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  1. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    Hey Smee eheh i understand, i myself need a few minutes in the queue to play on the server, but it is still pretty fast enough, and it is because we are a lot knowing that RIP is one of the best server if not the best and we want to play with nice people that are mature and decent eheh. And also, where there is a great gameplay. Here, when you squad lead, even other squad leader that are admins do not yells at you, does not tells you things like "either you obey me or i will kick you from my server" ^^ You just communicate with them, find strategies together and they are nice and professional. I guess that is why it is the best server, mutual respect is present and that make the game even greater. Again i recommand to anyone looking for a long term server to play on, to come on this server and stay here.
  2. Hello there, anyone know how i can communicate with moderators here please? I have been trying and write them messages, but i get no answer at all. Thank you ^^

    I would not recommand that server, i had multiple bad experiences here guys.
  4. Rally Point Discussion

    I was about to speak mutliple reasons about why deleting the RP would be a negative thing, but i am not sure i really have to, that is just common sense to me
  5. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    Rusty In Place is certainly one of the best servers on the game, if not the best. Admins are professional, they don't yell at you racist insults unlike some others. I never had anything to complain about here. This is a mature community with great gameplay. Even if we are in the team who lose the game, they do'nt start crying and blaming you or threaten to kick you from their server ^^ Only good points, just like everyone who plays on RIP, i recommand that server to everyone. Oh and i forgot, a big thank you for providing such a quality server. That is exactly what the game needs eheh
  6. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    Thanks for the server guys, always had great times and fun in there eheh.
  7. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    I love this server, i always have good gameplay experience here. Thanks for this to the server owners and moderators.
  8. Hello there, i just come to say that i have a very bad experience with this server. I played it yesterday and it was just fine, today, there were some admins, so i was thinking it would be even better, but no. I got banned, my cousin who was playing with me said i got banned for team kill, accordin what was writed when i got banned. The thing is i didn't tk anyone, logs can talk. I saw a guy named the same as me connect, and 30 sec later, i was banned. So there is a simpel thing to do, check the logs. But no, my cousin asked them on the server, they didn't care, i asked [YA] Rain as steam friend and i was able to write him messages, what i did. I explained him i didn't tk anyone, and asked him to check the logs so he can see, if steam id is attached, that it wasn't me, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't answer. So yea, this is a bad experience on the yellow ants server.