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  1. Announcement: Alpha 9 Features & Changelog

    Yeah RO2 was pretty much a whack a mole game, you'd run around the map always tense waiting for an enemy pixel to pop anywhere on your screen, so you could whack him before he whacked you. I was pretty damn good at it but damn it was exhausting and not as interesting and complex as CS, PR, etc.
  2. Lack of diversity

    About the second part of your post, I bet people would LOVE to play as somali militia or another african faction, but the game has only 4 factions at the moment so I doubt something like this is high on the priority lists, specially considering they would need to create whole new assets, models, maps, etc, etc, for something like this.
  3. Mordhau - multiplayer medieval melee game

    Ehh fights don't seem very believable with the super upright and squared stances, all those baseball bat swings, cutting through armor, spears being used like some short staff, etc. But it will probably be a fun game like Chivalry, I'll probably buy it at some point.