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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    We were up for some banter but the second time we joined we were there for some actual playing, plus we didnt instigate in any kind of trolling or receive any warning. I was happy to leave it where it was but apparently you guys have to have the final word
  2. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU

    Hello, I would like to file a complaint about an admin that I encounter on your server today. The admin gave a very unwelcoming attitude towards me and my friend by singling us out on global chat, checking our profiles and quite evidently talking about things he had seen there. He also started generating sass and I wasnt going to let me and my friend get bullied but when I stood up to him he kicked me! This was very disrespectful and gave me a toxic first impression of the community. After proceeding to their discord server I encountered some nice mods, very serious and willing to handle the issue as well as possible, main shoutout to WINGNUT and JONATHAN - very good moderators. The main issue comes with the founders. Mad Ani was dead on, mature and willing to handle the issue from a middle ground without bias. Very well done, however the other founder was not welcoming at all and started getting very worked up even shouting at me and my friend for presenting a valid issue. So, overall I rate the server 8.2/10 deal with the founders and not the mods!! Many Thanks, Pretzel