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    So to put it out there I love this game. Yet one thing I have noticed is there is no way to see yours or anothers progression throughout the game. Alot of top sellers like Battlefield, Call of Duty, ect. games have a default ranking system. Which is cool. But why not make it even better. With squad, it feels so close to actual combat. The problem with old default ranking sytem is that you just earn rank through hours of playing instead of actual skill. It would be awsome for once to have a sytem where it ranks you on your actual skill level. Kill ratio, death ratio, SL ratio, winning ratio, losing ratio, and class ratio. If this was the case. We could actually find out who is the best fit for a squad leader, sniper, gunner, and so on. To add, maby a sytem where if you lose to often your rank is effected negatively. Add a sytem like this and I believe this game would be set for success.