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  1. As we all know there's a queue bug. This basically means that we can't join (we can but it requires, ehm luck?) a server if that server has more than 8 people in queue. I joined a server with a queue of 14. While waiting I decided to visit the nearby store to pick up some goodies, I was out for about 10 minutes. Came back to the computer and find myself in 6th place (6/14), cool almost there. Browsing the internet for a while then I remember I'm in queue, open the game client to realize I'm now stuck in queue. I refresh the server list to confirm my suspicions and what do you know.. The server now has a queue of 3 and here I am stuck at 6th place. Wasted approx 20-30 minutes for nothing. This happens too often. So much that it's hard to get into a server that has a big queue, which most of them have at prime time. You really need to address this. After writing this post the queue grew to 10+, I'm now stuck at 11. Will I be able to join this time or do I have to try a 3rd..
  2. It's too easy to shut down the supply chain for the Russian forces on Belaya. We have to choose from 1 out of 4 bridges to cross if we want out of the base. Too many times have these roads been shut down effectively with IEDs and a small base is built in the surrounding buildings to take more logistics out. While the insurgents/militia have no bridges to cross and makes it easier for them to go supply their fighting forces. It's an issue that needs rework. https://imgur.com/a/IzHrmY8 Map provided with said fire bases that effectively shut down the Russian supply chain. Usually there's only one or two fireteams here, but that's enough to wreak havoc on the Russian forces.
  3. The KEY to every argument in SQUAD

    I stabbed my heart with a knife, now I'm sleepy. Welcome to the Squad forums
  4. Welcome aboard! Don't mind the few toxic players that lurk in-game, they have got a monkey up their ass or something. I'm sure you're gonna have a great time. The Firing Range is great when you wanna learn how to use Rocket Launchers, Mortars, Armored vechicles etc. Steam also offers user created guides for further learning.
  5. Alpha 9.1 Released

    The game ran smoother than ever, for 40 minutes. I could change my graphics settings so that it had an effect on the game, which I couldn't do in patch 8.9. So I tuned my settings until my FPS was steady at 80-85, on a 80 slot server! Amazing. When the server changed map my FPS went down to 45-50.. I tried to change my settings again but this time it had no effect on the performance at all. What happened?
  6. Alpha 9.1 Released

    This patch improved my FPS significantly.
  7. No servers ingame

    Here's how I fixed this error and helped another person on Reddit to fix it as well. Open Run (Win+R) paste %localappdata% > Delete Squad folder Open Steam > Steam > Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache Not sure if this step is necessary but go to Steam > Settings > In-game server browser Max-pings / minute and set it to 500. Nobody has mentioned my step 2 so give it a try and let us know how it worked out for you.