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  1. I also played PR before Squad, but that doesn´t have anything to do with this topic. Even if you, Rudd_Nurseman, have played PR for 5000 years doesn´t mean your shitpost get´s any better. I really don´t know why people here are so reluctant in terms of a tutorial everyone have to go trough before going on the battlefield? Like PR, Squad is a very team-oriented game and it is hell playing with people that don´t even know the basics. Everytime i open this topic I read stupid nonsense posts like "Why don´t you teach them yourself?", "Go to a sever with more admins" or retarded RL references like the one from LaughingJack "The RL example i gave to back my argument up is: A driver can be awarded their licence to drive after completing training and testing, but this does nothing to stop that person from being a complete <insert expletive> on the road." Seriously if you guys don´t have on-topic arguments that speak against the idea of a tutorial then just shut the **** up. Before I joined any servers I watched tutorial videos on Youtube and I don´t think I or anyone else should play the babysitter and pay the price on the battlefield because new players are to lazy to inform themselves. Come up with good arguments and stop the retard suggestions.... thanks
  2. Avoidance isn´t a proper solution. The game is still in Alpha Stage and has enough room for development.
  3. So because a small percentage of all drivers that have obtained their licence drive like maniacs on the road means that there shouldn´t be a obligatory driving licence test for everyone? I acknowledge that there might be some players that will play bad and noobish no matter if they pass a potential mandatory tutorial or not, but I think the majority will have at least the basic knowledge to compete on the battlefield after it.
  4. Mandatory tutorial on the shooting range

    Well if the tutorial forces them to do specific tasks, which they have to do properly, then they do not have the ability to sneak around it.
  5. Mandatory tutorial on the shooting range

    I created a topic like yours couple of hours ago. I´m totally supporting your idea of a mandatory tutorial for new players.
  6. So where is your argument against an obligatory training like that one I have proposed? If new players have to attend a tutorial before going on the battlefield they wouldn´t have to rely on the help of experienced players and would be far more effective from the beginning.
  7. Hey everyone, I just want to say that I like the idea of getting new people to buy the game, but everytime there is a free weekend out there I already know that playing the game at these times will be a pain in the ass. The servers are getting filled with new players and many of them are very toxic (teamkilling, using loggy truck for transport, digging up friendly bases) which destroys the gaming experience for everyone, because of the chaos. It´s a very annoying issue for experienced players, who just want to enjoy the game like the way they do when theres no free weekend, but it also gives a very bad insight into the game for new players, which maybe even stops them from buying the game. At least there should be some kind of obligatory ingame training course for new players, which they must go through, before they are able to join every server or only allow them to join temporary test-servers. Something has to be done! Cheers
  8. Baumi´s Squad Montage

    After a long history of harsh battles and firefights I´m proud to release my new vehiclophobic Squad Montage. Hope you guys will enjoy it!