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  1. The last time I will slowly get sad again, the game what was so cool with the NearVoice, Squad Chat and SquadLeader chat slowly gets the problem of Teamspeak to feel, as well as of people the Squad with COD confuse. I come as Medic an People Respawn. All the Time, they die, i will bandage and respawn... SquadLeaders simply do not talk, whole squads refuse squadleader communication and do what they want. I do not know where it comes from all of a sudden, but I notice it clearly now. I have no exact idea how to avoid this, but maybe the brilliant team of Squad has an idea how to remind the people that we are not with COD and these VoiceChat functions are not for no reason. Russia spawn on German or English Server and only speak Russia. i love the game, but it is a little bit sad Maybe even a microphone patch with check to be squadleader? The Squaleaders are the Important Roles. When this guys dont speak and the squad do what he want , the other squads get even though they then communicate ticket problems and many more problems Please do not blame me for this post, it should only provide information to keep the game at the level where it actually belongs. In the hard tactical shooter area. I hope my english is okay. i am german and not so good in english
  2. Suggestion: Troops

    We German People love tactical shooter Games.
  3. Suggestion: Troops

    Thanks for the mod tip and of course thank you for the fast and actually quite positive answers so far
  4. Suggestion: Troops

    Hello, I am a German player. I love Squad because it is one of the first and best games in the area of Tactical Hardcore Realism that I really celebrate in a long list of shooter games. But we Germans rise in the game, in almost every American game or generally in almost every game where we Germans emerge we are as a Nazi army or as a mutation of a Nazi army. What I find very sad. That's why I wanted to throw the proposal into the room, to give the German community a German army with the German clothes, the German vehicles of the army, so the German community would clearly grow even more because they had made a step the few have done . best regards ----------------------------------------------- German Translation ---------------------------------------------- Ich bin ein Deutscher Spieler. Ich liebe Squad, weil es im Bereich vom Tactical Hardcore Realism eines der ersten und besten Spiele ist die ich in einer langen Liste der Shooter Spiele wirklich feier. Aber wir Deutsche steigen im Spiel, in fast jedem Amerikanischen Spiel oder allgemein in fast jedem Spiel wo wir Deutschen auftauchen sind wir als Nazi Armee vorzufinden oder als Mutation einer Nazi Armee. Was ich sehr traurig finde. Deswegen wollte ich den Vorschlag in den Raum werfen, der Deutschen Community eine Deutsche Armee zu geben mit den Deutschen Klamotten, den Deutschen Fahrzeugen der Armee, so würde auch eindeutig die Deutsche Community noch mehr wachsen, weil sie einen schritt gemacht hätten den wenige gemacht haben. Liebe Grüße
  5. Minimal Servers [new buy]

    Yeah Guys i love you all. i dont have many more but i have 2-3 german server Thanks a lot. Point 3 has helped
  6. Minimal Servers [new buy]

    I have buy this game new. When i go on Serverlist i dont become many server. Max 3 or 4 Servers and the Serverlist deleted then 2 or 3 and replace . Or i become only one Server in my list. Nothing from this are German Server. I can connect to the Servers that are listed but i am german and dont want play an france or russian Server. i have found the Topic with no gameservers and have do the steps to find the problem. But nothing happend. I have the same 3-4 Servers in my list and not more.... I mean for 40€ i will play on Server with my language and find them....