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  1. I agree with you that the Canadan primary is very strong, and had less muzzle rise than similar rifles. Canada is a newer faction, so they haven't had as much time to fine tune and balance like the other factions. I love the current models, but the holosight for example is of a slightly lower quality than the other faction sights. (I still really like it, it looks realistic) I disagree with you regarding the Devs not wanting to be realistic. I think they care very much about it. They sometimes have their own reasons internally for certain decisions, but I think they are very open about these. Especially when comparing OWI to other game developers. I think it is an interesting and important point made above, The m16 rifles have a longer gas system and a longer barrel. These make for a 'softer' shooting gun. Its smoother and shoots better with a longer gas system. The m4 has a short gas system and short barrel. Squad is still a "work in progress", and is always open for balancing. Personally I prefer the OPFOR factions over the Conventional forces. I'd like to see more "buffs" for OPFOR rather than nerfing CONV forces.
  2. canadian primaries recoil is UNFAIR

    I agree, They get good camo, and the base rifleman/scopes are great. Canadian infantry are very strong. plus mobility with the golfcarts.
  3. Using enemy logi trucks

    Most armies cant use each other's ammunition. I would like to see that as an option for the MIL/INS. That would make sense and be cool. I also think it would be nice to use emplacements and machine-gun techies as US etc.
  4. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    All of your maps are art! Thank you for all you continued work! Everytime I think of something Id like to see, I see you've already done it! There are so many cool details all over every map! Thank you OWI!
  5. A lot of good advice above, I wanted to chime in and agree. Age doesnt matter. Most of the younger crowd Ive played with on Squad have been very professional. Kudos for playing games like squad! There is a lot to learn, this game is hard. Some people are mean no matter what you do, they are insecure people. They have to lash out to make themselves feel better. Dont worry about people like that. There is a mute button if they are annoying you, or you can find a new squad. Like others have said, the real squad players dont care how old you are. They care if you are properly covering your sector; and calling out enemy contacts.
  6. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    I personally dont like the tracers. Some people have mentioned some real world tracers arent visible from the front., which would be nice. Currently I shoot around what I want to get attention. I get better participation when I shoot right under the window sill/or at at wall; it kicks up a dust cloud that is much easier to see than a red 'laser' blipping past. Currently the tracers don't do much for me except make me "shoot and move" as an SL; I never stay still unless I have a scope and others supporting me.
  7. car bomb question

    I know this is a 'sensitive' subject for some people. I wanted to "weigh in" I understand that OWI doesnt want the negative press; and the last thing I want is wasted time/money from OWI. But, this is a "war simulator game" people and parents have to know these games exist. We are shooting each other in a video game, and throwing explosives, and launching explosives. I find it very silly that when a virtual solider is close to his own explosive and kills himself, its now a "big deal". Its a real tactic used by many groups all over the world. It was used in WWII. If people and the public dont like war; they shouldnt consume war-media. Dont let little jimmy play with plastic army men. I can understand not wanting a "belt kit"; but not allowing ieds to be placed on vics is a poor 'compromise' imo I think the ticket cost should still be there. The bike is the vic tailor made for that task. Otherwise a low ammo techi, or transport can do in a pinch. I havent tested to see if the the indoor "try this new hat"-trick is still working, but I felt it was tasteful and fun/funny to use. It was hard to "abuse" when your head is now a bigger target for everyone. A few months back I was playing AAS on Kokan. We were taking a walled flag point; when an armored techie drove right into the flag. We smoked the driver, felt pretty bad ass. We all got in defense positions....then that damned nokia went off. "RUNNNN GET OUTTT!!!!" it was too late... That was an awesome night, and it was a very good tactic for opfor. they took out atleast 10-15 of us, and cleared the flag. I hope we can continue to see that in some form. Thank you for listening to the community! Thank you for this awesome game!
  8. Not sure if you saw, but normal rifleman class has an un-magnified version (iron sights/red dot) "customization" is done on the "role" level. Each role has a specific load out. Within that load out, some have "secondary options". If your squad meets the requirements, you can choose to switch out the primary. For INS light anti tank, they can swap out a magnified rifle for a smg and and extra rpg rocket for example. There is customization, its just not on each solider to pick each kit piece. Im sure its not easy to code and implement. I hope we get additional "secondary options" on each kit. I'd like to see kits made for specific tasks; "raider" with like 8 nades, "saboteur" suppressed primary w/ ton of smoke etc. Or if we could choose a version of the kit with more of a specific item. Like choosing a kit with no smokes but more frags, or no pistol but add Binoculars, or a "scout" with more BOOMS in exchange for no primary.
  9. Speed leaning spam as a problem

