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  1. SSF in OP First Light AAS v1
  2. SSF in OP First Light AAS v1
  3. SSF in Chora AAS 1
  4. HAHAHAHAHA thanks
  5. Hei guys if you have this issue just restarr computer and than it should work, if this doesn't work for you go under Steam>Settings>In-Game>Change Max pings to 5000. Hope it works for you, have a nice day :D. Please tell us if it works now.
  6. So free weekend is here again!!! And SSF - Slovenian Special Forces clan and Squad Adria are organising BALKAN community night for new and old players of Squad and of course everyone is invited no matter which country you are from. The language which will be spoken in Squad will be english so there won't be any language barriers. I hope we will be enjoying this night, to get know each other and make new friendships. The event will start on SATURDAY, 8.4.2017 at 19:00 GMT+1 on our licensed server Slovenian Special Forces EU and feel free to join server anytime. Also you can contact us on discord which you can see down below. Remember stay positive and be cheeky breeki.
  7. SSF in Al Basrah PAAS v1
  8. SSF in Chora AAS 1
  9. SSF in Yehorivka AAS 1
  10. Hello, first try to CLEAR CACHED USER DATA, than under settings find Steam Inventory and make sure to click off option on inventory items again. It seems that it is not turned off even tho it is. Next turn on texture streaming under GRAPHIC. You can aswell delete folder (Squad)[C/Users/YourName/AppData/Local/Squad]. If your game is still not playable after these solutions, try to re-install the game, please report back if you manage to repair the game.
  11. SSF in Chora AAS 1
  12. SSF in Fools Road AAS v3
  13. SSF in Logar AAS v1
  14. Name: Slovenian Special Forces Tag: SSF Link: http://squad-slovenia.com/Language: Slovenian Description: Small, friendly, mature and active community, which enjoys to play Squad. We have organised trainings and clan fights. We are trying our best to grow and to get as good as possible. Servers: SSF serverMembers: 10+ We also play: Arma 3, CS:GO and more.
  15. SSF in OP First Light AAS v1