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  1. tgf

    Still recruiting
  2. tgf

    Thanks man. Good luck to your clan too.
  3. Name: The Green FellasTag: TGFLink: EnglishDescription: A semi serious semi relaxed clan with servers, playing a wide range of games. Members: ~20We also play: Arma GTA Rust and just about everything else you could name.
  4. tgf

    The Green Fellas! We officially formed as a online gaming clan in 2017 but have been around since 2012, some of us have also been playing together since 2007. Amongst our ranks we have Competitive and casual players, Youtubers, Streamers and everything in between. We have players and members from every race religion and corner of the earth. We have different sections to the clan, Members who play competitively and seriously. Members who play for fun and a humorous relaxed experience and Members who create content for Youtube and Twitch which is a variety of tutorials and comedy. We play a wide range of games from Squad and Arma to Rust and Csgo and much more. Use our Discord to meet other players and build better gaming groups. We are currently looking to expand our invite only clan for the squad community and for our up and coming Squad server. We wish to grow the clan so we can participate in more clan events and run better administration on our servers but also to build the squad community. We are a semi serious clan aka sometimes we will take the game at hand seriously trying to achieve victory, other times we will be playing casually shooting up enemies whilst having a laugh and talking away. (but we do NOT encourage immaturity such as trolling, team killing, griefing,etc) Most our clans Squad players have hundreds of hours in game time but we are open to newbies and seasoned players alike, we are willing to teach you how to play the game properly if you are willing to learn. We are here to grow the community. We have a few requirements - Must speak English. - Must be over 18 ( we make certain exceptions depending on maturity but no younger than 16) - Must be active in the community,on games and our servers/Discord. - Must be friendly and have respect for fellow players and members Join our Discord below, hang out with our clan, play with us and stay active in our community and if we get along well you maybe invited to the clan. When you join say Hi and let us know how you found us and we will go from there When playing on our servers you agree to abide by our rules wether you have read them or not. People caught breaking the rules will be banned or kicked by Admin. Admin are here to enforce rules to keep gameplay smooth and enjoyable. If you wish to appeal a ban or file a complaint please use the #admin_support text channel on our discord. Too many kicks will result in a ban. SQUAD RULES- (Squad rules are as stated below but not limited too) - NO teamkilling or REVENGE teamkilling. - ENGLISH must be used when communicating in game. - You may not play the game unassigned you MUST join or create a squad. - You may not advertise on our server in any shape or form. - You must play the objective and play as a team . - You must not give intel to enemy team (FOB locations, tickets left etc ) - Cheating in any form or way is not tolerated. - Harrassment of any form is not tolerated. - Spamming chat and voice comms is considered griefing and will result in a kick. - Do not attack main bases - Do not destroy friendly vehicles When squad leading- - You MUST speak english. - You MUST have a mic. - You may kick people from your squad as you wish. - Do not create offensive squad names - You must have the squad lead kit. When server has low pop (under 36 players in game) - Only fight over central flag - Do not attack FOBs