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  1. Screen Weird

    BUMP... this is still an issue
  2. Screen Weird

    I've been doing this before I open the game because if I don't it's all out of whack. I'll change the modes to 1 instead of zero, which is by default. I'll open the game and it's functional, but looks funny. Reason it looks funny is because it's set to "Borderless" rather than Fullscreen, even though it looks Fullscreen. So I change it back to Fullscreen to give the graphics more depth and make it less blocky and it works fine. However, I'm finding myself do this EVERY SINGLE TIME before I open the game. I've done everything, even reinstalled Squad. Same stuff happens This is frustrating... so BUMP.
  3. Screen Weird

    I actually use a Radeon RX 480. Do you know how to go about the settings with this card?
  4. Screen Weird

    I'm using Windows 10, have a Vizio 39" 1080P HDTV. Nothing is working.
  5. Screen Weird

    Yeah... I've tried all this and nothing is working. It even changes the settings on my desktop. I had it organized, then it just scrambled everything around. This is frustrating.
  6. Screen Weird

    What exactly would I change? There's no where in the notepad file that will let me change specifically from fullscreen to borderless etc. I see: FullscreenMode=0 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=0 PreferredFullscreenMode=0 Thanks.
  7. Screen Weird

    Before update 9, Squad ran smoothly. Now, when I join a game and press ENTER, this happens. And I cannot move the map/screen around at all. I've tried everything; changing the resolution, changing from borderless to window, verify integrity of game files etc. I can zoom in on the map and spawn somewhere, but the moment I die, I cannot GIVE UP. My screen won't move over, so I cannot click GIVE UP. I either have to wait for a medic, or I have to wait until my guy dies. Either way, it's frustrating. Can someone help please? Thanks.