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  1. Yellow Ants server Bad Experience

    Ok so Rain answered me in pm that he won't investigate the logs. He will just leave this like that, one innocent banned for a team killer, who, him, will be able to play on the server anytime. That is messed up. I won't talk about it anymore, since it would be useless. This said, Plissken is right about the decent behavior that licensed servers admins should have. So the point is, to try to be constructive, and not just to do some negative feedback: Please i'm taking to admins and moderators in general, you can check the logs and it does not take much time. For you, loosing one guy on the server is not important, but for the people who get banned by mistake, it's unfair. I'm sure any of you would not like to be banned when you didn't do anything wrong, and always played in video games in general, and on Squad, in a legit and fair way. Now, like i said, i won't talk about it anymore since i have been said that we can't make negative feedback. I really enjoy Squad, and don't want to inject some negative stuff in there, i do'nt want soil the game, i just want justice, but i won't have it this time. So if this topic can help some people, i think this is constructive. Maybe, with this topic, and i don't point out anyone, admins, moderators, will be a bit more carefull when they do ban, and maybe it will save some people who maybe could have met the same problem as me. Thanks everyone for reading, and sorry for my bad english.
  2. [RIP] RustyInPlaces UK/EU & #2

    Thanks for the server guys, always had great times and fun in there eheh.
  3. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    I love this server, i always have good gameplay experience here. Thanks for this to the server owners and moderators.
  4. Yellow Ants server Bad Experience

    Well to be honest, i'm not kind of people who rage, i love Karma and peace, so i try to be always in a positive atitude. Therefore, i hope that i can come back on this post, and change the title, and say that finally, the admin did good work checking the logs, apologized for this mistake (i'm not asking him to be on his kneel, a "sorry man" will do the trick) and saw that it really wasn't me. Also, i hope it will teach them to be carefull when they ban, to be sure they ban the right people. I only want good things, even for them even if they banned me, mistake happens. Anyway, i just should stop talking right now cause or i won't stop at all So, i wait his answer and come back here to tell what happened after i contacted him in a way he can't miss, here on this forum.
  5. Hello there, i just come to say that i have a very bad experience with this server. I played it yesterday and it was just fine, today, there were some admins, so i was thinking it would be even better, but no. I got banned, my cousin who was playing with me said i got banned for team kill, accordin what was writed when i got banned. The thing is i didn't tk anyone, logs can talk. I saw a guy named the same as me connect, and 30 sec later, i was banned. So there is a simpel thing to do, check the logs. But no, my cousin asked them on the server, they didn't care, i asked [YA] Rain as steam friend and i was able to write him messages, what i did. I explained him i didn't tk anyone, and asked him to check the logs so he can see, if steam id is attached, that it wasn't me, but he didn't seem to care, he didn't answer. So yea, this is a bad experience on the yellow ants server.