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  1. I like this idea a lot, sort of like brigades that tie on headbands/armbands. I think having each team a predictable color scheme, like squad 1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is yellow, 4 is green, etc. is a good idea to limit "colorful" diagrams being drawn. I like your idea of no rainbow armies though. Maybe team one could be: 1=blue 2=purp 3=green etc and Team 2 would be Red scale, 1=red 2=orange etc. That could even do away with "blueberries", instead squad 1 would all be "red-berries", squad 3 are "yellow-berries"etc
  2. Mortars need to be a little scarier

    Since we're all having a go at this ol horse.... I agree mortars need to be more lethal. (and the Techi-rocket artillery) In those older threads they mentioned shrapnel for mortars. That would be deadly. If they can add actual projectiles for each explosive round Id be SO happy. As others have discussed, I think rockets/explosives in general need a buff. I usually go AT and its hard even with fragmentation rockets to get a confirmed kill. I take my time and only launch when I can line it up like a rifle. If I try to "splash" him I can only miss 1-2 meters max. Ive had issues where small wooden walls and concrete blocks are also able to shield completely from blastwave and frag/penetration for RPGs. I think the reason for disliking necroing old threads, is because it makes it harder for the Devs and Community managers to compile player feedback.
  3. Emplacements and Mobility

    +1 to all the ideas listed here. I'd love for persistent emplacements. Also carrying or moving emplacements sounds awesome too, being able to rotate or move emplacements to match the enemy's advance would be immersive and a great mechanic!
  4. Where the HECK am I getting shot from?!

    Its definitely harder to tell incoming fire angles now, But personally I like it. Now I have to think about all possible angles they could be, and act accordingly. I used to be able to pinpoint a direction I was getting shot from. I think that was a little cheesy. Now rifles w/ scopes are much more deadly, and last longer. Maybe some "metal mosquito" sounds could be added for near-misses. My vote was for C. I dont have realworld experience taking incoming rounds, but Ive seen a lot of real world video. From what I've seen you cant always tell where you're getting shot from, and you dont always have the time to look around either. Either you get shot, or you MOVE.
  5. SPG-9

    They've mentioned before adding rotation to emplacements would make them more useful. I Hope all emplacements on tripods will be re-positional in the future. Im sure they CAN, its a matter of priority usually. With the addition of MBTs, if LAT dont get more anti-armor ammo; I hope emplacements get some kind of buff.
  6. Hashashin Undisclosed bunker under mortar fire I agree and disagree on a few points. Firstly on game modes/flag distribution, I agree, some updates would be nice (or more server options). I saw an idea for a game mode with a bunch of little flags all over the map, so you could actually see the enemy advance. Each street/building would be capturable. Or maybe changing up the capture mechanic like you said, or allowing each team to choose a primary defense flag, with secondary flags being worth less tickets. On vehicles, Im usually AT or SL, so I spend a lot of time hunting vics. Personally I think the LAT needs more anti vic rockets. If I had 2 vic rockets (or more if I can dream) vehicles would be a lot less threatening. Currently, LAT is more of a anti-infantry role for the INS/MIL. With the new rpg scopes I feel vics are going to have to be more careful in the future. I agree with others posing, I think all Vehicles should cost more tickets, and take longer to re-spawn. I'd like to see a limited number of each asset per team. (could be listed for all to see, and maybe include how many vics each squad has used). I would like to see the A-symetry pushed further with vehicles as well. Losing a 5+Million dollar MBT should cost a Professional Military team dearly. But for the MIL/INS, losing a stolen toyota, strapped with a dshk shouldnt be too bad. (maybe give them stolen heavier assets from US/RUS to help balance ticket loss? it happens IRL...) On Persistent Ammo, I actually like the idea. As others have said, its a bit cheesy to pop out of a rally, fully refreshed will 2 frags/rockets/etc ready to go. Especially if the enemy has you surrounded with no resupply. That would be catastrophic in a real engagement/siege. With persistence, logi drivers will be a must for all teams, which means vics will hunt/patrol these avenues. I still think this game at current state is better than most AAA titles. If people are taking a break, they are probably waiting for v12, or playing some rpg. For me, there no other FPS games that come close to squad. I cant play other titles; they feel so fake and rubber. (note: the above post is written in compliance with MLA format 8th edition, and is ready to receive a grade)
  7. September 2018 Recap

