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  1. Hello, I don't know how many remember Call of Duty 1 or Call of Duty UO, but it's where I first used toggle crouch in a shooter game. The good thing about SQUAD and COD is that they both have the option to toggle crouch. The bad thing about SQUAD is that you can't have both on separate keys. The thing is that there are certain situations where you don't want to use toggle crouch, and not having this option at those times makes it difficult. Having 2 different keys makes the game settings more flexible in my opinion. Also, it did take me a while to find where the toggle crouch option was because I was looking at Controls, not at Game Settings. Looking forward to your feedback.
  2. Filter by Region

    Hello, Lately, I saw a lot more active servers, which is a good thing, but it makes it very hard to search for the right one/ones. It would be great if there could be a possibility to filter server list by region. Being in Europe, I have no interest in servers that are in America, Asia, or Oceania that will give me over 150 ping. I hope you will consider this. Thank you.
  3. Switching Audio Output when using USB headset

    What we actually need is an in-game option to change sound output device.
  4. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    LOL. I'm actually using both of them (MSI Afterburner and Rivarturner Statistics). I don't remember how I installed them, I made some research back then, but they work together somehow.
  5. Filter by Region

    The only issue is that you also want to sort by the number of players and avoid low populated servers. Sent from my EVA-L19 using Tapatalk
  6. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    This might not be clear enough. It's 1898 MHz at 99% GPU with 37.5 FPS. I am currently using 1.75x super sampling, and with 2.0x it is close to unplayable. Of course, I wanted to max everything. The question is: isn't this hardware enough for this game...? Or am I doing something wrong with my settings somewhere.
  7. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    I just tested this and it seems that all my cores are pretty equal. I made some screenmshots:
  8. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    But my CPU stays at 40%. How can it bottle neck me? Also, my CPU stays at 60 degrees at the moment, I'm not sure if I should overclock.
  9. Squad V9 Performance issues and long loading time!

    I'm also not happy with the game performance, but I don't have the problems you mentioned. I have a way too low FPS if you ask me. Around 30 FPS. GPU stays at 100% when playing Squad, CPU at 40-50% i5 3570, 3.4 GHz 16 GB RAM, 1600 MHz DDR3 GTX 1060 Win 10 I tried almost everything. These are my settings
  10. PlaySquad.online - Real time server list

    Thank you very much for your effort. Much appreciated!
  11. Ever since the last alpha version release, I saw an increase of latency for all players on all servers. I mean, I used to have like 50 ms on UK servers, but now I have 100. And it's not just me. On average, everybody has a higher ping. I doubt I'm the first one who noticed this. Edit: found similar topic, known "issue"
  12. Yellow Ants server Bad Experience

    I also had a bad experience with them, not only once. Admin temper on this server is not ok. They just don't care, and they can kick anyone on the server not just to "protect the integrity of their server and community ", but just to show they can. Once I got kicked for getting killed with a grenade in my hand, which killed a few of my teammates. I didn't get to write any "sorry", I got kicked in like 3 seconds. Joined back the server, asked why they don't pay attention, why they don't even ask what happened (in a polite way), then I get replies like "be happy we didn't ban you" or "you are here now, it doesn't matter anymore". Another time I was in a squad led by [YA] member, I went a little away from the rest of the group just to check a spot for potential danger (no bad intention, I usually like teamwork) and got kicked from squad. After I asked him why did he kick me from the squad, he replied because I got away from the group, told him "lol, you're a funny guy" and next thing you know, I get kicked. I mean... really? that bad temper? why so grumpy?
  13. Binoculars for RU/US

    At the beginning of PR, every class had binoculars. I thought every soldier should have binoculars, it only feels normal to have them on the battlefield.
  14. Getting stuck only when MOVING

    I played Squad until yesterday with no problems, but today when I came home and I started the game I saw that it keeps getting stuck for no reason. Then I realised it only gets stuck when I move. So if I DON'T press any movement keys (WASD) then the game won't get stuck. I couldn't manage to make the game get stuck with anything else but movement keys. I made a video to make things easier for you to analyze and give me a fast resolve. VIDEO HERE Edit: I realised it also gets stuck when I press the press to talk key similar to: Edit2: Pressing shift also gets me stuck Edit 3 Major Edit: keeping ANY key pressed will get the game stuck. So keeping Ctrl, Q, E, F, Shift etc. will get the game stuck. Using the mouse wheel button also gets it stuck.
  15. Getting stuck only when MOVING

    Everything seemed back to normal today. As for third party software, my Razer Synapse (don't have cortex) didn't seem to cause problems. I will monitor this in the next few days and come back with a reply if the issue is not completely solved.
  16. PlaySquad.online - Real time server list

    Is it me or the location column is not working well? I mean, it shows French flag for Russian servers...something's wrong
  17. Yellow Ants Ban Appeal

    Hi, I played today on this server and I got banned for teamkilling when on humvee. I didn't kill anyone on purpose, and I did apologize for it. On Kohat map the russians have very similar colors to americans. I understand them kicking me for being clumsy, but I don't think it's fair to get banned for this.
  18. Getting stuck only when MOVING

    It seems that I am facing another problem. My FPS went down really bad. ~30 FPS I also notice that there is a problem when shooting at enemies, it feels like a lag (but the ping is fine and everything else looks alright). I press left mouse button but, sometimes, the weapon shoots like 1 second after. I'm gonna take a break for now. Lets hope it gets better tomorrow.
  19. Getting stuck only when MOVING

    Hello, Thanks, it works! Should I start Squad using Steam only? Will this keep the game updated? I usually use a shortcut. Regards,
  20. Yeah, I saw other players managing "just fine". I'm glad you do. As said before, I believe this feature should exist. There is a reason others have it.
  21. I like to see you jumping over walls or other small obstacles with that. And yes, you can jump over them using the toggle crouch but... really? Even BF1 has both toggle and no-toggle on different keys. Are we afraid of making the key binding menus (or menus in general) a little more complex? Cause this game is made to be complex... that's why people play it.