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  1. cant open c++ files

    Thanks LaughingJack... that clears things up quite abit! B.Rgds, Tim
  2. cant open c++ files

    Hi folks, After trying for the longest time, I've concluded the following: 1) The stock Squad SDK is unable to compile into a working game (missing lotsa files, and topping up from the 4.14.3 source wont help either). 2) Unable to add our own C++ code to the SDK (VS always complains, the OWI, RCON server etc plugins do not have source code). Ive tried to add OceanPlugin with no success... Is this correct? While I think highly of Squad and the work that has gone into it, I wonders the point of releasing the SDK in this form (which really, can't do much other than add Blueprints). Any plans to release a "more usable", SDK in the near future? ie: an SDK capable of supporting simple mods Thanks and b.rgds, Tim
  3. Hi, I'm trying to do a clean build of the Squad project (I'm attempting to do a mod), but no matter which permutations of options I use in the "Project Launcher", I keep getting this error message: RunUAT.bat ERROR: Visual studio and/or AutomationTool.csproj was not found, nor was Engine\Binaries\DotNET\AutomationTool.exe. Can't run the automation tool. Any ideas, how to go about creating the executable, for my mod? P.S: I have VS community installed. AutomationTool.exe is not present in the supplied source engine Thanks and best regards, Tim
  4. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    Lol... Thanks guys =) I think i might have found a workaround... it involves compiling /installing the plugin to the UE4.14.3 Engine filespace, rather compiling/integrating to the Squad SDK filespace. Hope it works, will keep u guys updated... Meantime, lets hope OWI can demonstrate more graciousness on the SDK! B.Rgds, Tim
  5. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    Yup... I'm beginning to see that.... The attached UE4.14 Engine codes (in the Squad folder) are incomplete. I understand OWI doesn't want to "open source" the core modules, but inability to put our own plugins (or C++ modules) really isn't helpful at all.. =( Anybody found a workaround?
  6. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    Related to this thread, except the issue is, how to integrate other plugins/modules, outside of blueprint...
  7. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    Hi Legion, Yes I've seen that (great set of video tutorials by the way!) That Squad water tutorial only manages to use the ocean shader (for visualization only); what I'm trying to do, is to integrate the OceanPlugin, so that I can use the buoyancy properties, to put boats into the game... The heart of the issue is, how does one make use of the existing Squad SDK, to integrate plugins? Its currently not possible, cos every time I try to "Generate Visual Studio Project Files", the SDK is not complete... Alternatively, I've tried to export the Squad *.dll, *.pdb, plugins (EasyAntiCheat, LogitechG, OWICore, RCONServer) to the stock UE4.14.3 source code (from Github), but that didnt work either.. B.Rgds, Tim
  8. How to integrate new Plugins to Squad

    Hi, I'm trying to integrate OceanProject_4.13 to Squad_4.14... unfortunately, no matter how I've tried, I am unable to compile/integrate OceanPlugin to Squad. Here's what I did: 1) Downloaded a stock copy of the source UnrealEngine 4.14.3 source code from Github 2) Using the plain vanilla UE 4.14 source codes, compiled and integrated OceanPlugin4.13.Works well (side note, OceanPlugin 4.15 does not seem backward compatible to UE4.14) 3) Using the fresh compiled OceanPlugin4.14, copy and pasted to the Squad Plugin folder 4) OceanPlugin is able to load into Squad4.14, but BP_Ocean is unable to load (crashes the UE4 Editor) Any subsequent attempt to use Squad's attached UE4 Editor to start a Visual Studio project results is not successful (Engine source code is not present) I'm aware of previous OceanPlugin efforts for Squad, but those did not involve the re-compilation of plugins. Anyone able to help?! Much appreciated! Thanks and best regards, Tim