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  1. I dont mind the sks, but +1 to moar rockets. I know the current ammo #s are placeholders. But the Rpg gunner bags can hold quite a few rockets. Plus insurgents are good at cramming more in there. Also I really miss my frag as a Scout
  2. 3 Man TOW

    +1 I agree about decoupling Maybe Ammo points could be converted by SLs or FTLs into emplacements. We could start by adding more ammo for each vehicle. Then it would be a choice whether to reload the squad, or use it all for an emplacement. So if there is like 200-300 ammo points available on a mrap, then the squad could take that ammo and turn it into an mg/tow/spg/mortar. Maybe the SL/FTL could "hold" the ammo on his person, then a radial popup to choose the emplacement?
  3. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    Ive seen those videos too, not to mention Ive seen many videos were the Armys in the middle east will abandon posts/bases etc if they are under too much fire. Then you see rebels rolling around town in stolen humvees shooting m16s/m4s.
  4. Technical Suggestions

    Personally I like the plate, but maybe we could add some variations? Ive seen some weird shields where they are obviously large sawblades that were welded together. And some that are more protective, they are a semicircle, I think its half of a pipe. That way the gunner would be more protected. Some have side-plates that extend from the truck bed, on the sides. The armor covers the gunners legs a little. Or maybe a crouch feature so you could duck down and still fire? (I love the uparmored techie btw! Thank you!!)
  5. Separate Tickets Armour

    +1 I like the idea of a set amount for each asset type. It would be similar to your orginal suggestion, but wouldnt promote wasting 200 "free" tickets by vic crews. Maybe adding a "vehicle remaining" counter on the tab score screen like: Transport: inf Apc: 2/4 MG Techie: 4/8 SPG Techie: 1/2 etc for each faction. (only viewable for your own team)
  6. Not necessarily, but thats what most public games are like right now. I like the idea of no engines on. its not like they can go far right now anyway.
  7. Im not sure I agree on the second point. Personally I like the walking speed changes. But I agree, right now the staging period in Public games is full volume: 6 engines and mic spam. Oh and running over people endlessly.
  8. TOW For INS/MIL?

    Are there any plans to extend the TOW to other Teams? like INS/MIL? Im thinking of some Rebel groups in real life that are either gifted or steal advanced weapon platforms. Somewhat related: What if we could "relocate" SPGs and/or TOWS? Maybe if we un-dug those assets we could get those points back? I know most irl irregular troops like to use the 'shoot-n-scoot' method for SPGS too. Ive seen where they will start to disassemble a TOW right after shooting. This would still require a SL to re-place the Blueprints. But would allow for more tactical flexibility. and possibly hide a FOB location. Thank you for your time!!
  9. Regional conflict maps.

    Oh yeah I just saw those in the Wrench update. (here) The camo choices are SO good for Desert maps! I like the tri-color desert use.
  10. Regional conflict maps.

    Agreed! I would love additional reskins for the MIL/INS factions. Or rename the additional ones (OPFOR/REBEL/COUP) +1 on the INS vs INS and MIL vs MIL It could simulate "civil war" conflicts. I love the current Sumari INS vs MIL Version.
  11. Please no shovel melee

    Im joining D!G. Shovels only confirmed. Good Luck killing all 9 of us before we close that 50m gap and "El Kabong" you to death. With the new freelook, we'll be OP; you cant hide from Shovels. Not to mention the penetration on those bad-bois.
  12. Seperate aiming sensitivity

    I use a DPI switch on my mouse, I use the lowest setting for 80% of the time. But the higher DPI is super useful in vehicle turrets or if I need to do #420 no-scopes (sponsored by Mtn Dew™) Im all for more options, but Im sure its not as easy as adding a slider.
  13. As an IED user, I dont think there should be a change. As others have said, its plausible that other ins/Mil members would've known about that brave and fearless martyr that didnt make it back. He probably left behind a picture of his prized goat, and the number to his Nokia. (otherwise if we change it, IEDs will be MUCH less effective) (Even with zombie ieds, I still dont get many kills with it. Its one of the few tools INS/MIL needs; to booby trap flags, objectives, etc)
  14. Technical PaintJobs/Camo

    Those muckups look awesome! yeah something like that, even in hasty stripes/swaths. Or some more flair, like brigade mini-flags would be cool. I love all the stickers on the current Motorbikes.
  15. Hello Squad Devs! Sorry if this has been brought up before, I did my best to find an earlier topic. Could we get some mud for the Insurgent technicals? Most I see in Syria and Iraq are covered in mud. (to cover the paint and give them better camo) I thought maybe "There is not a lot of water, its a desert" would be an argument, but they could use piss too. I know you aren't trying to be a specific theater, but IMO the logis needs a re-spray. I feel like Im driving in a 2 ton wailing banana. Thank you for all that you do Devs!!! I love the game so far!!