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  1. my UE4 crash files..

    after V11, constant UE4 crashes, in V10, rarely got UE4 crash. heres some of my crash files. Files in G-Drive, and have many many more. Specs are fine, 4790k, 1080ti etc.. have runned memtest and other stuffs, so hardware isnt issue. edit: and yes, dont got any razor stuffs =)
  2. since start of the game, there have been score in scoreboard, it literally dont mean anything to this game, you get more score by sitting on flag and killing couple enemies than destroying couple trucks or armored ones, that takes away much more tickets. So maybe changing score to tickets cost to enemies would be much more useful, to see how effective player/team have been. And ofcourse not showing them middle of match, just at end scoreboard, so team dont know how much tickets they have cost to enemies, where they could calculate how much tickets left.
  3. hey, im from europe, finland and in v9 i saw all US servers. Now after v10, just couple, any idea what might be wrong? Steam own server browsers shows them, but not squads internal. edit: after ~30 refresh i got more us servers showing, but after next, some again disappeared..
  4. Currently we can hop on and off from vehicles at any speed, but how about this. There would be speed limit when can hop on to vehicle, something like 10-15km/h. You can leave from vehicle at any speed, but if speed is more than 10-15km/h, you sustain dmg from low to death, depending on speed. And stealing enemy vehicles, if they leave engine on, you can steal it. If engine is off ( no key ), you cant steal it, but can hop on to trucks, because back side seats dont need key.
  5. How do you feel when you lose?

    Win or loose, im happy if own squad have been fighting well and listen orders.
  6. There is 2min time, i see that beeing enough when ppl get squads up in first 30sec. Sometimes it takes even 1min 50sec before first squad is up, and thats because nobody dont want to be SL, theres planning gone waste. Adding minute or two for start will just make players get bored, go afk before start and might not even be back in time.. About timer before x amount of SL:s. I think players will make squad and leave after timer starts rolling, then we again wait SL or watch people jump from squad to squad to find full ones with SL.
  7. U dont, thats the fun. I support this idea. Headshots, explosion in close area, hitted with 50cal or other big guns to chest etc should be fatal. And one more realistic feature would be great allso ( atleast i would like ) if you get shot to leg, you would be walking slower and wouldnt be able to run than maybe couple meter. And if shot to hand, you would shake little when aiming. And those injuries would stay as long you are alive, having both legs and hands shot, you couldnt even maybe drive vehicles?
  8. So you blame game because you dont use mic? This game isnt even close hardcore, i would say more like semicore, its fine as it sits, even more to hardcore would be fine for me, but it would attract less people. Myself i have used mic in games maybe since TS and other talking softwares came, now even easyer because there is ingame systems and can talk everyone, not just friends. Like name says, squad, is team based game, you cant do nothing solo, you cant win. And team that communicates with mic, wins every time against team that dont. If you like more realistic shooter where mic is no needed, try insurgency. Edit: and btw, gunner have all the fun? I would say driver needs more skill than gunner, if you have crap driver, ur vehicle will blow before you can kill anyone. And if you want use vehicles more often, be SL.
  9. Adaptive Height System

    Or lets add manually adjustable character height, by using mouse scroll you could go from lying down to fully stand height?
  10. This isnt battlefield, cod or any other cs run&spray games! So leave unlock craps and levels to them. This is totally different and way better planned tactical military game, we dont need unlocks or levels here. @Mathieu if you feel that there isnt anything to do after couple hours, then i think you have just had bad SL or squad that dont listen, when you are SL. I have +110h played and still exited like in first match. Maybe those other games suits you better, than slower realistics games? As for bf/cod, i dont have played neither in many many years, that grind is just boring, matches are boring run&spray, just mindless playing. Myself i have started beeing SL now after hitted 100h mark, trying to lead better my team and progress tactics in every match, i see that beeing best part of this game and have much of fun times. And when new match starts, i see that 99.9% of players dont even want to be squad leader, sometimes 10s before game starts, they make squads, then pass SL to someone else etc, thats boring. Edit: and this is still ALPHA.
  11. Servers Not Coming Up

    Have asked others in game allso, many have same problem. Have installed game couple times from scratch, didnt help.
  12. Second in Command

    2nd in command would be good to have with limited debloyables + map marking + vehicle approve. As for debloyables, maybe could be able to put up rally point and defensive structures, sandpacks, wires.. ( not machine guns / rockets ) Maps will be bigger in future and ranges longer, so having one guy more to be able put up rally point , would be helpfull. Maybe would need 2 other squad members to place it, since SL just needs one as for small balance.
  13. Servers Not Coming Up

    This is kinda annoying yes, sometimes can take 15min before able get in game Allso often looses connection when joining game or sometimes just goes back to server browser without any msg. But this is alpha, not that big problem until have wated 30min and then i go play something else
  14. Chest cameras/peeking

    Thats nice to know, then propably just lags/bugs on those situations when it feels like chest cams. Then just waiting for that gun position update, that we loose shooting invisible walls. Otherwise as for game and alpha, i would give 9/10, allmost 100h in and happy so far, next update info++.
  15. Chest cameras/peeking

    With chest cam, i ment this. ( Imgs from google, so not best ones ) When you are behind something, you dont see nothing. But on enemys view, headshot. Usual problem on near every fps game, hope they will fix it, even though its not so bad like in that image.