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  1. Squad crashes

    So i uninstalled anti-cheat then installed, set it as admin rights. Also put the squad.exe as admin n the other thing as admin. Played for a few minutes then got booted. Something different popped up though like a trouble shooter guide instead of the crash log. It asked if anti cheat and the other 2 things were working properly, i clicked no and it and suggested to run it in win 8 compatibility. It did it on its own. Started another round and got booted again. This time i checked all three to run in win 8 compatability mode, started a round and changed my graphic settings to high and i was able to play for quite a while. Chaos insued during the battle, and i was still playing. Finally turned it off to get the gf something to eat. Will retry again later tonight. It was the map with the 3 huge silos with stairs leading up to the tops and pipes going overhead across the road.
  2. Squad crashes

    for some reason, I was able to play a full round of squad today. got 12k and 5 deaths on kohan*
  3. Squad crashes

    It didnt help. I only get like 1 day to play squad a week, and i get frustrated with the crashes i just set it down. Ive updated everhthing except the motherboard as i have had the latest update to it. Arma 3 works great but theres no game modes and the servers arent as full anymore.
  4. Squad crashes

    I was able to play squad months ago , but not really, sometimes though a full match. Now it just crashes all the time. I've run the new Squad Benchmark and it puts me at High Settings (idk y). Fatal1ty Z97X killer my pc specs Intel i5-4570 @ 3.20 ghz hd-7800 2gb version ram: 12gb win 10 64 bit
  5. Fatal error due to pc specs? nd help

    Thanks. I thought it was the gpu causing the fatal errors and memory issues, cause its only 2gb. I fixed the lag problem by changing my power settings. I can play a full match sometimes, most times no chance. That new 1080ti looks delicious.
  6. 1 FPS in multiplayer...

    Try changing your power settings to high. Worked for me. Now to deal with the fatal error and memory issues i jave been having since day one. I think it has to do with my 2gb video card, but idk. I hope this helped so far down the road.
  7. Fatal error due to pc specs? nd help

    before I updated my video card I was getting bad fps / lag. I thought updating the drivers would do the trick. I haven't gotten an error either, but I'm also not playing more than a minute, can't stand the lag. How many crash logs do you need? I am validating game files right now, if that doesn't work I will clear the game cache. I believe they added an option to do that now. I don't do forums much, so hopefully I did the log right. Thanks for replying
  8. Sometimes I can get a full match or two in, but mostly it is just fatal errors and that memory thing. amd radeon hd 7800 win 10 pro Intel Core i5-4570 cpu @ 3.20 ghz Ram 12gb System time 64 bit,x64 based processor thanks dudes