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  1. Realism can only go so far, but it would be a great aesthetic
  2. A dedicated sniper team of 2 players per team with a bolt action sniper and a spotter would be pretty cool in my opinion, especially on those larger maps. But maybe when servers can hold more players that would fit in better.
  3. I enjoy both the old smaller versions and the new 4k map versions, but i do think these new large maps need 100 player servers to add a bit more to it, but that will take time i'm sure.
  4. Its all about patience, there are good games and bad games, I've seen people with 100s of hours squad lead poorly and people with under a 100 do an amazing job. Unfortunately this is what we have to go through to build and expand the community. I just tend to stick to servers that have Good active admin, multiple clans and frequent players, for that good game play. But yeah terrible Squad leads is a hard subject of wanting good game play but also wanting to expand the community.
  5. I would be happy to see Grenade launchers on humvies, as long as the ammo is limited a fair bit but also the range. I can imagine the spam of it already lol
  6. An Assist score for drivers would be good, but i personally believe score is irrelevant. As long as your team won, you did good. And kills are just a bonus lol
  7. "Green zone" is a similar atmostphere to squad i guess
  8. I think what you need is a Milsim community or clan, they have one life events and realistic milsim games. The one that comes to my mind first is "Squad Ops" they normally hang out on their discord here, but there is plenty of other milsim clans, you should have a look under the Teams and Clans area, you might find some like minded Squad players
  9. Still looking for active squad players.
  10. TGF in. Any map
  11. Now at Nearly 30 active members. Tight nit community. now In then process of launching more squad servers.
  12. We remain invite only but are still looking to recruit. (We remain invite only so we can see if you fit with in our community personality wise. So we do not divide or fracture our strong community) But saying that come hang out and play with us
  13. If your still looking for a clan or just someone to play with check out our discord and come play with us [TGF]
  14. Completely revamped our squad forum recruitment page.
  15. Just increased our server from 72 to 80 slots