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    Lier, Norway
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    My interests are mainly
    - Gaming
    - Cars
    - Music!
    - Space
    - Planes / Helicopters
    and tons of other things.

    Looking for some mates to play with too!

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  1. New Player, Need A Friend LOL

    Hey there, LoudScale, welcome! I'm completely new as well. I also want someone to play with and learn the game better, if you want to play and learn together, hit me up! I'm from Europe, but I usually don't have a problem with playing from people in different timezones. I have too much freetime...
  2. Orpheus, checking in!

    Thanks for the welcome, smokyhook!
  3. Hello everybody! My username is Orpheus. I am an eighteen year old male and I live in Norway. I have been playing Squad for about 7 hours, that was a while ago because I got busy with some things but I am back to try this game out for real. I have most of the basics down, but still have a lot to learn. Hopefully I can find some people to squad up with and get to know them and you guys here on the forums. See you guys in Squad! (or this thread if you reply)