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  1. Canadians ?

    This Project has been put on hold for a couple of months, due to real life stuff.
  2. Canadians ?

    Ive been working on some vehicles. Pictures has been added to the top still WIP.
  3. Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

    dude that awesome. cant wait to see more
  4. Dolina

    right on. cant wait to see more
  5. Model : T-90A MBT

    jesus, this looks amazing. good job bud

    Looks amazing man.
  7. Canadians ?

    Hey new content C9A2 added with WIP texture C9A2 reworked With WIP texture more to come hope you guys like it
  8. The Wrench - February 2017 Edition

    That is some awesome stuff.
  9. Bundeswehr Mod

    great stuff cant wait to see more
  10. Canadians ?

    Thanks man great info. I will definitely pm you about references for sure. Thank you.
  11. Canadians ?

    Something Ive been working on for the past weeks, hope you guys like it. Textures are WIP Models WIP Character Models: Here's the new Canadian soldier model Weapons: C7A2 C9A2 Vehicules: Gwagon Lav old stuff