    +1 I like Suds "balance fix" Im going to give away my top (cheese) strat: When I get into a close range firefight and Im losing, I move back and forth and crouch/uncrouch. Your legs flap around, so its hard for the shooter to guess your direction of movement. The crouch/uncrouch changes your head level. You brought up the dolphin dive, I used to do that too(it was too effective not to :/) Now that its been balanced, I dont do it anymore. (except for shot stabilization) Good thing about bending around walls, is that most are not that thick. I put a few rounds into the whole building if I see that. I know my crouch wiggle is "cheap" but its too effective for me not to use I only use it when I've been ambushed, or similarly I am losing for sure. I use it as a desperation move. Im sure IRL we could "juke" but I wanted to "come clean" incase people get pissed. I copied the move from my enemy btw, I only picked up the waggle on the battlefield, I didnt comeup with it lol.
  10. Pat on the back for the Dev team.

    +1 Thank you Devs! Squad is an awesome game! Thank you for all your hard work!! Each major development feels like a new game.
  11. I think its done for balancing, but personally I wish they stuck around. I also wish we could move/rotate the bipod mounted guns. Some of the best (worst) moments are when a ninja sneaks up in an active FOB and mounts a "friendly" Tow/50cal and starts shooting. I'd like some "Laurence of Arabia" style, take over a fob; then rotate the guns to the rear lol.
  12. Boost insurgent fighter classes

    I agree, I think the MIL/INS teams should get a few small buffs that distinguish them from the Conventional forces. I would like to see larger grenade capacity for all "rebel" classes. Maybe 4 default, with Raider getting like 6-8 frags. Maybe in the future we can get throwable improvised bombs/grenades. As Rifleman, with the ammo crate, you can throw down the ammo and resupply. (are you given an ammo bag with those kits?) I love the default rifleman for this reason. I can go in with like 8 nades if I survive. I really like how the "underdogs" LAT kits get extra Frag rockets, but I wish we got more anti-vic rockets too. Personally I'd like a midrange scope on those battle rifles; I'd use them more. For CQB I dislike the muzzle rise, and limited iron sight view. They are beasts when they hit though. And the models are beautiful.
  13. I like this idea a lot, sort of like brigades that tie on headbands/armbands. I think having each team a predictable color scheme, like squad 1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is yellow, 4 is green, etc. is a good idea to limit "colorful" diagrams being drawn. I like your idea of no rainbow armies though. Maybe team one could be: 1=blue 2=purp 3=green etc and Team 2 would be Red scale, 1=red 2=orange etc. That could even do away with "blueberries", instead squad 1 would all be "red-berries", squad 3 are "yellow-berries"etc
  14. Mortars need to be a little scarier

    Since we're all having a go at this ol horse.... I agree mortars need to be more lethal. (and the Techi-rocket artillery) In those older threads they mentioned shrapnel for mortars. That would be deadly. If they can add actual projectiles for each explosive round Id be SO happy. As others have discussed, I think rockets/explosives in general need a buff. I usually go AT and its hard even with fragmentation rockets to get a confirmed kill. I take my time and only launch when I can line it up like a rifle. If I try to "splash" him I can only miss 1-2 meters max. Ive had issues where small wooden walls and concrete blocks are also able to shield completely from blastwave and frag/penetration for RPGs. I think the reason for disliking necroing old threads, is because it makes it harder for the Devs and Community managers to compile player feedback.
  15. Emplacements and Mobility

    +1 to all the ideas listed here. I'd love for persistent emplacements. Also carrying or moving emplacements sounds awesome too, being able to rotate or move emplacements to match the enemy's advance would be immersive and a great mechanic!