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  1. Medic progression in Squad

    The typical knee-jerk reaction "go play csgo, bf, or cod". What people don't seem to understand is that we payed for a game that was meant to be in between bf and milsim. Nobody wants to play csgo except people that play csgo so can we please get rid of that rancid tagline.
  2. POLL - v10

    To be fair, I doubt many people thought the gunplay would change this much.
  3. POLL - v10

    Im not crazy about v10 but id be content if 2 things- 1)single fire recoil was reduced by 25% of what it is now and 2)reduce the crazy sway motion of the gun going from standing to crouched by 50%. Nobody will ever give you respect by not showing any, or class for that matter. He has his opinion and you have yours C'est la vie.
  4. POLL - v10

    The guy displays his opinions in a respectable manner and you flame him? Feel good now dontcha
  5. POLL - v10

    The weapon sway and recoil seems too much to me. Speaking from a guy who takes rifle or medic I feel our guns are truly inferior to the guns with bipods and scopes. I miss things about v9 and I hope this release will change a bit before its released. Its becoming more realism and less fun imo
  6. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I really feel that the loss of the rush strategy and the countermeasures to deal with it will ruin competitive squad (iskt). I certainly hope I'm wrong and willing to give it a shot but I think it wipes out an important element of securing your back caps. If were going to dumb the game down this much then why not just start with all of your back caps capped? What's the point of having 1 guy go there to move a flag?
  7. Eastern Time Zone

    Looking to gather a group of players with a focused game time from 5pm-11pm est. Not exactly a clan atm but possibly after some members join. Particularly interested in people who use clear and concise comms over those that try to tell a story. Maturity level of 18+. Join https://discord.gg/QPnRTQk Must be given the role of 'guest' before you can see voice and other text channels.
  8. Sigma Tactical Recruiting

    Sigma Tactical is a team formed around Squad by a group of players that met in the days of Closed Alpha. Our goal from day one was qualityof growth, prioritizing the character and communication over ability to show off technical gaming prowess or sheer numbers. This makes working together something we enjoy, boosting camaraderie and making the association of our members something we look forward to. Don't be mistaken, we play to win, train to improve our skill-sets, assist others in learning leadership techniques, and we strive to understand current meta as well as push the meta forward. We proudly adopt the mantra that "we never lose; we either win, or we learn." If you are interested https://discord.gg/bP7spjT Join us on discord
  9. Corpses in Camo is looking for some admins-particularly from the west coast (US). Requirements are only that you are committed to providing a positive experience for anyone that enjoys the game. Im not the typical server manager that thinks its a privilege for you to be admin. I know that it is a privilege for me (us) and I respect your decisions on many accounts. I want to provide a no bullshit server and I need some help doing it. Im particularly looking for ppl between the hours of 12pm est and 4 am est. If I have given you admin privs then I defer your best judgement and would never 2nd guess you. Im also looking for that rare person that is playing the game early in the day 9am to 4pm est. You will have the ability to do whatever u want with the server (play nonstop Sumari for all I care). PM me if you would like to do this. Thanks-Kanipshun from Sigma Tac
  10. More information for Server Admins?

    +1 absolutely. It's become so challenging to properly ban someone now bc of ied and mortars. It causes server owners to hesitate in a time where they need to act quick. I'm sure this won't be a priority (understandably) but it would be nice if we figured out some options on this.