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  1. This Project has been put on hold for a couple of months, due to real life stuff.
  2. Ive been working on some vehicles. Pictures has been added to the top still WIP.
  3. dude that awesome. cant wait to see more
  4. right on. cant wait to see more
  5. jesus, this looks amazing. good job bud
  6. Looks amazing man.
  7. Hey new content C9A2 added with WIP texture C9A2 reworked With WIP texture more to come hope you guys like it
  8. the wrench

    That is some awesome stuff.
  9. great stuff cant wait to see more
  10. Thanks man great info. I will definitely pm you about references for sure. Thank you.
  11. Something Ive been working on for the past weeks, hope you guys like it. Textures are WIP Models WIP Character Models: Here's the new Canadian soldier model Weapons: C7A2 C9A2 Vehicules: Gwagon Lav old stuff