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  1. rasism

    You are using the word racist wrong. You are not racist for disliking democrats, you are not racist simply because you're a fascist, you are not racist for holding belief that you want closed borders. You are racist for having discriminatory beliefs against a RACE. Not a religion, belief, political party, idea or anything besides race.
  2. rasism

    This is entirely wrong and I would love to see you try and argue this in any court.
  3. When will body dragging be added is my question
  4. Those aren't bad, the vest could use some work though. If you need any reference photos and whatnot let me know.
  5. Everyone knows that. He's making a joke.
  6. There is not a single modern military that doesn't have optics on all rifles as of 2005, so it would add a degree of authenticity
  7. How could a game feature, not a bug or anything, be an exploit?
  8. 6600 at 3.7ghz 8gb of RAM 1070. My main issue is being unable to join servers.
  9. It'll be okay, the 10 eventual hotfixes might fix the issues
  10. The game is definitely unplayable. I can't join most servers, I am getting random stutters, and what seems like lag even with low ping
  11. rasism

    I am saying Americans making fun of Russians for those stereotypes happens too often.
  12. rasism

    "Сука блать иди нахуй хахахахахахахаха)))))))))))))))))))))) Rash B!!!" Stuff like that is too prevalent, especially on American servers.
  13. I myself am unable to join most servers.