    Wow! Amazing update Devs!! Thank you for all your hard work! Your break is well deserved!! I love the new map design. Looks like art, or real life pictures. Im really digging the uneven earth on Talil (earth mounds in the streets/munition crater sites) they look "fought in". With the increased implementation of heavy vehicles with good optics (and maybe thermals down the road?) have you thought of adding, or are there many counter measures to long range optics? I saw a video where militants asked the kids in a city to burn piles of tires all over the city. When asked why, they said Idk they told us it blinds the enemy. Makes sense putting rubber particles up in the air. but Im not sure if thats mostly anti drone. Do those "smoke generators" on vehicles have a cool down? or do they just have an on switch? Either way, they sound awesome! Thank you again Devs! I look forward to all the updates!! Reminder to players: We're playing an early access y'all, calm down and enjoy the game. At its current state its way better than most AAA titles. They are still adding to it. (and not some lootcrate dlc BS)
  8. Weapon Variation

    Im still crying about my missing frag as Scout. (not to mention my missing smoke) I love being able to place multiple Booms(2ied vbied are amazing), but maybe spawning with 2 AT mines or ieds would counter my fragless state. As long as y'all dont take my sandals next. (or atleast leave me with 1) I also love the new Mag size for Raider, but I think they should have atleast 4 frags. 6-8 would be ideal to me. IRL they fill every pocket and their check-sacs with frags. I usually go rifleman over raider since I know my primary would be limited in range.
  9. Toggle tracer rounds for squad leader

    +1 to optional tracers It makes the AR feel a little useless to me. If I am using iron sights, that means I have to be close. With my Star wars colors going off, Im lucky If I get 1-2. It makes me move around a lot more as an AR. Or even 50% of our mags being tracer-less would be an improvement. Rarely do I have competent riflemen nearby to follow my tracers. It happens, but its not as likely as when I get killed by enemies following my Christmas setup. Delayed are cool too.
  10. I dont mind the sks, but +1 to moar rockets. I know the current ammo #s are placeholders. But the Rpg gunner bags can hold quite a few rockets. Plus insurgents are good at cramming more in there. Also I really miss my frag as a Scout
  11. 3 Man TOW

    +1 I agree about decoupling Maybe Ammo points could be converted by SLs or FTLs into emplacements. We could start by adding more ammo for each vehicle. Then it would be a choice whether to reload the squad, or use it all for an emplacement. So if there is like 200-300 ammo points available on a mrap, then the squad could take that ammo and turn it into an mg/tow/spg/mortar. Maybe the SL/FTL could "hold" the ammo on his person, then a radial popup to choose the emplacement?
  12. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    Ive seen those videos too, not to mention Ive seen many videos were the Armys in the middle east will abandon posts/bases etc if they are under too much fire. Then you see rebels rolling around town in stolen humvees shooting m16s/m4s.
  13. Technical Suggestions

    Personally I like the plate, but maybe we could add some variations? Ive seen some weird shields where they are obviously large sawblades that were welded together. And some that are more protective, they are a semicircle, I think its half of a pipe. That way the gunner would be more protected. Some have side-plates that extend from the truck bed, on the sides. The armor covers the gunners legs a little. Or maybe a crouch feature so you could duck down and still fire? (I love the uparmored techie btw! Thank you!!)
  14. Separate Tickets Armour

    +1 I like the idea of a set amount for each asset type. It would be similar to your orginal suggestion, but wouldnt promote wasting 200 "free" tickets by vic crews. Maybe adding a "vehicle remaining" counter on the tab score screen like: Transport: inf Apc: 2/4 MG Techie: 4/8 SPG Techie: 1/2 etc for each faction. (only viewable for your own team)
  15. Not necessarily, but thats what most public games are like right now. I like the idea of no engines on. its not like they can go far right now anyway.