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  1. +++Germany1+++

    Server Name: +++Germany1+++ Server Location: Germany hosted by Gamerzhost in Germany /// (FLV Clan) Slots: 77 + 3 reserved slots Rules: Our full rules are: 1. Every Squadleader must have a mic 2. The main language is english or german 3. No Rushing the first and second Flag 4. No Trolling and Teamkilling 5. Follow the chain of command: Do what your squad leader says. If you are a squad leader, do what your CO says. 6. Keep the fight away from the mains. 7. Use the Discord or the Teamspeak to contact us Contact: Teamspeak: ts3-009.lan4play.de:11015 Discord: https://discord.gg/fZs5KDd Edited August 5 by disposableHero
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    FLV in Flashlight
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    FLV In Al Basrah AAS V1
  4. in my opinion the gamplay must be at every server the same.
  5. I ask that Question because at some Server you will be kick than you Rush at the Beginning of the Round
  6. Why did the devs dont forbidden to rush? it means the enemy first flag sorry
  7. Okay that means admin can change The Gamplay?
  8. Hello All, Can Server Admins forbidden SL to Rush the enemy first Flag at the beginning of new Round?