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  1. I actually use a Radeon RX 480. Do you know how to go about the settings with this card?
  2. I'm using Windows 10, have a Vizio 39" 1080P HDTV. Nothing is working.
  3. Yeah... I've tried all this and nothing is working. It even changes the settings on my desktop. I had it organized, then it just scrambled everything around. This is frustrating.
  4. What exactly would I change? There's no where in the notepad file that will let me change specifically from fullscreen to borderless etc. I see: FullscreenMode=0 LastConfirmedFullscreenMode=0 PreferredFullscreenMode=0 Thanks.
  5. Before update 9, Squad ran smoothly. Now, when I join a game and press ENTER, this happens. And I cannot move the map/screen around at all. I've tried everything; changing the resolution, changing from borderless to window, verify integrity of game files etc. I can zoom in on the map and spawn somewhere, but the moment I die, I cannot GIVE UP. My screen won't move over, so I cannot click GIVE UP. I either have to wait for a medic, or I have to wait until my guy dies. Either way, it's frustrating. Can someone help please? Thanks.