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  1. [EU-NA] The Art Of Warfare - TAW.net - Recruiting

    been with for almost 6 years. great people, plenty of games, and always fun.
  2. Heya!

    welcome! if you ever want a group to join feel free to check out TAW.net.
  3. i think it should just be 1 reserve. and reserved for the admin.
  4. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!! everything you guys are say can be done right this moment. SERVER ADMINS! start telling every one that you can not use a BTR unless you are in a squad with the squad named BTR or LArmor or something. other wise they will get kicked. this is something my clan is considering and may start doing as soon as next week. now you have asset squads and its run just like PR. the only problem with this is that its gonna take ALL of the server admins to say and enforce this.
  5. Hat per side

    i agree. maybe have it set to 1 per 15
  6. LAW is underpowered

    YES! THIS GUY! RIGHT HERE! that my friend is a great idea. the law and rpg should be about the same. (LAT Light Anti-Tank) then you have the AT4 and the RPG7-Heat and now you have a (HAT Heavy Anti-Tank) then later they can see about maybe you get 2 rounds for each or 1 round of like laser guided (AT-GM Anti-Tank Guided Missile) and you can pick which one you want to use. but make it so the AT-GM does not have a laser so he has to work with SL or Sniper/Spotter.
  7. Helicopters.

    if they leave it open then server admins would restrict it. if you look at PR, squads are made and locked according to the role. ont he tank squad can get tanks, only the helo squad can get choppers. yeah any one can still get in them but if you do and your not part of the correct squad then server admins will temp ban you. i saw one guy who only got kicked, got back on the same server and jumped into a chopper a 2nd time and got perma banned. if you do it that way i see no problem. some will say "but what about when a admins are not on? or what if they are never there?" well simple the players will start to remember the good servers that always have active admins. yes it would be nice to have a built in option but even then poor pilots and tankers are gonna happen. ultimately its gonna be up to the admin to say "hey, you need to go to the range a practice some more" i for one cant wait for the choppers as i hope that gets to be my dedicated job in my clan. in which i would use the range to try and log at least 60 hours on just flying.
  8. APC Fire Support Tactics?

    using hull down methods on over watch points work great for me. hull down means hiding the body of a tank or apc while letting the turret or gun stay exposed. this allows the gun to fire but minimizes the area a enemy may hit. so if you have a APC squad then as SL your number one function is comms. talk to your squad and other SLs. your your map and ask for grid cord from other SLs. once you have a target you can look at the map and tell your apcs where to go to fire. if you in a apc then your number one goal is to not blow up. that costs a large amount of tickets if you are using any of the new heavy IFVs. use road in friendly territory, use hills for cover and to get a fire angle. as rybec said dont go in dense building areas. if you must then use speed and dont stop till your out. the transportation of troops is one of the most helpful things you can do. when driving a squad just remember, you DO NOT have to stop to let them out. then can deploy at full speed and not take damage. they will be stuck for a moment as they act like you just ran them over but if you just slow down and have them jump then your good. i hope my experience helps.
  9. When they putting in aircraft

    what made or brake a server was active admins. this is starting to be true for squad servers. depending on admins is ok. im a dedicated transport pilot in PR. the main reason why i like PR is the people respect each other. i think they respect each other because of the admins. you asset steal then you getting kicked. you do it a few times and your done. that respect will carry over to squad as PR player come over which sets the tone. then its the admins that reinforce. "but they will just go to another server" yes they will. and if they mess up there also then you are now banned from multiple servers. for TAW we are already talking about the possible implementation of asset squads. if we add that to our rules then the admins will enforce.
  10. FOB Wars , Experiment

    the only bad thing i see about this is that on the range you have instant respawn
  11. [TAW] The Art of Warfare

    Hi! sorry to interrupt you but i just wanted to ask, are you looking for a clan? well thats too bad as we are not really a clan but a GIANT group of friends. if your looking to make some friends and play some game then your in luck! TAW is wonderful in that we have almost 3,000 members across many games. but thats not all, no no no, with us you gain so much more then just some people to play games with. you get friends, massive amount of support for learning the games, you get to see passion both on and off the field for gaming, and best of all you get some of the most skilled players on your side. are you even still reading this? i guessed by now you would have already gone to TAW.net to join. you must still have reservations. thats ok too! we almost always have a bunch of us playing so when you out and about just look for the [TAW] tag! feel free to jump into the squad and see just how much fun it is. good luck and remember! "watch for the bullet drop" -Deathvondoom
  12. Death Cam

    i would say leave it as it is.
  13. SquadLeader system test or something

    the game is not the problem but the people. the best thing to do if your a SL is before each match check if the other SLs have a mic, if not ask a server admin to remove that person from SL. the TAW servers have that rule. SL MUST have a mic. this ensures that comms are actually available but the use of them is up to you (the players)
  14. Medical/Health System Idea

    its a good idea but i think thats too much. if they left it and just made it so you can drag and have non medic apply the bandage that would be good enough.