that at 2560x1440p the gamma is different to a 1920x1080p res And i had the game for a year now and this only happened with the v9