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  1. Balance is a meme
  2. TLDR. SuicidalChair is the only person who actually helps with tech support from what I've seen. Also shove that smug "we're smarter because we're on a forum xD" thing right back where it came from
  3. Yeah, I don't know what it is, people with weaker builds are getting higher FPS.
  4. Well I wish you luck on fixing the issue, I've given up on playing since I can't get more that 50fps with my build. i5-6600 16GB of RAM at 2133hz GTX 1070 8GB Win 10 Home Edition
  5. I noticed you did lol. All I can suggest is update all your drivers and clear your ingame cache
  6. All you'll get here is "Overclock your CPU" "Overclock your RAM" "Upgrade parts!" Go to the discord and ask in the support channel, it's the best bet to get an answer from someone who actually knows what they're talking about
  7. In all honesty your build should not be having issues with this game, it's an optimization issue I guess.
  8. *tips fedora*
  9. Maybe if Islamic terrorism wasn't such a total mockery of rational behavior then people wouldn't yell Allah Ackbar when they play as insurgents
  10. This is exactly what Squad needs :^)
  11. Realism is irrelevant in Squad :^)
  12. What I'm seeing here is "These people are doing something I don't like, I will cry about it instead of using it". Every Squad Server is an "Official" server, to ban SweetFX is to make the game look bland and muddy. SweetFX does nothing except change the way the games shaders are rendered. Drastically increasing colours and vibrance. You're basically saying "Well we don't like this and don't use it. You guys are PUSSIES haha!" and that's incredibly dumb and childish.
  13. "Optics are very expensive and low priority" Tell that to NATO.